Good Will Hunting (1997) IMDB Top 250 Guest Review


Today’s IMDB Top 250 Guest Review comes from Drew of Drew’s Movie Reviews. Thanks for the review, Drew! 🙂 Now let’s see what he has to say about Good Will Hunting, IMDB rank 157 out of 250…

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Will Hunting (Matt Damon) is a mathematical genius but has no direction in his life. He gets recognized by Professor Gerald Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) who enlists help from psychologist Sean Maguire (Robin Williams). With assistance from Sean, Will begins to get his life together.

To be upfront, this was my first time watching Good Will Hunting. Shocking, I know. It was one of those movies that I kept hearing and hearing about but never really got around to watching. But thanks to the wonderful Ms. Mutant, I thought her IMDB blogathon would be the perfect time to check it out. And I must say, it is as every bit as wonderful as it was made out to be.

At the center of attention is the late Robin Williams. He is not the center of the movie but Sean Maguire is at the center of discussion whenever this film is brought up. Williams won an oscar for best supporting actor for his role and, boy, was it well deserved. Looking back Williams’ filmography, I haven’t seen many of his more serious roles. After watching this, I really need to change that. He hit with such an emotion I haven’t seen from him before. Just one more reminder how phenominal of an actor he was and his versatility to take on any role.

Matt Damon as the titular Will Hunting and Ben Affleck as his friend Chuckie Sullivan were great on screen together. It was easy to feel their connection and friendship. This even extended to the minor characters in the gang. Their camaraderie bleed through the screen and seemed so natural that I wouldn’t be surprised if they are all best friends off the screen.

For me, character-driven movies are always the hardest for me to review because with action flicks, comedy films, or horrors, there are other factors I can look at. But with dramas, it simply comes down to the actors. It’s the little moments they bring to life and make them feel genuine that make or break the film. When actors or actresses make you feel what they feel and seem so realistic and sincere, that is the sign of a great drama. Every single member of the cast manages to pour their heart and soul into the film and it is palpable. Add that to an excellent script from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and you have nothing short of success.

Good Will Hunting is a heartfelt film that manages to shine thanks to a well-penned script and great performances from Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck and the entire crew.



Cast & Crew
Gus Van Sant – Director
Matt Damon – Writer
Ben Affleck – Writer
Danny Elfman – Composer

Matt Damon – Will Hunting
Robin Williams – Sean Maguire
Ben Affleck – Chuckie Sullivan
Stellan Skarsgard – Prof. Gerald Lambeau
Minnie Driver – Skylar
Casey Affleck – Morgan O’Mally
Cole Hauser – Billy McBride
John Mighton – Tom – Lambeau’s Teaching Assistant


46 thoughts on “Good Will Hunting (1997) IMDB Top 250 Guest Review

  1. This is a great review of a great movie, Drew! You’re right, the entire crew was great in this movie.

    Also! I know I’m still doing Life is Beautiful! I’m so sorry I’m taking sooooo lonnnng. I’ll have it done by next week!

  2. I watched this for the first time last year (cheeky self-plugging link) and really enjoyed it also. Williams is fantastic (“I will end you”!), I was surprised how little Affleck was in it, and even more surprised by how loveable Minnie Driver seemed. Always used to think of her as an irritating diva.

  3. This is an absolute favourite of mine and quite potentially my favourite Robin Williams role. Did you know the whole scene where he talks about his wife farting was completely ad-libbed and Matt Damon is genuinely sobbing with tears.

      • My pleasure! I needed to watch it anyway so it made for a good excuse. 🙂 Yea, Williams was absolutely brilliant as Sean. He is definitely someone great who left us too soon. I think I’m going to (eventually) update my Fave Five Robin Williams Roles to include this now that this is posted.

      • One that I think gets overlooked is The Final Cut. The premise is interesting and Williams still gives a great performance.

  4. Williams really is the main attraction here, followed by Damon. I thought it had way too much language, but the film at its core is really beautiful. Great review, Drew!

    • I agree, Williams takes the cake here. There are quite a few f-bombs dropped and I can see how that can turn some people off, but like you said, deep down, this film is beautiful. Thanks, SG!

  5. I actually rewatched Good Will Hunting not so long ago and was surprised that it was not nearly as good as I remembered. What really works nearly twenty years later though are the scenes between Matt Damon and Robin Williams, especially the one on the bench when Williams calls him out on being just a kid. So well played by both of them.

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