Just One Of The Guys (1985) Review


Just One Of The Guys (1985)

Directed by Lisa Gottlieb

Joyce Hyser
Clayton Rohner
Billy Jacoby
Toni Hudson
Billy Zabka
Sherilyn Fenn

Running time: 90 minutes

Plot Synopsis: (via IMDB)
Terry (Joyce Hyser) is determined to win a school writing contest to prove that a pretty girl can be capable and intelligent. In order to be taken seriously, she dresses as a boy and tries to blend in at a new school until the contest results are announced.


My Opinion:

I LOVE 80’s movies. I’ve probably seen 90% of them. Yet this one passed me by… Luckily, Netflix has a decent selection of dodgy 80’s movies. YES! So I finally checked this one out.


First of all, it opens with the above image (and someone was clearly pervy enough to stick this still online). We then see plenty of the female lead in her underwear and in a bikini before she goes & chops off all her hair to look like a boy. But… She never straps those boobs down. They’re not small! Apparently no one notices them while she’s dressed as a guy.


This movie has the opportunity to say something about gender stereotypes. Does it? Oh HELL no! Ha! In typical cheesy 80’s-movie-style, we see all male characters acting as sex-obsessed chauvinists. Billy Jacoby, the lead’s brother, is the worst. He spends the entire movie trying to get laid & has naked women all over his walls. I’ve never understood this – I remember walking into various dorm rooms in college and seeing guys who had naked girls plastered all over their walls was SUCH a turn-off! (Little tip there, guys). Anyway, Billy Jacoby was in lots of my teen movies so I was thoroughly confused when I looked this movie up as he’s now apparently called Billy Jayne. (Oh, but he looks pretty good in his current IMDB photo. Hmm…)

(This is a picture of Jacoby showing his sister how to act like a guy by, um, adjusting her balls properly…)

Are guys all over the world REALLY as horny & pathetic as this movie makes it seem?! I don’t know… I do love how this movie acts like it’s making an important statement on sexism but has the lead parading around in her underwear & flashing her boobs. Gotta love the 80’s! By the way – there are loads of images and gifs of said flashing if you search online – I’m not posting that here! Sorry to disappoint you Eric, Brian, Mike & Seth… πŸ˜‰


I’m NOT saying I didn’t enjoy this cheesy & extremely predictable movie, however. As with all 80’s movies I didn’t manage to actually see in my youth, I won’t have a fond affection for this one as I didn’t grow up with it. But I ALWAYS feel a bit warm & fuzzy when watching a movie from the 80’s. I can’t help it! If I had a time machine, I’d totally go back to 1985 (but without a dodgy poodle-perm). Or… Maybe 1975. Anything would be better than these shitty times we live in now!


I enjoyed this movie in all its 80’s cheesiness. I liked that, in the picture above, the girl was also in the movie April Fool’s Day, which I love more than I should, and the guy was the prick in The Karate Kid. I also loved that someone in this movie (it might have been Sherilyn Fenn’s character) said the lead girl looked like Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid while dressed as a guy (she totally did!).



This movie isn’t “good”. If you’re younger than me and didn’t grow up with 80’s movies, it’s very unlikely that you’ll enjoy this one. This is one of those films that, unfortunately, hasn’t aged well. When you think about it, this came out the same year as Back To The Future but that one can still be watched today and loved by new generations. I’d never ever recommend this movie to a younger generation but, if you’re my sort of age and missed out on seeing this one back in the 80’s, I think you’d enjoy it just fine.

My Rating: 6.5/10


26 thoughts on “Just One Of The Guys (1985) Review

    • I’m thinking it’s possibly related… ; )

      Hey! I was looking at your blog through Twitter last night so wasn’t logged in & couldn’t comment. I love all your Superman States! Very cool. : )

      • Thanks! I think I hit 20 so far. I can’t wait to finish them all and put the whole damn thing together like a puzzle. That will be a cool piece.

  1. Sounds so 80s ha.

    “I remember walking into various dorm rooms in college and seeing guys who had naked girls plastered all over their walls was SUCH a turn-off!”

    – Pamela, Kelly and the Pink Floyd poster?

    • Lol. It’s very very 80’s. ; )

      Hmm… Kelly… LeBrock? Yes – lots of Pamela Anderson. A bit of Pink Floyd. Think Kelly LeBrock wasn’t a big thing anymore by the time I was in college, though. (I’m old but not QUITE that old. Almost! Lol) : )

  2. Plonker,

    I saw this in the movie theater and I still remember the shot when she busted out those bazoongas…. you’re right, they weren’t small….

    P.S. I really like April Fool’s Day too πŸ™‚



    • Hey – you’re right! I don’t really remember him. I remember her – she was the slut, right? Was he the one she got in on with? Did I just say “got it on”? Man – I haven’t watched that in years. Come over – we’ll watch it together! Eric likes April Fool’s Day too. Should we invite him as well??

      Phoebe Cates indeed has the more memorable boob scene. Also helps that Fast Times was a much better movie plus she’s much better looking… Actually, I’d have to say the boobs in this one are better than Cates’s boobs. Okay. Yeah. Why am I discussing this?! πŸ˜‰

  3. wow! haven’t thought of this movie in years!

    Loved it in the 80’s and like you think, I’ll probably not like it as much now on a rewatch.

    I’m actually surprised that you somehow missed this one

  4. You just made my day. This used to be one of my faves, I would watch it over and over again. I totally need to google what that Billy guy looks like today, he was in EVERYTHING! You are right I always used to think she/he looked like the Karate Kid and yes everyone who has never seen it and watches it today will hate it.

    • Lol – Yes, I don’t think anyone watching this now would like this AT ALL unless they were our sort of age. : ) I can see loving this one if I’d seen it at the time. : ) Netflix is great for these types of movies! I also watched a similar cheesy 80’s one on it recently that I’d not seen before (Private School – seen that??)

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