Happy 2nd Blogiversary To Me

I’m having a party! And you’re all invited…

Hi all! How is it possible that I’ve not seen a movie where Mary Ingalls slaughters a bunch of people?! Well… I’ve made it to two years! Wasn’t sure that I would (and almost didn’t). I’m now chilling a bit and just doing this thing when I have the time. Let’s do a little recap of this past year and then I’ll talk a bit about my (more laidback!) plans for the future of this blog. πŸ™‚



As usual, I’ve watched a lot of movies so far this year. I’m way behind on reviewing the movies I’ve watched at home but have at least managed to review most the movies I went to in the cinema. Top Ten lists will of course be done end of December (god I love LISTS!) but here are My Top Five Movies (watched in the theater & at home so far in 2014) (the full RANKED list can be found HERE for anyone who is really curious. or bored).

Seen In The Cinema:

1. The Wolf Of Wall Street – 9/10
2. Guardians Of The Galaxy – 8.5/10
3. Her – 8.5/10
4. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – 8/10
5. Edge Of Tomorrow – 8/10

Seen At Home:

1. NausicaΓ€ Of The Valley Of The Wind – 9/10
2. The Return Of The Living Dead – 8/10
3. Spring Breakers – 7/10
4. Full Metal Jacket – 8/10
5. Marnie – 7.5/10



My views are still nothing compared to the 100,000 a lot of you seem to get in just one year but I’m happy enough considering I know I’ve slowed down on the blogging this year. As always, I’m most thankful to everyone who stops by & leaves me a comment as I always love some movie chat. πŸ™‚ I’ve found it very hard to keep up with blogging this year but I do my best on catching up when I can.


As always, I loved seeing my above All-Time Top Search Terms. I had no idea 21 Jump Street was in the lead, probably because I reviewed the movie as well as talked about the TV show (which was way better and nothing whatsoever like the movies). It’s nice to see that Avengers Dildos is still going strong and that Duplicitous Taint is slowly gaining. The power of anything slightly pervy, eh?

Which leads me to My Most Viewed Posts. Well, number one by FAR is still the same as last year: My Top Ten Shower & Bath Scenes In Movies. Coming in second is Chris Hemsworth’s Butt In Rush (along with Natalie Dormer’s naked butt as well – I know this now that I’m obsessed with & halfway through Game Of Thrones). In third place is my About Me page. I’m honored to be so close to Chris Hemsworth’s naked bum! *snicker snicker* I was hoping that My Top Ten Carpets & Rugs In Movies would be a top post but it doesn’t quite make it.


One of the highlights for me this year was getting a lot of Twitter attention for my review of Night Of The Comet. The film’s star, Kelli Maroney, thanked me for the review and she & Catherine Mary Stewart now follow me on Twitter! Oh, and Egg Dude in the middle. We’re all gonna go on a post-apocalyptic shopping spree together! πŸ™‚



I’d once again like to thank everyone who participated in my massive John Hughes Blogathon back in March. I believe I managed to get at least one review for every film written by Hughes (except for one obscure one – I’ll try to do that one myself someday). You can find the links to every John Hughes review HERE including my The Breakfast Club and Don’t You Forget About Me (documentary about John Hughes) reviews that NO ONE read as everyone was sick of Hughes after an entire month… πŸ˜‰

Also, thank you as always to everyone who has contributed to (or at least signed up for) my ongoing IMDB Top 250 Challenge (you can find the links to every review HERE). I have guest reviews scheduled for every Tuesday from now through February at the moment! I’ve fallen way behind on the 100 I’m meant to be doing myself – this year I’ve only managed to watch 9 and, of those, only reviewed 3. Yikes! So I plan to do a lot more IMDB reviews myself in 2015. Which leads me to some plans I have for Cinema Parrot Disco in 2015…



As I said before, I’m planning to take it a little easier & not push myself to do loads of reviews if I don’t have time. I have a few things planned, like an Akira Kurosawa Month & a Charlie Chaplin Month where I’ll work through reviewing their IMDB Top 250 films (plus a few more). Don’t worry, I won’t overdo things like I did with John Hughes – I’ll still review other things too those months. πŸ˜‰ I also plan to start my own blogging relay soon that I’m hoping will work its way around WordPress. And, as always, I’m still trying to think of the best ways to make the time to READ READ READ all your blogs too! :-/ The main things I’ll be focusing on for this blog in 2015 besides my own IMDB Top 250 reviews are:


Studio Ghibli Month in January:

As you can see above, I’ve ranked NausicaΓ€ Of The Valley Of The Wind as the best movie I’ve seen at home this year but I’ve not yet reviewed it. I’ve watched a lot of Studio Ghibli films this year that I’ve not yet reviewed so have decided I’ll review as many as I can through January. As so many of them are in the IMDB Top 250, I’m doing all those (as well as several others) and am holding off on the guest IMDB reviews that month.

John Carpenter Project:

When I finished the John Hughes Blogathon, I announced that my next blogathon would be a John Carpenter one. Apologies to the few people who got really excited about this… I kept putting it off as I remembered JUST how much work is involved in a blogathon so, instead, I’ve decided to make it my own personal project to review all his movies in 2015. Not sure yet if I’ll post them randomly when I get time or if I’ll save them up then post them all when I’ve finished them. Either way, I’m not going to stress about it & will take my time. I’m doing this because there are a few big films of his I’ve still not seen. Unlike the Ryan Gosling Project, I won’t abandon this project. (I got bored with Ryan Gosling. I’m so fickle! Then again, it’s not like he’s done anything as bad as Ghosts Of Mars. Hmm…)

Wow. Sorry for the LONG POST! It was all a bit “me me me”, which I hate. The truth is, I’ve kept doing this for two years now thanks to all you great people! I do love to “have a chat” when I have time and wish I could find more time for this blogging thing. Thanks again to everyone who visits and who comments – I’m sorry I’ve not been visiting other blogs much this year. I really do appreciate you all! Not just these lovely people below but also those who’ve taken the time to comment on even one of my silly posts. You’re the best! THANK YOU! πŸ™‚


84 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Blogiversary To Me

  1. Great post! Congratulations on all your progress πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad you said NausicaΓ€ Of The Valley Of The Wind was the best movie you’ve seen at home this year. I buy my boyfriend a Studio Ghibli DVD every Christmas – and this year I went for this one!! I thought it looked excellent, similar to Princess Mononoke perhaps.

    Look forward to the John Carpenter project!! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ Ohh… I LOVED NausicaΓ€! Yes, I’d say that Princess Mononoke is the one it’s closest to. However, I’ll warn you – it’s the MOST unlike any other Ghibli film I’ve seen so far. Very very different. It’s more like the film Heavy Metal than a Ghibli film like Totoro. It’s quite epic. I’m a sucker for “post-apocalyptic” so it was very much my type of thing. I hope he loves it as much as I did!
      I’m looking forward to the Carpenter project too! Never even seen Escape From New York…

      • I’m really looking forward to watching it!! Though it will be after Christmas Day πŸ™‚

        So……kind of less ‘cute’ then!!! It actually sounds brilliant, I’m looking forward to something a bit different from the Studio Ghibli collection. I’ll let you know what I think πŸ™‚

        And what, no way! Snake Plissken will not be happy. Enjoy πŸ™‚

  2. Can’t believe Cara beat me by one comment! 😦

    Congrats Mutant! really excited about your plans for 2015! Sounds like a great way to go in order to lower your blogging stress levels.

    Look forward to seeing you get back into the swing of things.

    keep up the amazing work!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love reading your posts, you always make me laugh. Plus thanks to you, I can now buy my very own ovary plush toy! It’s not every day I can say that lol
    I’m looking forward to reading more posts of yours in 2015 πŸ˜€ xx

      • I reblogged it and it’s been really popular, so thanks again for posting as hopefully they’ll have a few more sales via you πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to buy mine – and then blog about them! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi there.

    Congratulations you plonking wanker! Just think, after two years you STILL don’t like me. I’ll keep trying though.




  5. Happiest of Blogging Birthdays to yoooouuuuu!!! Two excellent years, lady. Can’t wait to see these things you have in store!!! I’ll see if I can edge out Eric on comments for this next round… πŸ˜‰

  6. Always late in commenting but its never too late for congrats πŸ™‚ Lots of awesome plans for next year and great job for 2 years! Can’t wait to see what you think about the rest of the Studio Ghibli movies!

    P.S. I feel like crap that I haven’t gotten those 2 IMDB reviews to you though. The reminder stares at me on my calender every single day

    • Lol – That’s okay on the IMDB things, Kim. LOTS of people still have ones to do. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the congrats! Kind of shocked I’m still doing this two years later. I’ve LOVED the Ghibli stuff I’ve watched & not yet reviewed. Nausicaa was my favorite but I also loved Kiki’s Delivery Service. Looking forward to reviewing them! Still need to watch a few more then I think I’ll be all set. πŸ™‚

      • Studio Ghibli is fantastic! They were my equivalent of Disney when I was a kid.

        I’ll be getting the IMDB reviews to you soon since I FINALLY organized and sorted out all the boxes of movies my boyfriend and I have, like 2 weeks ago.

    • Aw – thank you, Laura! πŸ™‚ I love yours because, as you know, I love that you watch some interesting not-so-mainstream stuff. I thought of you the other day when I did Phantom of the Paradise – that’s the weirdest film I’ve seen in a while! Have you seen that??

    • Thank you, Zoe! πŸ™‚ No problem – a visit to your blog is long overdue as well! 😦 I think I’ll stick around for a while – I’m a bit happier with the blogging thing since taking things a bit easier the last month or so. πŸ™‚

      • YAY! Much better to just chill out throughout it and all, it’s a hobby. I think when it becomes work you need a break, but you are sounding refreshed, so we will be seeing more of you then πŸ˜€

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