POLL: Which Movie Should I Review Next?


I was making a list the other day of all the movies I’ve watched in the last year & never got around to reviewing. Well, I decided I may as well stick them all in another one of my “what should I review next” polls because I’m pretty sure you all love when I do that! Right?! Although, the last time I did a similar poll, you all voted for me to review Moshi Monsters: The Movie so I’m not sure if you can all be trusted to make such an important decision… 😉

Anyway! Here it is. I believe I made it so you can choose up to five. I’ll review the top five before any others on the list. Probably. If you choose wisely. Sorry my poll is so long! (Hmm. Maybe I should reword that)

57 thoughts on “POLL: Which Movie Should I Review Next?

  1. Judging by this conversation with Mr Rumsey I think I may have voted for the same film!! It’s certainly a great film but very, very sad!

    How weird though!!! Out of all of those films…..I think we know what you’ll be reviewing!

    Get the tissues out!!

    • Lol. Why did I put Grave Of The Fireflies on the list?!?! 😉 I’ve had that saved as a draft for ages & go back to it sometimes & still have nothing written beyond the plot synopsis. Ugh. Thanks for voting, Emma! It’ll force me to finally do some of these. I’m still hoping to do them all at some point! But it’ll let me know what to focus on first. 🙂

      • After I said that too, I noticed – THREE VOTES so far! I still think that’s wonderful really, all those choices but three of us know it’s fate 🙂

        Actually I do sympathise, I bet it’s a very hard film to review!

        Attack the Block would have been much second choice I think 🙂

      • That is so cool!!!! AHHH! Great minds think alike 🙂 I love that movie so much.

        I was steaming ahead and didn’t read it properly lol I’ll go back and vote for another four now…You know what one will be!!!

    • Yay! I voted for that too. 😉 Think it’s too obscure to win but I’ll review most of these eventually anyway & that’s high on my list. I can’t believe I’d never even heard of it until I watched it over the weekend!

    • Thank you, Alex! I’ll review these all eventually but I’ll do the winners much sooner. Don’t know what you voted for but looks so far like Spirited Away is way ahead of the rest. 🙂

  2. voted. cant believe u’ve seen some of these and havent been able to sit yourself down to write the reviews. on the otherhand, some of them really seem hard because there isnt much to say

    when in doubt, vote for an 80’s movie 🙂

  3. That’s a great list. I picked the titles that I want to revisit (Melancholia/Crystal Fairy to see if I still like/dislike them respectively), or movies that may wallow in undeserved obscurity (Miracle Mile with its “discount Lea Thompson” as Cinema Sins is so wont to say). I get the impression Ghost in the Shell, Grave of the Fireflies, and Spirited Away will get high votes even though those are all good movies that have been thoroughly analyzed.

    • Thanks for voting! 🙂 Yeah… Spirited Away & Grave Of The Fireflies are currently winning. I liked Melancholia quite a bit and absolutely hated Crystal Fairy – that review won’t be nice when I do it. 😉 Aww… That’s not nice to Mare Winningham. Lol. Thank you for voting for Miracle Mile! If it was up to me, that’s my first choice so I will be reviewing that one no matter what – just after ones with higher votes now. 🙂

  4. Please review “Austenland”! 😉 It didn’t get a lot of buzz, but I thought it was a funny, charming movie with just the slightest hint of satire. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. 🙂

    • Well, I think it has only one vote. 😦 However, I plan to do these all eventually and I WILL do that one as I found it a pleasant surprise. Probably mostly thanks to Jennifer Coolidge, who always cracks me up. 🙂

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  6. Hey Mutant, I voted for Primer because I couldn’t get through the whole thing and want someone to tell me what in the name of arse it was all about.

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