Dead Snow (2009) Review


Dead Snow (2009) (Norwegian: Død snø)

Directed by Tommy Wirkola

Vegar Hoel
Stig Frode Henriksen
Charlotte Frogner
Lasse Valdal
Evy Kasseth Røsten
Jeppe Laursen
Jenny Skavlan
Ane Dahl Torp
Bjørn Sundquist
Ørjan Gamst

Running time: 91 minutes

Plot Synopsis: (via Wikipedia)
Dead Snow is a 2009 Norwegian zombie splatter film that centers on a group of students surviving a Nazi zombie attack in the mountains of Norway.


My Opinion:

This is my second favorite Norwegian movie of all-time after Troll Hunter! (Okay – they’re the only Norwegian movies I’ve seen). This is also the third zombie comedy I’m reviewing for my month of horror movie reviews (that I totally flaked out on and stopped posting for a week). I liked Dead Snow much more than Life After Beth but, while I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much The Return Of The Living Dead, I did like it and thought it showed a lot of promise. I’ve heard some pretty positive things about the sequel and am not surprised as I thought this was a great concept that didn’t quite work overall but could possibly be improved upon in a sequel. I’ll have to check that out at some point.


What does work is, as I said, the concept. Nazi zombies! Why did no one think to do that sooner? Or HAS it been done before? Not that I can think of. A lot of reviews have also mentioned the look of the blood on all that white snow and it did make for a great look to the film. Also, the characters are decent. At least, as far as horror movie characters go, a few of them are fairly well developed. There’s a great “movie nerd” guy who keeps talking about & quoting movies throughout the film so that was fun for a geek like me. And guess what? Slight spoiler, but… He’s the one who gets laid! So there may still be hope for movie geeks (maybe even Mike?). 😉


I think what didn’t work quite as well as I’d been hoping was the comedy. The movie takes itself slightly more seriously than I was expecting and a couple scenes felt a little too dramatic for a comedy. The pacing was a little off as well as it seemed too slow at first then suddenly gets pretty mental at the end. These aren’t huge complaints, though, as I still thought it was pretty good. I think I’m just trying to figure out why I didn’t like it QUITE as much as I should have as it’s my type of thing and all the elements are there for it to potentially be great. I think they could have upped the comedy more and been a little more silly and made it a bit more “fun”. It sounds like this may be the case in the sequel?



If you’re looking for comedy horror, I’d recommend Tucker & Dale Vs Evil or Grabbers instead as they were just loads of fun. If you specifically like zombie movies, though, I think you’d be perfectly happy with this as a zombie comedy as well as just a zombie movie. The gore gets fairly excessive at the end so that should keep zombie fans happy. It’s not as funny as The Return Of The Living Dead but there were a few unexpected laughs and the characters are more well developed and likable than a lot of horror movie characters manage to be. The movie doesn’t quite reach its potential but it’s still a pretty good effort. However, I can’t believe that girl sucked that guy’s finger just after he’d done a poo & wiped himself and hadn’t yet washed his hands!!!!! That’s just nasty.

My Rating: 7/10


19 thoughts on “Dead Snow (2009) Review

  1. Hello Webmaster,

    The first one is good and fun but the second one is balls out awesome. I wrote about them both on my site if you ever wanted to check them out.

    Nice work!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’ve read both your reviews, am sure I commented on the first ages ago when I had wifi access, read your tweets to others about the second one, and believe you favorited my tweet about watching this one a few weeks ago. Lol! 😉 I’m a woman – don’t mess with me. We remember everything!!! :-p Yes, the second one sounds a little more like what I’m asking for in upping the comedy more. I’m sure I’ll check it out at some point. 🙂

    • I always wondered why no one ever believed Big Bird about Mr Snuffleupagus. Seemed kind of mean! And is this not a zombie movie set in snow??? Yes, I just Googled the correct spelling of Mr Snuffleupagus. I’d have been right anyway.

  2. I was wondering about this one. I have a feeling I might feel the same about it. But I might still try to check it out–especially since Eric proclaimed the sequel an IPC classic. We shall see. Great job, lady!!

      • Truth. It’s time for a fresh spin with that genre fo sho. Although not gonna lie, I found out the other day that a Pride & Prejudice & Zombies movie is happening, and that kind of made me ridiculously happy. Hahaha.

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