Question Of The Month At Oracle Of Film

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I’ve participated in another Question Of The Month for the lovely Luke over at Oracle Of Film. This month’s question was “What was the best TV season of 2014?”. See a wide variety of great answers HERE. 🙂

**FYI – I’m sure my answer would have been Game Of Thrones but I’m only halfway through Season 2 at the moment. Therefore, I can’t even read Luke’s post because I have to avoid spoilers!!! Sorry, Luke – I have to skip reading this one… 😉

16 thoughts on “Question Of The Month At Oracle Of Film

  1. I don’t watch a lot of currently running TV (I tend to catch most shows on Netflix), 🙂 but I really enjoyed “Arrow” this year. It improved a lot throughout the first season and got even better in the second.

    • Yeah – I’ve stopped watching brand new shows as they kept getting cancelled after one season! So now I wait a while. But it means I’m way behind on Game Of Thrones. : ) I watched maybe half of the first season of Arrow. Liked it okay but was just too busy. Maybe I should give it another try?

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