Anthropomorphic Cuteness Part III


For today’s Anthropomorphic post, I thought it would be fun to post this tribute to everyone’s favorite Disney live-action anthropomorphic car: Herbie the Love Bug. 😉 (and the cute art above comes from DeviantArt artist Zimeta HERE)

12 thoughts on “Anthropomorphic Cuteness Part III

  1. Between Herbie and Bumblebee, I wanted a VW Beetle so goddamn bad as a kid. It used to piss my old man off to no end, because he absolutely hated the things.

    Even today, if you want to set him off, just mention the Bug, and he’ll start raving about the spare tire pressurizing the windshield washer jug.

    • Lol. I wanted one too! They’re adorable. I still want one! But, um… I don’t have a license so that may be pointless. : ) I’ve also wanted a Mini since The Italian Job! (The original)

  2. I had a bug once – one of those old “Baha Bugs” with the big tail pipe sticking up out of the back. Every time it rained I had to go cover it with a plastic cup. Fun!

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