My Top Thirty TV Shows (30-21)

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In recent years, I’ve found that I have less & less time to devote to watching TV shows. Plus, half the time I start watching a new show, it’s cancelled after one season & I’m pissed off at having wasted my time. So when I have any spare time these days, I watch a movie instead and, of course, that’s what 90% of this blog is all about anyway. But I LOVED TV as a kid! And I still make time for the occasional show (The Walking Dead & The Good Wife are the main two that I currently watch). So many movie bloggers have been posting about TV shows lately and I feel really left out as I don’t watch them (Game Of Thrones being the main one. I’ll make the time someday, people!). So I figured I’d do a top ten of my all-time favorite TV shows. Well, it turns out that I wasn’t able to narrow it down to only ten. So…

Here, counting down, are 30-21 of My All-Time Top Thirty TV Shows. (Stay tuned for 20-11 being posted on Wednesday and 10-1 on Friday, by which point you’ll be sick of me). 🙂

30. Highlander

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I liked it! Duncan was hot (even though the ponytail was kind of weird). And you have to admit the show was better than all but the first movie…

29. Fawlty Towers

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My first introduction to a British TV show after moving to the UK (Monty Python doesn’t count – all Americans have seen that). It was close between including this one or Only Fools & Horses. Both are great but I think this one is slightly better.

28. The Wonder Years

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I think a very big part of the reason I liked this was that it made me think of Stand By Me, one of my favorite movies ever. And I loved the time period in which it was set. Plus the music was great!

27. The X-Files

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I couldn’t WAIT to see this every week. But I have to admit I got bored with the overall “alien abduction” storyline and far preferred the individual stories about other weird & wonderful shit.

26. My Name Is Earl

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This. Show. Is. Freaking. Hilarious. I don’t find many things all that funny and this was the first “sitcom” I’d liked in YEARS. I miss good sitcoms. Plus they’re short – I have time for that!

25. Quantum Leap

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This show had the BEST concept! Well executed as well. Very original. And I love shows with such different stories each week. Such a fun watch.

24. Growing Pains

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Leave me alone. Being the age I am, I’d be a complete liar if I didn’t include this. Hehehe… “Boner”…

23. The Facts Of Life

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Again, it’s my age talking but I LOVED this show! I wanted to BE Jo. Jo was cool.

22. Monty Python’s Flying Circus

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So many classic skits (and many bad ones, just like with SNL). But the good ones are brilliant, making us forget all the rest.

21. Saturday Night Live

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Since moving to the UK over a decade ago, I no longer see this as it isn’t shown here. We all have our favorite SNL years, mostly according to our age. My favorite years were, naturally, the ones that brought us WAYNE’S WORLD and two of my all-time favorite characters. Like with Monty Python above, SNL has made some utter shite over the years but the classic skits more than make up for those not-so-funny ones.

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**As I said above, I’ll be posting 20-11 on Wednesday and 10-1 on Friday. As usual, I’ll have IMDB Top 250 Guest Reviews on Tuesday & Thursday. One is of a Hitchcock classic & one is the first movie that’s part of a beloved trilogy. The same blogger has reviewed all three, which I’ll post over the next three weeks. This IMDB thing has been so much fun – thanks again to everyone who has contributed! 🙂

57 thoughts on “My Top Thirty TV Shows (30-21)

  1. I like your list! Fawlty towers is pure genius but as an English guy I would add only fools and blackadder to the list. I would also have these classic British shows in my top 10. My name is Earl is brilliant! I love the idea and it is so funny. I have just bought my girlfriend the X files box set, so after game of thrones we will shortly be watching this. I loved the wonder years as a kid, they used to show it hear on channel 4 in the early 90’s and it was regular viewing for me. I can say the same for Quantam Leap a show I watched every week to find out who Sam would be next this was shown on bbc2 and I was sad they stopped it. I look forward to the rest of your list.

    • Thanks! : ) I’m actually really looking forward to posting the rest. I’m afraid there’s only one more British show that will be on the list but that’ll just be because I didn’t grow up with them. I’ve lived in the UK over ten years now but mainly watch movies so still not explored much classic British TV. I will at some point watch something other than Never Mind The Buzzcocks. : ) It would be really fun to watch The X-Files again from the start – my hubby never watched that one so maybe I’ll watch with him someday. I’d definitely watch all of Quantum Leap again from the start! That show was brilliant. : )

      • I have just written my thoughts on cheers! One of if not my favourite us show 🙂 I recently bought the box set and watched it from start to finish 🙂

      • I did watch and enjoy all of Cheers as well. : ) Didn’t quite make my 30 but would have made a top 50. I think I needed to make this a top 100! Lol

  2. Great list. There’s a couple of American ones I don’t think we ever had here but we did get Quantum Leap and I LOVED it! I totally agree on the X-Files too. I liked it in the early days when each episode was a self-contained story of weirdness, but it went off the boil when they focused on Mulder’s missing sister. Snore!

    • Thanks! I bet it’s The Facts Of Life & Growing Pains not shown here? My hubby never saw those. Wow – Quantum Leap seems to be the big favorite out of these ten! It really was a great show. And totally agree on The X-Files! Like most shows, it started out SO good and then kind of jumped the shark… :-/

      • Yes, we never got those. They always reference them on Family Guy and I never get the joke, although beyond that, I suspect I’m not really missing out. Quantum Leap is the dog’s bollocks!

    • Lol – are you really??? I miss that show… : ) Well, SNL has had plenty of shitty years. Plus, I haven’t even seen it in over a decade now. ; ) The people from that time have no meaning to me. I do wish they’d show it in the UK. Or at least some of the big late night talk shows…

    • Lol – I missed out on that one as I believe I already lived in the UK but it’s one of the ONLY ones I’ve heard about over here. Funny how it’s so huge over there but here no one knows it… People from the past decade of SNL keep popping up in movies & things and I’m always like “who the hell is THAT?”

  3. You know that I XO you (and it repulses you and gives you a rash) but – I’m going to have to address this tomorrow.


    • Wow – sorry – I’m so behind on replying!!! : ( lol – I think you’re too young for most of these. I’ve posted the top ten – it’s highly unlikely you’ve seen many of those! ; ) #ProbieLove #WeStillHaveAlotOfMoviesInCommon #AndTheBeatles : )

  4. Love your list! I can’t wait till you see Game of Thrones I think you will love it. Growing Pains, Wonder Years and Snl, I love from your list. I haven’t seen as much Monty Python but I have seen some of the movies so I am sure it is a good show or was right?!

    • Thanks, Melissa! Sorry I’m so behind on replies – I’ve posted the top 20 now. I really am eager to see Game Of Thrones, especially as it’s SO hard to avoid spoilers!!! ; ) You should check out some of the most famous Monty Python skits. Some hilarious stuff! I’m sure all the best will be on YouTube. : )

      • It’s ok! I know how it is, I really did not go online this whole weekend and last Friday, that alone set me back. 🙂 Understandable. Yes I will have to check this out, I do like Monty Python!

  5. great list (so far) glad to see some love for Quantum Leap (that’s in my top 5 for sure), facts of life and growing pains.

    Us kids of the 80’s need to stick together. 🙂

    • Sorry I’m so behind on replying!! Lol – SO many people commented on Quantum Leap! Seems to be the favorite. A much more popular choice than anything I put in my top ten! Lol. A couple people also said The X-Files should be higher. My top ten were far less mainstream, for the most part. : )

  6. It’s still so weird that you’re so much older than me (partly because our taste in films is quite similar, mostly because you look soooo young) but I don’t know half of these shows… Or barely remember them. But Monthy Python! Love it! And X-files, obviously but I agree, it got a bit boring and I don’t think I saw the end of it.

    • Lol! Wow – thanks! What was that again about looking young? Repeat that in case anyone missed it! ; ) It’s funny, though – my top two shows are ones from before I was even born. : ) I’ve always liked a wide range of things and when it comes to movies, especially, I’ll always go to all the current stuff. Although, overall, I still love 70’s & 80’s movies the most. : )

    • Yes! A Wayne’s World lover!!! : ) The only SNL movie they TRULY got right. In fact, it’s one of my all-time top 5 favorite movies. Just love the characters of Wayne & Garth so much. : )

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