Anthropomorphic Cuteness Part II

20140803-021056 am-7856008.jpg

Well, Anthropomorphic Cuteness Part I was a really long post so I’ll keep this one short. I first saw these singing carrots on YouTube YEARS ago and, yes, I still watch this clip every now & then. So. Freaking. Adorable. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

18 thoughts on “Anthropomorphic Cuteness Part II

  1. I think I get it. It’s a surreal allegory about the tragedy of capitalism. Right? The carrots represent the proletariat who are convinced by oligarchs to love the gold standard (thus the gold colored fists they make at the start of the video, clearly meant to represent gold coins). But then an individual carrot is nearly eaten (when it is put on the plate) due to the crushing weight of unchecked capitalism. The carrot is only saved when joined by other carrots (happy when one carrot joins, sad when it leaves, happiest when all five are together). By joining together, the carrots overcome the capitalistic deviant avarice and survive. After the frightening plate incident, the carrots no longer show the golden circles. They have learned their lesson. The final frame shows all five carrots bound together by a massive heart, representing their commitment to the group before the individual. I’m sure I missed some things but I hope I’m close. Obviously the decision to employ carrots as the anthropomorphic heroes was carefully made given their association with farming and the work of the masses.

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