Question Of The Month at Oracle Of Film

20140603-122549 am-1549752.jpg

It’s that time of month again! (Wait – that didn’t sound right…)

Luke over at Oracle Of Film has asked us “What’s the worst comic book movie?”. Have a look at all the great replies HERE and let me know if you agree with my choice or if you think I’m insane. 🙂

Oh, and I found the above watercolor online the other day. It’s by artist Clementine and you can see her other great superhero watercolors here: Neatorama.

9 thoughts on “Question Of The Month at Oracle Of Film

  1. Steel was just awful. You know a superhero film is in trouble when Shaquille O’Neal, a decent basketball player, is cast as the hero. Hell, his attempts at free throw shooting are much more suspenseful than this movie.

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