21 Jump Street & 22 Jump Street Double Review

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I went to see 22 Jump Street a couple of weeks ago (I only watched three movies that day, not four like I did one day last month. No, that’s NOT a regular thing that I do!). 😉 Anyway – they were Oculus, The Fault In Our Stars (review HERE) & 22 Jump Street. I’m not reviewing much lately but I’ll try to do Oculus at some point (Spoiler: I thought it was pretty shit). Since I just watched 21 Jump Street for the first time a few months ago, I figured I might as well review the two together…

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21 Jump Street (2012)

Directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

Jonah Hill
Channing Tatum
Dave Franco
Brie Larson
Rob Riggle
DeRay Davis
Ice Cube
Nick Offerman

My Opinion:

Okay! So. I finally watched this movie a few months ago. I’d avoided it because… How DARE they mess with 21 Jump Street! That’s one of my all-time favorite TV shows (number 11)! And they made it into a silly COMEDY? WTF?! Well, there’s no point discussing the TV show – the movie shares its name & the fact that young looking police officers go undercover in high schools but that’s IT – there are no other similarities so I’ll just discuss the movie and try to pretend it has a different title.

20140710-073343 pm-70423091.jpg

21 Jump Street was okay. It didn’t exactly blow me away but it was better than I was expecting and I even found a few bits fairly funny. I’ve started to warm a little to Jonah Hill since he was so fantastic in The Wolf Of Wall Street. I’ve never understood the Channing Tatum thing – the first thing I actually saw him in was Side Effects and he seemed out of place. Then I saw the dreadful Magic Mike… Ugh. But he’s likeable here and I think they finally found a role that suits him. Ice Cube was pretty hilarious – I think he was probably the funniest thing about this. The best thing about this, however, was Brie Larson. I’ve not seen her in anything else other than Don Jon but now I really want to see Short Term 12 based on her performance in this.

20140710-073551 pm-70551979.jpg

21 Jump Street starts out pretty promising but about halfway through gets a little TOO silly and over the top for my liking. I like comedy that stays a bit more simple (as in, not juvenile “in your face” humor). By the end I was a bit bored and fell asleep a few times and kept having to go back to try to finish the last 15 minutes. Hell – I’m not sure if I ever did! By the time they got to the cameos (minor spoiler maybe but I think everyone knows about the cameos by now) I was like “No”. The cameos were pretty stupid and not handled very well. The movie definitely had some potential at first and I had some hope that I was going to end up liking it okay. And I sort of did. Unfortunately, it does fall apart at the end.

My Rating: 6/10

20140710-073954 pm-70794286.jpg

22 Jump Street (2014)

Directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

Jonah Hill
Channing Tatum
Peter Stormare
Ice Cube
Amber Stevens
Wyatt Russell
Jillian Bell
Jimmy Tatro
Nick Offerman

My Opinion:

Well, this is a big step up from 21 Jump Street. Overall, this is a much funnier film and feels a lot more “together” than the first film did. It still goes a little over the top at the end but doesn’t fall apart like I thought 21 Jump Street did. And the best thing about this movie is that it makes fun of itself. A LOT. Because it’s the exact same story again but set in college instead of high school and the movie knows this and constantly jokes about it and the whole “sequelitis” problem in Hollywood. I thought that was all really funny and the end credits scenes (as the credits rolled) were BRILLIANT! It was actually the best bit of the entire movie and worth watching for that alone. So do NOT leave the second the credits roll on this one, people! (Oh, there’s also a final scene at the very end after the credits as well – that one is pretty stupid & not worth staying for, in my opinion).

20140710-074103 pm-70863772.jpg

This time around, I thought Channing Tatum was much better and a lot funnier. I MAYBE finally like him more after seeing this one. Maybe… Yeah – he’s pretty good in this one and possibly even outshines Jonah Hill this time. They also feel more like a team and have better chemistry. And Ice Cube luckily has even more screen time in this one and he’s again hilarious – I really liked the scenes with him. The “female love interest” this time around doesn’t have the charisma of Brie Larson but I’d have to say that’s the only thing they didn’t improve on from the first film.

20140710-074343 pm-71023646.jpg

Well, I suppose I should wrap this up as my opinion is pretty obvious anyway. I enjoyed 22 Jump Street quite a bit more than 21 Jump Street. I always love when a movie isn’t afraid to make fun of itself. Overall, though, these films aren’t really my type of thing although I can appreciate why some people like them. If they DO make a 3rd one, I’m hoping they can improve on the whole thing once again & stick to more of the good jokes instead of as many stupid, silly gags (but Hill & Tatum can get high once again. I’ll admit that I find it freaking hilarious when people get high in movies and the fact that I love the Harold & Kumar films probably destroys my argument that I don’t like “dumb” humor). 😉 I feel there should be a bigger gap in the two ratings but I don’t think 21 deserves lower than a 6 while I can’t really give 22 a 7 as I can’t say it’s exactly going to be a favorite film or that I’ll ever watch it again. But I appreciate that they seemed to put much more effort into this one. Plus the scenes during the credits get 8/10!

My Rating: 6.5/10

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29 thoughts on “21 Jump Street & 22 Jump Street Double Review

  1. You know – I actually kind of like the first one and this really isn’t my type of humor at all….



    You are the falling-asleepiest person I have ever known. With all of this sleep you get while watching movies how are you tired enough to go to sleep again??? Do you physically run across England all day for a living?




  2. Well I’m glad you at least kind of like these! Lol. I think they’re pretty hilarious, and I LOVE Hill and Tatum together. I totally get not being a fan of Tatum in dramatic stuff (because he isn’t great), but I do think he’s a good comedian. And Hill…he can do everything. Haha. As for the falling asleep thing–do we just need to hook you up to a caffeine IV or something?! 😉

  3. The first is better than the second, but they’re both pretty damn hilarious that it doesn’t even matter who comes out on top at the end. They’re both a good time. Nice review.

  4. I’m so with you on the first one becoming just a little too dumb for its own good and losing me. I do think Channing Tatum has amazing comic timing though.

  5. Awwwwwwwww not a fan I see? Great reviews. I must say I had a total blast with 21 Jump Street recently. First time I had watched it.

    Gotta agree with Brian on your scoring though hahaha.

  6. Hey leave Magic Mike alone! LOL that movie is a work of art. HAHAHA You should check out United States of Tara with Toni Collette and John Corbett, Brie Larson plays the daughter and she does a really good job on that show. Pity it was cancelled, but it’s worth watching. Glad you sorta liked 21 and 22 Jump Street. I cannot believe you did not watch 4 movies that day! Where is the T9M we know and love. 🙂

    • Lol! I actually had a lot of fun reviewing Magic Mike for Eric. Was more fun than the movie. ; ) what’s with so many shows being cancelled?! It’s why I don’t watch anything anymore!!!!

      • Well the usually they are sucky the ones that get cancelled. United States of Tara was actually pretty good, it was a bit slow at times and that could have been it, but overall good and had a big fan base so I am surprised. Just dvr the Goldbergs and you will be happy with that one show. lol 🙂

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  11. Hi. I like your reviews of the movies. I was too very apprehensive about seeing 21 Jump Street. I saw the trailer and wanted to cry it looked awful. However, when I finally gave it a try as I’m a big Jonah Hill fan, turns out, I actually thought it was great. Yes it’s a little stupid at times, but sometimes it’s just good to watch a movie and forget about life and just have a laugh. 22 Jump Street was very good aswell. I can see why some people wouldn’t like it, but I for one thought they were both a good laugh and will probably watch them both again one day.

    • Thanks! Yeah, these were pretty fun. 🙂 Comedy has never really been my favorite genre but when I do watch them, I like to just have a laugh & not be too critical. I’m sure I’d watch a third one. 🙂

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