My Top Thirty TV Shows (10-1)

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It’s finally here! My All-Time Top Ten Favorite TV Shows! Thanks for all your comments on my first list (30-21 HERE) and my second list (20-11 HERE). Sorry – I’ve had a hectic week but I’ll catch up on replying to all of you this weekend. 🙂

I’ll shut up as you’ve all probably lost interest by now anyway. 😉 Here, counting down, are the Top Ten of My All-Time Top Thirty TV Shows:

10. Lost

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**Warning: a tiny bit spoiler-y** Maybe a controversial choice for my top ten seeing as this show jumped the shark in the last few seasons. Or should I say a wheel was turned and that damn shark MOVED… But I’ll never forget the excitement I felt when this came on each week – it was the first TV show in YEARS that I truly looked forward to. I thought it was the greatest thing ever and spent waaaaaay too much time at Lostpedia trying to figure out what the hell it all meant. Too bad that, in the end, all that time felt wasted… But it still deserves a place in the top ten as there’s really been no other show like it and, to begin with, it was amazing.

Favorite episode: I have no idea any more… So I’ll say the “getting it on with Sawyer” episode. What a hottie. Actually – the first use of flashforward in an episode was brilliant. As was the pilot episode.

9. Amazing Stories

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This Steven Spielberg series should have been amazing EVERY week considering the talent involved (loads of famous guest stars & guest directors such as Clint Eastwood & Martin Scorsese) but there were some less-than-brilliant episodes. However, the good episodes more than made up for the bad ones and the show was a very worthwhile watch. I so wish there’d been more than two seasons! It was a new story every week & they were mostly sci-fi, supernatural & fantasy types of stories so this show was VERY much my cup of tea. Loved it.

Favorite episode: Either “The Mission” (directed by Spielberg) or “Go To The Head Of The Class” (directed by Robert Zemeckis).

8. Seinfeld

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At one point this will have been much higher on my list – I was pretty obsessed with this show when it was first on then watched reruns of it for years every weeknight at 10:30 (I think!). But I’ve not seen one episode since moving to the UK & it’s faded a bit from my memory. Main thing was that it was SO brilliantly written! Remember when it used to be Seinfeld vs Friends because they were on at the same time?? I went with Seinfeld & caught reruns of Friends if I’d not recorded it.

Favorite episode: Wow – SO many to choose from. I’m going to go with “The Contest” and the very obvious choice of “The Soup Nazi“.

7. The Cosby Show

20140424-090354 pm.jpg

Who didn’t want Cliff Huxtable as their dad?? He was the definition of “perfect father”: loving and loads of fun but also strict when needed and always making sure his kids did the right thing. And he had the most awesome sweaters in the history of TV. I wanted to be a Huxtable. I still do! A lovely family and a lovely show that managed to be genuinely funny with no vulgarity. Then Lisa Bonet had to go & break Bill Cosby’s heart by starring in that nasty Angel Heart movie. Way to go, Denise!

Favorite episode: Hmm… Everyone remembers the one with the goldfish funeral. Oh – I loved that one where they’re in the recording studio with Stevie Wonder! “Roooobert!” “Jammin on the one!” Lol. Oh! And when Cliff was bouncing that fat kid on his knee! Hehe! I loved this show…

6. The Brady Bunch

20140424-090448 pm.jpg

I need to explain why this is so high on the list. Was it a really “good” show? No. But I grew up with it. I was an only child & a bit of a latchkey kid – I admit I watched WAY too much TV during all that time alone. The Brady Bunch (and numbers 5, 2 & 1 below) kept me company. I think I also loved the thought of having that many brothers and sisters. Now I sound like a pathetic, friendless loser… Lol!

Favorite Episode: Let’s see – Marcia’s nose being broken was pretty funny because she was annoying. I loved when they built the house of cards as a contest (Girls win! A sewing machine? WHAT?!). The one with Davy Jones. The one where Kitty Karry-All was in Tiger’s doghouse all along. Peter & his “Porkchops & applesauce! That’s swell!” (I had a crush on Peter. You’ve tainted him, Eric!). Oh, and his voice changing!!! When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange! The one where Alice snaps & kills them all. I’m just seeing if anyone is reading this. The one where Jan wears that stupid wig. It’s late & I’m exhausted so feel free to correct any mistakes I’ve made on these. To be honest, I’m hoping I have because I haven’t watched these in well over 25 years and it’s pretty sad to remember so much…

5. Little House On The Prairie

20140424-090615 pm.jpg

What can I say? Like The Brady Bunch, I grew up with this. I loved Laura and I hated that bitch from hell Mrs Oleson and her evil offspring! This show was so damn wholesome and soooo damn depressing at times! Oh – Why did they always sing that same song in church all the time?? Bringing in the sheaves? WTF does that mean? Damn – it’s stuck in my head now.

Favorite episode: Probably the Ernest Borgnine one: “The Lord Is My Shepherd“. Also loved the episode where Laura pushed that bitch Nellie down the hill in the wheelchair because she knew she was faking not being able to walk. And Johnny Cash was in one! I preferred episodes with a bit of “fun” in them to the ones where everyone was dying of anthrax or going blind from scarlet fever…

4. Star Trek: The Next Generation

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So I put Star Trek in at number 14 as, without it, we wouldn’t have had The Next Generation, which is the one I REALLY loved. This show was absolutely brilliant. I don’t even know where to start. As I get closer to number one, I’m struggling with explaining my choices. I loved this show. I loved the characters. I loved the stories. I LOVE PATRICK STEWART! The number of times I watched this show late into the night instead of doing homework…

Favorite Episode: The Borg ones, of course. And the one that was, basically, the movie Enemy Mine (but that’s okay – that’s a great underrated movie). The one where Beverly Crusher kind of had weird, kinky ghost & Mrs Muir/alien being type of invisible sex. Raunchy! And I always loved any episodes that focused on Geordi or Data as they were my favorite characters.

3. Sesame Street

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I ADORE Sesame Street with all my heart. A couple things in life will never fail to cheer me up when I’m really down. One is Snoopy. The other is Sesame Street. I know I’m an old woman now but I’ll never stop loving this show and everything it represents. I think it’s always been a great influence on kids and has all the right values without ever being preachy. It makes learning FUN and no other kid’s show has ever come close to topping it. And it’s NO LONGER SHOWN IN THE UK. I think that’s a crime. Honestly – I’ve written letters! (Well, e-mails). Seriously – I’ve tried to get this shown here again. What a shame that kids here can’t experience this show.

I almost put Sesame Street at number one as it’s my “first” TV show and it taught me SO much from a very young age. However, numbers 2 & 1 really shaped me & are probably responsible for my taste when it comes to all forms of entertainment today. I kind of see the top three as a three-way tie. They helped make me who I am. Don’t go thinking I’m sweet because of Sesame Street – the next two took care of that…

Favorite episode: It’s more about individual “skits” than episodes and there are loads I still love to this day. I’ve rambled enough, though, so I’ll just name a couple. First are the Yip Yip Martians. HILARIOUS. And I’m going to be obvious and mention the The Pointer Sisters’ “Pinball Song” (Clips of both at the end of this post). The most memorable episode (that I only got to finally see in recent years) was the one where they had to explain Mr Hooper’s (real life) death to Big Bird in a way that little kids would understand. Absolutely HEARTBREAKING!

2. Alfred Hitchcock Presents/The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

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When I first started this blog, one of the first things I posted was about my favorite Hitchcock episodes listed below. You can read that HERE (Warning: my old posts are shockingly bad). Where The Woodbine Twineth haunts me to this day. I still hate dolls… (You can watch the whole episode on YouTube HERE. I refuse to!) 😉 The stories were terrifyingly brilliant. Hitchcock was a genius. If you love his movies but haven’t watched his TV shows, I highly recommend them.

Favorite episode: “Where The Woodbine Twineth” followed by “The Jar” & “The Magic Shop“. All three gave me nightmares and, quite frankly, probably helped make me the slight basket case I am today.

1. The Twilight Zone

20140424-091220 pm.jpg

This show was so ahead of its time. It’s amazing that you can watch it now and the stories are just as relevant. I loved how most episodes tried to “teach humanity a lesson”. I watched this from a very young age and it’s probably why I now love all things sci-fi and anything weird & wonderful.

Favorite episode: Impossible to pick just one! I could easily do a top ten of these. The first ones that spring to mind are: The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street, Eye Of The Beholder, Time Enough At Last, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, To Serve Man, It’s A Good Life…. Okay -Yep, I’m going to do a top ten of these someday. 🙂

20140424-092944 pm.jpg

That’s it! My Top Ten! Thanks for reading these, everybody. I’d love to get some more feedback on these choices – I’ll be replying to comments this weekend. Were my top two a surprise after quite a few sitcoms in the top 30? Does anyone else love my Top Five as much as I do? I’d especially love to hear from other fans of The Twilight Zone and I’d love to know people’s thoughts on Sesame Street. And if the end of Lost just pissed you off too much… 🙂

Finally, I have to add (way too many) Honorable Mentions. I should have done a top 50 but I really can’t NOT mention these:

Yo Gabba Gabba
Beavis & Butthead
Only Fools And Horses
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Family Ties
My So-Called Life
One Day At A Time
It’s Your Move
Silver Spoons
Diff’rent Strokes
Punky Brewster
Never Mind The Buzzcocks
Home Improvement
You Can’t Do That On Television

And here’s my Full Top Thirty all together:

30. Highlander
29. Fawlty Towers
28. The Wonder Years
27. The X Files
26. My Name Is Earl
25. Quantum Leap
24. Growing Pains
23. The Facts Of Life
22. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
21. Saturday Night Live
20. Frasier
19. M*A*S*H
18. The Golden Girls
17. The Simpsons
16. South Park
15. Doctor Who
14. Star Trek
13. Friends
12. The Muppet Show
11. 21 Jump Street
10. Lost
9. Amazing Stories
8. Seinfeld
7. The Cosby Show
6. The Brady Bunch
5. Little House On The Prairie
4. Star Trek: The Next Generation
3. Sesame Street
2. Alfred Hitchcock Presents/The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1. The Twilight Zone

**FYI: I MET Gordon from Sesame Street! Got his autograph and have a picture of us together. One of the best days EVER! 🙂


89 thoughts on “My Top Thirty TV Shows (10-1)

  1. I loved lost! My girlfriend I recently watched them all. I used to love the Cosby show when it was on ch4. Sesame Street should be part if everybody’s childhood. The rest I’m not so keen on, but that’s what is great about being human. We are all different! I must say where was Fresh Prince?

    • I do plan to watch all of Lost again someday. I know it made people mad in the end but they need to remember how great it was overall. Glad someone else agrees on Sesame Street! Lol – Yeah, my top ten has been far less popular than my other two lists. I knew my top two would lose some people. ; ) Oh – Yes, I did like Fresh Prince but I’m more a child of the 80s than the 90s. ; )

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lost! I’ve never felt more let down about ANYTHING than by the ending of that show. I too thought it was great in the first couple of series and then, despite realising that I was in for disappointment, I kept watching as the writers made it up as they went along until the pitiful ending that I knew was coming but never thought they would actually have the nerve to DO! Now I detest it!

    I’ve not heard of the Spielberg thing though, that sounds interesting!

    • Lol – knew I’d hear from someone about the ending of Lost. ; ) Yeah… I kind of try to block the last couple seasons out of my mind & just remember how great it was at first. Like with most successful things, they just kept going when it would’ve been better to wrap things up much sooner and finish when it was good. Too many shows jump the shark first.

      It’s funny – I don’t think Amazing Stories is very well known even though loads of very famous people were involved. I have them on DVD. It’s not necessarily one I’d recommend to everyone, though… There were some very dodgy episodes and they were all “strange” stories. It was very much my type of thing, though. : )

  3. Really cool, list! I’ll be honest, some of these are a bit before my time, but I’ve still seen an enjoyed most of these at some point or another. 🙂 Still need to check out Lost though, it’s probably time to find out why everyone talks about it so much…

    • Thanks! : ) lol – I REALLY hope you don’t think I was watching The Twilight Zone the first time they were aired! ; ) To be honest, as much as people complain about it now, I’d still LOVE to experience Lost again for the very first time. I’d love to know your thoughts if you do watch it all. : ) So far, the comments I’ve had have been mixed on Lost…

      • Haha, don’t worry, the thought never crossed my mind. 😉 And yeah, I’ve definitely heard my fair share of negativity surrounding Lost, specifically its final seasons, but I still want to give it a look, just to find the time to commit to such a big show. Haha!

  4. Nice list, Lady McStinkyshorts 🙂

    I’m not going to argue with you but thought I would share my top ten to see how they compare 🙂 🙂

    10. Arrested Development
    9. Twilight Zone
    8. Modern Doctor Who
    7. Brady Bunch
    6. Three’s Company
    5. Game of Thrones
    4. Deadwood
    3. True Detective
    2. Star Trek TOS
    1. Classic Doctor Who


    • Hmm. Very interesting. Let’s see here…

      10. Not seen it but would like to someday.

      9. The fact that you have The Twilight Zone in your top 10 means that I will consider still remaining friends with you. ; ) Lol – We’re old. My very top choices have had no response so far. Where are the damn Twilight Zone lovers?!? It’s the best show EVER. ; )

      8. In my top 15! Not bad, right?

      7. Lol. Showing our age again… We’re really close on where we have this on our lists. Yay!

      6. I watched them all but a big part of you liking it so much is the fact that you were an overly horny young boy. ; ) It might squeeze into my top 100.

      5. Never seen it but really want to someday. Wish people would shut up about it – it’s very hard to avoid spoilers. ; ) I was considering reading the books but I have so little spare time…

      4. Never seen it. Not sure if it would be my type of thing? Looks like it was only on for two years so maybe I’d manage to watch it someday.

      3. *no comment*

      2. In my top 15! Woohoo! What about Next Generation?

      1. I wasn’t sure if you’d have Star Trek or Doctor Who as number one. I’ll watch some old ones someday. It’s a big commitment! I know they’ll be dodgy-looking but I love the BBC’s Hitchhiker’s GTTG so I can handle that.

      Thank you for not arguing with me! For once. At least we have sci-fi in common. ; )

      • Hi there, Disco Parrot. Long time, no talk. What a stinker….

        As for 6 – You know I still watch those…. and they’re still wonderful 🙂 🙂 🙂

        IN RE: #3 O_+ …………………………………………………

        2. I liked TNG just fine but it came out when I was at an age when bird dogging around town was more important to me than sitting at home watching the TEEB. (TV) SO I haven’t really seen all of them. The only thing I remember not liking about it was Q.

        1. I watch an ep of Doctor Who almost every night when I go to bed 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 go Team Baker and Davison



    • Well thank you! : ) It took ages to write out – I’m usually lazy with top ten lists & just list them with no explanation. ; ) This list is far less popular than my other two TV lists. Lol! Think I lost people with the top five…

      • Hahaha personally I have no complaints on Star Trek Next Generation or The Twilight Zone – both are awesome shows. Its bringing back some cool childhood memories for me.

        You just needed to push The X-Files a little higher. I take that show over Lost any day 😀

      • Lol – Oh good! I have yet to find a big Twilight Zone fan. I’m too much older than most movie bloggers, I think! ; ) Hmm… I’d have to say that, during the “good” seasons, I enjoyed Lost more than The X-Files. But The X-Files WAS awesome at the time. Not seen it since they all first aired – has it aged well? It feels like one that won’t have… I’ll watch them all with the hubby someday as he never saw it. : )

      • Yeah on BBC2 back in the 90s they ran so many cult sci-fi shows. Twilight Zone was one of them plus Buffy, Star Trek Next Generation and Quantum Leap. Late at night they showed The X-Files. Good times indeed 😀

        One of my fav eps from Twilight Zone had (I think) Telly Savalas in it when he encountered a talking doll.

        And yes The X-Files has aged well. Still watch it now and again when I get the time.

      • Yes – I know that Twilight Zone episode with the doll well but it pales in comparison to the absolutely terrifying Hitchcock doll episode. ; ) If you’re at all scared of dolls, you really should check out that episode on YouTube (Where The Woodbine Twineth). Or maybe not… Lol. I will NOT watch it again! ; )

    • Yay! Another (older person like me) who liked Amazing Stories! : ) I don’t think it’s very well known now. And I don’t think many people agree with much on this list… Lol. They’re too young!!! ; ) Come to think of it, I don’t actually know how old you are but assumed you’re around my age. Maybe you’re 20 & now thoroughly offended! But you seem too cool to be 20.

      • Guess the age!

        The Simpsons would probably be way higher on my list, and they HAVE to be ahead of South Park, solely for the trailblazing aspect. I’m also down with your selection of My Name Is Earl, the only 2000s show I ever really tried to watch. So many others, but those stood out to me. I’d also rank Cheers pretty highly, and might sneak Alf into the top 30. Definitely Diff’rent Strokes.

      • Hmm. 37!

        I TOTALLY agree that The Simpsons is better than South Park. With all my lists I judge by personal enjoyment first but try to judge a little bit on worthiness as well. ; ) It would be a pretty different list if I just went by worthiness and, yes, The Simpsons would be higher.
        I hear ya – I’ve watched SO few shows in the past decade or so but I thought Earl was hilarious!
        I’ll kick myself for shows I’ve forgotten. Diff’rent Strokes should be an honorable mention – I’m adding it now! Cheers is very close – I did like that a lot. But for some reason never got into Alf so much. Oh! How about Night Court?? I liked that a lot too! Lol. I’ll shut up now…

      • Night Court is classic, based on the era its from and what that all means to me, but the show itself I never cared about. Give me some What’s Happening over that any day.

      • FOX5 reruns (ha, rerun!). It was ThunderCats at 4:30. Diff’rent Strokes at 5, Facts of Life, What’s Happening? and then Three’s Company.

  5. Wow, Lost – I think I was one of the few people who actually liked the ending. I was super emotional by that point because I’d marathoned the entire final season and didn’t want the show to end.

    Mr Hooper! 😦

    Also I can’t remember the episode where Alice snaps and kills all the Brady kids. Maybe they included it in the extras on the DVDs. Now that’s wholesome family fun.

    • Oh I do think people were too harsh on the ending of Lost. Everyone seems to have forgotten how great it was at first! I wasn’t TOO upset by the ending as it still made my top ten. : )
      I know. I love how Big Bird called Mr Hooper things like Mr Blooper or Mr Looper all the time. Have you seen the episode about his death? Ugh! : (
      Really? I thought that was quite a famous Brady episode! She started with the kids first then waited for Mike & Carol to come home & killed them as well. Then she cooked the whole Brady family with the help of her boyfriend Sam “The Butcher”. Surprised that one slipped your memory. Lol ; )

      • The episode of Sesame Street where Mr Hooper died was devastating! I remember that it made me so sad when I watched it as a kid. I was reading recently that the episode was responsible for shaping so many kids’ understandings of death and someone was thinking of making a mini documentary about it. Watching the clip of it on Youtube is so sad!

        I always knew there was something dodgy about that Sam the Butcher!! 😉

  6. wow, what a great top 10. Never watched AHP, but have seen all the others and all but Little House (I’m a boy) would be in my top 30.

    Havent seen all Twilight Zone eps, but I have always enjoyed the ones I’ve seen,

    I just started rewatching Night Court and I love them.

    Loved You Can’t do that on Television. green slime **

    I think my top 10 shows would probably be… (not 100% sure tho)

    10. Friends
    9. Voyagers
    8. Lost
    7. Brady Bunch
    6. Family Ties
    5. Frasier
    4. Amazing Stories
    3. Seinfeld
    2. Quantum Leap
    1. West Wing

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane Mutant!

    BTW, sent you an email

    • Lol. Sorry I’m finally getting to this.

      Interesting list! I never saw West Wing. Or Voyagers?? All the rest were in my list! : ) (Family Ties was an honorable mention that was almost number 30 but I went with Highlander instead at the last second. Probably mainly to not appear SO 80s. Lol).

      Sorry – yes, I got your email. I’m so behind on the blog so I’m trying to catch up on that first then I’ll tackle the emails too. : )

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    • Really? Another Hitchcock & Twilight Zone fan? Yay! Finally!

      Lol – I used to quote Seinfeld ALL THE TIME. Haven’t in recent years, though. Doesn’t help that the hubby didn’t see many so he wouldn’t always understand me. : )

      Btw – got your review. Thanks! I’ll reply in email (eventually. Lol – I’m soooo behind on replying to blog comments so I’m doing that first). : )

  8. T9M hell yeah great list….I loved Lost too, still on my top 10 list. DAMN effing ending! Seinfeld that is on my top 5 ever… and when you mentioned record, I literally laughed because back then it was really hard to record something it took some serious effort. Brady Bunch I loved it as well, and it was always on when I got home from school, so I would sit down with my snack and watch this. Awww.. the good old days. Unfortunately you cannot find it rerun anywhere anymore. My fave one was the trip to Hawaii and when they lose Mike’s plans. Loved Next Generation too again I watched this in the evening while I did my homework. Sesame Street, well can’t argue that, I grew up on that, I think I even was big bird for Halloween once (shh don’t tell no one). Bert and Ernie were my fave! Hitchcock I loved as well, one of faves is the “Lamb to the Slaughter” episode and Twilight Zone that is the shit. I currently have 25 episodes in my DVR, I love it for it’s weirdness, creepiness and the B movie factor of the episodes. When in doubt I will pop on an episode and just relax. The only show I haven’t seen on your list was Amazing Stories. Gotta check that out! You could totally do a blogathon on this topic. Longest comment ever! SORRY!

    • Lol! That’s okay – I love this long comment! : ) Yay – someone else who likes Hitchcock & Twilight Zone! You know the only ones to comment on those were Probies? This is why we’re friends – we like the coolest stuff. ; ) Lamb to the Slaughter was awesome. Have you seen the one I mentioned? Where The Woodbine Twineth? You can watch it on YouTube. When I said I won’t watch it, I wasn’t kidding. It scarred me for life! Nothing ever scared me as a kid as much as that one episode did. Ugh… Dolls… *shudder*

      • Of course Probies forevs… that’s how we roll! That is awesome I could prob mention Lamb to the Slaughter and no one would know what the hell I was talking about. I haven’t seen the Woodbine one yet, but I am checking right now. If only they could bring a show like that back and TZ.

  9. Love, love, LOVE that Twilight Zone is your number one. I have the first season on my shelf, and it’s so much fun to go back and watch them. The Syfy channel always shows Twilight Zone all day on New Year’s Day and Fourth of July, too. SCORE. Good choices, lady! I’ve never even heard of Amazing Stories though! Spielberg was a busy guy back in the day…still is, I guess. Haha.

    • Love, love, LOVE that you love The Twilight Zone too! I think it’s absolutely BRILLIANT, especially considering when it was made. The stories work just as well today & I don’t think it gets enough credit. I was thinking no one agreed with me. : ) As you love The Twilight Zone, you’d love SOME episodes of Amazing Stories! (Some were bad). I have them on DVD so when we all have a big Probies Party in Chicago (yeah – I say Chicago! That should work for everyone, right?), I’ll bring the DVDs. : )

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