Top Ten Actresses I’d Watch In Pretty Much Anything

Okay – it was fun bitching about my most hated actors & actresses last week but now it’s time to do another list that Abbi of Where The Wild Things Are has done. You can see her list of “The Top Ten Actresses That I’d See In Pretty Much AnythingHERE. So here’s my own list of actresses I love. (Yes – I do love Drew Barrymore!). 🙂

With my favorite actors list, I’ve had to narrow it down by only including living actors so I’ve done the same here. Otherwise, Grace Kelly would be on this list. Now here are The Ten Actresses I’d Watch In Pretty Much Anything (in no particular order…):

20140804-061707 pm-65827384.jpg

Amy Adams
Best Movie: Her or Catch Me If You Can but she was lovely in Junebug

20140804-062000 pm-66000067.jpg

Emily Blunt
Best Movie: Edge Of Tomorrow but I also love The Adjustment Bureau

20140804-062105 pm-66065059.jpg

Melanie Laurent
Best Movie: Inglourious Basterds

20140804-063626 pm-66986599.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence
Best Movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

20140804-061854 pm-65934809.jpg

Drew Barrymore
Best Movie: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial but I also love The Wedding Singer & Whip It

20140804-063523 pm-66923013.jpg

Chloe Grace Moretz
Best Movie: Hugo

20140804-063759 pm-67079433.jpg

Sandra Bullock
Best Movie: Gravity but I do love Speed. (Gravity helped to put Bullock back on this list. But I still wouldn’t watch that thing she did with Melissa McCarthy. Damn! I missed her on my “Most Annoying” list…

20140804-064622 pm-67582350.jpg

Carey Mulligan
Best Movie: Shame but she was better in Never Let Me Go. (If I’ve forgotten someone, Carey Mulligan would be the first one replaced. I found her disappointing in Shame and beyond bland in The Great Gatsby. Hopefully she’ll have another good role soon…)

20140804-063555 pm-66955046.jpg

Elisabeth Shue
Best Movie: Adventures In Babysitting

20140804-063723 pm-67043146.jpg

Michelle Pfeiffer
Best Movie: Ladyhawke

59 thoughts on “Top Ten Actresses I’d Watch In Pretty Much Anything

  1. love how you included Shue in this eventhough she hasnt been great in anything in years 🙂 Not the biggest fan of Lawrence or Barrymore, but they have been growing on me lately

  2. Can not say I am in real agreement with the list. Yes for Sandra Bullock and Carey Mulligan, to some extent I would say yes to Michelle Pfeiffer but a huge NO to Drew Barrymore. Sorry I see you ‘ love’ her but I have not been interested in anything she has done since ET.
    Jodie Foster would have been on my list for sure, as would Judy Dench and Maggie Smith
    My personal jury is still out on Chloe Grace Moretz but I think she could be great if she takes the right roles

    • DREW RULES! Screw all y’all. Lol

      Movie Squirrel would probably prefer my list of most annoying actresses. Keira Knightley is on that list. ; )

      I don’t mind Kate Beckinsale but I’ve not actually seen her in THAT much stuff…

  3. I do like Drew but agree on the Charlie’s Angels flicks. *shudder* I do like her with Adam Sandler, however. Love Amy Adams, and Emily Blunt. Ladyhawk is one of my favourites. (And yeah, I’d watch anything with Rutger Hauer in it!) Helen Mirren is another actor i would watch in anything, too.

    • Yay! Finally – someone who doesn’t hate Drew. Lol. The Charlie’s Angels films suck but Cameron Diaz especially doesn’t help them. I like her with Sandler as well! Everyone is so negative about him now but The Wedding Singer is great. I like Mirren as well. : )

  4. Great list T9M! All but Chloe Grace Moretz. My sister who is 19 met her in LA at some event and she was just horrible and a total bitch to her. I used to like her too and I have taken her off my good side. 😦

    • Thanks Melissa! : ) Aww – don’t tell me that! Man, I HATE famous people who are wankers in real life. If she keeps that up, she’ll go onto my Most Annoying list with Gwyneth Paltrow & Christian Bale!!! : (

      • I know right?! I wish I had never known that. My husband also met Christian Bale, well he was his waiter at a fancy restaurant and he was an absolute jerk. He did meet Steve Buscemi at a bar in Phillly and said he was the coolest and he bought him a drink. So you can add him to the nice guy list! 🙂

  5. Jennifer Connelly, at least back in her, ahem, younger, more ‘voluptuous’ days. The funny thing about actresses is that with cosmetic surgery and everything, they almost seem like different people as the years go by. Look what happened to Meg Ryan.

    • I considered putting Connelly on this list. I LOVE Labyrinth. : ) lol – I know what you mean about her, um, voluptuous days. I reviewed a horrible film of hers a while back (Career Opportunities) and may have mentioned that… ; ) I wish women wouldn’t do the plastic surgery thing but know Hollywood puts loads of pressure on them to “stay young”. It’s a shame about Meg Ryan. In the 80s into early 90s, she probably would have been on this list…

  6. Some great choices. Have you seen Melanie Laurent in anything but Inglorious?? I loved her in it and was wondering what else she has been in… Liking Amy Adams a lot but didn’t realise she was in Catch Me If You Can (makes me want to watch that again…). Elizabeth Shue in Babysitting and not Leaving Las Vegas? … hmm, ok I’ll give you that. Pfeiffer will always be Cat Woman to me.

    • Thanks. : ) Yes – I’ve seen Laurent in Now You See Me (which I thought was a pretty shit film) and Beginners (which was pretty good). You really should watch Catch Me If You Can again! Fabulous, underrated film. I really didn’t like Inside Llewyn Davis much, though. :-/ Mulligan was at her very best in that Doctor Who episode Blink!

  7. I love Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer, but I especially love her in Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant, which is an incredibly cheesy romcom, but perfect for duvet days or sick days in bed 🙂

    I also love Anna Faris, she’s brilliant in Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds, the Scary Movie films and also The House Bunny 🙂

    • YAY! A person who likes Drew! I was getting bored with replying to all the haters. Lol! I love The Wedding Singer. Damn – I don’t love Anna Faris, though. But respect your opinion. Unlike these Drew haters on my blog!!! Lol! ; ) Thanks for the comment! I need to catch up with you. I’ve not had time to read any blogs lately! : (

  8. Lawrence, Bullock, Blunt, and Pfeiffer–yessss! All the others…meh. Take ’em or leave ’em. Adams might eventually sneak her way into my faves. Here’s my question: where the heck is Meryl Streep?! 😉

  9. Excellent choices. I love everyone on here except Mulligan… who irrationally bugs me. Maybe my initial list should have been longer. Mr O is in love with Drew Barrymore.

    • Thanks! Yeah… Mulligan COULD end up on that other list if she’s not careful. I sometimes worry that Jennifer Lawrence could cross that line someday too. Yay for Mr O! I think Barrymore seems like a fun & decent person in real life (I let that cloud my judgement too much, which is why I hate people like Paltrow & Bale). I don’t normally get pissed off on my blog but… the Barrymore haters were starting to piss me off a little! Chill, people! It’s a personal opinion! Lol! (I can say this as I’m so late replying that no one will see my reply other than you now). ; )

  10. Very interesting list Mutant! These sorts of lists are always intimidating to me. Mostly b/c of all the annoying flack I might potentially get with my choices (as was the case with the Ten Most influential directors of all time) — why can’t people just let me choices be my choices?? Stop telling me what I should’ve included and what I should’ve discarded!!! lol

    Regardless, I don’t think that’s gonna stop me from doing all these other lists as well. They’re just too much fun.

    • Thanks, Tom! Lol. I know what you mean. Bloody hell… I got more flak over naming a person I like (Barrymore) than I did for my lists of most annoying actors & actresses! THOSE are the lists I expected to be controversial, not this one!!! Lol. Have you done your lists yet? Can’t wait to see them. : )

      • I have not yet! Im waiting a couple more weeks and then I’m gonna dive right in! Had to put in some space between those and the blogathons I’m doing at the moment. DSB is being very social right now. He’s feeling vulnerable. . . :\

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