When Peanuts Travels to Westeros, We All Win


A Peanuts & Game Of Thrones mashup? Love it!

These are from artist Philip Hororton – You can check them out here: Neatorama


I’m loving all my favorite things being mashed up with Game Of Thrones lately! Just in case some of you missed it, I also better share this Sesame Street parody from a couple of weeks ago: Game Of Chairs. Love this so much!!!! 🙂

16 thoughts on “When Peanuts Travels to Westeros, We All Win

  1. wow. these are amazing. love the peanuts stuff, but the sesame street clip is unbelievable.

    I know I can always count of you AND Mr. Mutant to find great stuff for us all!!!!

      • WHOOP! I will watch the latest season when it is done.

        So we can finally talk about the *SPOILERS FOR OTHERS* fact that those fucking animals butchered Robb??? ;( ;( ;(

      • Hehe. I know…. I was somewhat prepared as all I’d ever really heard about beforehand was “OMG! The Red Wedding!!!!”. Quite the episode indeed!!!!!! 😦 I wasn’t happy…. Loved his *SPOILERS FOR OTHERS!!!* mother & wife as well. 😦

      • Fuck that, I wasn’t. It happened and I bolted off my couch and howled and cussed the world and I was so unhappy you won’t even understand hahahahahaha.

        RIGHT?! And then insult to injury with the Direwolf stitching, too. Gah!

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