Question Of The Month At Oracle Of Film

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It’s that time again! Time for another Question Of The Month from Luke over at Oracle Of Film. (Sorry I’m slow to link to this, Luke. Having a very hectic week!). His question this month was “What’s the worst performance from your favorite actor?”. Have a look at all the great replies HERE. I’ll give you a hint on what my choice was: Johnny Depp in that picture at the top! 😉

8 thoughts on “Question Of The Month At Oracle Of Film

  1. The good news of JD’s terrible Wonka is that it was so awful we will never have to suffer through a big screen adaption of the book’s sequel, Charlie and the Glass Elevator.

    • This is true, I suppose… But that’s probably more likely as it must not have made enough money for a sequel to be approved. Like they had to take the decent and pretty fun Pirates of the Caribbean and make horrible sequel after horrible sequel… Stupid Hollywood!!! : )

  2. Fun question! I’d probably have to go with the movie “Haywire.” It has two of my very favorite actors in it — Ewan McGregor and Michael Fassbender — but I was so disappointed in that movie. I thought the dialogue was weak, I couldn’t follow the plot, and the lead actress didn’t have any chemistry with any of the actors.

    • Hell yeah! What a pile of shit. Still kind of can’t believe just how horrible it was! Hey… You’re on my blog again & I didn’t mention boobs! : ) I reviewed Boyhood if you’re interested – you seemed like you maybe want to see that one?

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