Top Ten Actors Who Annoy Me

Here we are with another list first started by the amazing Abbi of Where The Wild Things Are. You can see her list, “The Top Ten Actors Who Irrationally Annoy The Shit Out Of MeHERE. πŸ™‚ I did the list of my most annoying actresses HERE so now it’s time for the boys. Then next week I’ll be all nice with lists of my favorite actors & actresses (but hate is so much more fun…). πŸ˜‰ And I’ll actually get around to replying to all your great comments on these soon! Sorry – it’s been a very hectic week!

So here are my Top Ten Actors Who Annoy Me:

20140801-013812 am-5892192.jpg

Tom Cruise
Best Movie: Top Gun (but Edge Of Tomorrow was surprisingly good!)

20140801-013902 am-5942886.jpg

John Travolta
Best Movie: Carrie or Pulp Fiction

20140801-013942 am-5982653.jpg

Christian Bale
Best Movie: The Prestige

20140801-014019 am-6019433.jpg

Robert Pattinson
Best Movie: Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire

20140801-014057 am-6057708.jpg

Shia LaBeouf
Best Movie: Disturbia

20140801-014131 am-6091773.jpg

Sacha Baron Cohen
Best Movie: Hugo

20140801-014219 am-6139352.jpg

Nicolas Cage
Best Movie: Fast Times At Ridgemont High

20140801-014258 am-6178133.jpg

Vin Diesel
Best Movie: The Iron Giant (and now that I’ve seen it, also Guardians Of The Galaxy)

20140801-014359 am-6239505.jpg

Chris Pine
Best Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness

20140801-014614 am-6374922.jpg

Steven Seagal
Best Movie: No idea – I don’t have a penis

**List likely to change as I’ll have forgotten a bunch of annoying people like I did with the actresses. Would love to hear from all of you on who you hate the most. I seriously will reply when I get a spare second! πŸ™‚

70 thoughts on “Top Ten Actors Who Annoy Me

  1. Oooh…that’s a bit sexits isn’t it? Suggesting only men will enjoy sloppily made, poorly acted, US cod-martial arts flicks? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  2. I’m glad that only white actors annoy you, but Nic Cage is the best thing since best things. I do love that you chose Fast Times as his best movie, though.

  3. Cage, huh?

    And here I thought we were tight. You and me.


    *drums fingers*


    He makes the list but not Russell Brand, Jack Black or Dane Cook?



  4. I just don’t understand how Tom Cruise became crazy… at one point he was cool I loved him back in the day then he just got weird. I totally agree with you on Shia LaBeouf hate him!

  5. Hmm. Is this list actors who annoy you in real life or in movies? Or…both? Lol. Because I do think Christian Bale is a huge dick in real life, but I think he’s a pretty awesome actor. And I know he’s not the best actor in the world, but…I kind of love Chris Pine…don’t judge. Other than that, I can more or less agree. Bahaha. Another fun list, lady! πŸ™‚

    • With both the actors & actresses, I’d say it’s a bit of both. Yes, with Bale it’s probably more “real life” but, although he’s a good actor, I never enjoy watching him in anything. I just don’t like him. :-/ I don’t know what it is about Chris Pine, though. Sometimes I just don’t like the look on a person’s face. He looks too smug! Lol. It’s funny the little things that can annoy people… : )

      • I think I just like Chris Pine as Kirk so much that I’m able to look past his douchier roles. Although I saw his hair in the Into the Woods trailer and I am NOT digging it. But he’ll be playing a douche in that, too, so I guess it fits. Lol. And it’s a shame that Bale is probably such a jerk because I love him in pretty much everything I’ve seen him in.

      • Yeah – Bale sounds like a turd in real life. I should like Cruise, then, as he’s super nice to fans apparently! But, you know… He seems a bit loopy. ; )

  6. ohhhhh. Oh my. Oh gawd. That hurt my heart to see Christian Bale, then followed by a couple of real, true blue douches! Lol

    Great list though (aside from Bale!!! You take that back!!!!)

  7. You mention regarding Steven Seagal that you do not have a penis . This would explain why you state that John Travolta Best Movie: Carrie or Pulp Fiction. Every person with a penis will not have any trouble selecting one of those two and would not even consider Carrie in comparison. Very sorry but its a dumb guy thing “Carrie or Pulp Fiction? let me think”

    • “Best” as in “personal favorite”. I’ve been a bit lazy in elaborating lately. ; ) And Pulp Fiction is, in my opinion, overrated & not even Tarantino’s best film. I thought about ONLY listing Carrie but thought too many people would complain just like they did when I chose Emma Stone as one of my most annoying actresses. lol! Plus, I love a bit of controversy. ; )

  8. Dont think the Emma Stone thing was me actually? You have to appreciate that men have a kind of childish compulsive attraction to certain movies, and Pulp Fiction would be way up there on the list for many guys. And yes you would have been bombarded with complaints if you had only said Carrie. If I resist the primal need to be ‘one of the guys’ then my second favourite Travolta movie would be Blow Out

  9. I have be strange here and say just how much I loved John Travolta in the remake of Hairspray. His connection with Christopher Walken was brilliant, and he looked fabulous in that sequin dress (you have to see it to believe it!). When they perform the song, “(You’re) Timeless to Me”, it makes me all gooey inside πŸ™‚

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