Disney Infinity: Star Wars! 

I don’t know who was more excited when this came out in the UK on Friday: my Star Wars crazy husband or my Star Wars mad daughter. Probably my husband, although he played it cool instead of squealing with delight like my six-year-old did. 😉

This is just a quick post & certainly not a review of the game itself as I’m not exactly a gamer. In fact, I’ve not played it yet (but I’m sure I’ll be forced to soon – which won’t be so bad as I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan myself). I just want to say THANK YOU to Disney Infinity for probably being the best Star Wars-related thing yet to actually not ignore its young female fans! 🙂

We have not just one, or two, but THREE female Star Wars Disney Infinity characters! I’ve talked about this a bit in the past but it’s crazy how difficult it is to get any Princess Leia toys/clothing/etc nowadays as opposed to all the widely available items with all the male characters. Okay – you can sometimes get a Leia but only as a part of a ridiculously expensive set (like the Lego Ewok Village). Want a cheaper Lego Leia? You’ll have to get the keychain & pull the chain out of her head. Better than nothing, I guess?

Having a daughter, she’s of course happy with any Star Wars toys & has loads of male character toys as well. But how do you explain to a six-year-old why female characters are so often excluded? She loves Star Wars Rebels, which has two main female characters, but all the merchandise in Disney Store is aimed at boys and the girl characters are actually not even included in the images of the cast of characters on the boys’ clothing & things like stationery. Occasionally Sabine Wren is included in an image but, when she is, she tends to have the helmet on so you can’t tell that she’s a girl. It’s like Leia in the Boushh helmet – you can sometimes find that version of Leia. Is a boy really going to complain at one or two girl characters on a t-shirt or a school folder along with the male characters? I highly doubt it. I blame idiotic marketing execs.

I’ll stop rambling before I sound too complain-y. I just wanted to celebrate the fact that you can get Princess Leia, Ahsoka Tano & Sabine Wren Disney Infinity characters (and that super cool Boba Fett up there as an exclusive if you buy the set that includes him. hubby did, of course). Things seem to be improving slightly for female fans of what are considered “boy movies” – let’s hope this is just the start of things. On a recent trip to the Disney Store, we were able to buy an awesome unisex R2-D2 sweatshirt plus an R2-D2 t-shirt specifically for girls! I was so happy that I won’t even complain that it’s pink & full of glitter. She can wear her Darth Vader helmet with it to balance out the pink. 😉

Speaking of Star Wars, I’ve participated in another great Question Of The Month for Luke over at Oracle Of Film. This month’s question: Who Is Your Favorite Star Wars Character? You can read everyone’s answer, along with mine, HERE. (FYI – I didn’t choose a girl) 🙂

20 thoughts on “Disney Infinity: Star Wars! 

  1. Unfortunately, marketing types are/were backed up by facts: action figures of female characters simply didn’t sell as well. I’m sure that must be changing though, given how often it comes up (there was a bit of a to-do last year about Guardians of the Galaxy‘s merchandise not including anything to do with Gamora, as I recall) so hopefully such things will continue to improve.

    • Yeah, the Guardians of the Galaxy thing pissed me off too but, again, Disney Infinity DID have her as a character (we have her). Yay Disney Infinity! 🙂 I think the marketing data may be a little out of date. I know girl figures don’t sell as well overall but it still sends a bad message. Plus, they’ll also be basing that data on recent years where the only Star Wars female figure they’ve released in recent times was Toryn Farr. Yeah… the popular Toryn Farr! I know every girl has been waiting for YEARS to get their hands on a Toryn Farr figure. 😉 (No offense to Toryn Farr but she’s no Leia… Lol)

      • Definitely agree about the message part. Especially for big companies like Disney, they’ll be making so much money off all the male-character-related merchandise, they can afford to make a loss on the female-character stuff (if that even still happens) in the name of equality and progress.

  2. I wish that the disc and set only pack was being released in the US but as it’s not I may be waiting on this set 😦 great write up though. Thank you!

    • Thanks! And… You’re welcome! 🙂 Yeah, I don’t know much about the packs & what’s available but I knew my hubby would get the Luke, Leia, Boba Fett set no matter what. 🙂

    • WHAT?! Are you telling me you don’t have Disney Infinity? Not even any of the Disney Princess characters?!? 😉 The other thing is Star Wars – a sci-fi series far superior to Star Trek. 😉

  3. I have a 10-year-old daughter who is a Star Wars fan. She has an odd relationship with the series. She doesn’t actually like the movies, but she likes a lot of the characters. The bad guys – Darth Vader in particular – are her favorites.

    We have avoided Disney Infinity in the past, but I have been tempted. Can you tell me more about it. We’re not gamers, but I am considering picking this up for Christmas this year. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

    • That’s cool your daughter likes Vader. 🙂 Oh boy… I’m definitely not the expert on Disney Infinity as it’s more my hubby’s & daughter’s thing. The main thing I’D say is that it could end up costing you an absolute fortune. It depends how many characters you want to collect (and power disc thingies). We have all the previous DI versions & characters but, if you want to go with ONLY Star Wars, it may not be so bad. It’s not my favorite game to play. There are “missions” & world building but it’s not my type of thing. The kid loves it, though. So… Lol. I’m not much help here, am I?! 😉

  4. I don’t think you’re being too complain-y. You’re being your regular, interesting conversation-y self. 😀

    That said, what the hell is Star Wars?

  5. I don’t quite get what this game is and all that, I always think the little figurines that you get are pretty cool and all, and awesome to have a Star Wars set! I just don’t think we will ever invest in adding it to our gaming repertoire lol. I can totally see my fiancé skipping from Fallout and Metal Gear to this… not so much.

    But this looks so cool!

    • Hehe. It is aimed at pretty young kids. But my hubby does seem to enjoy it! 😉 The figures are very cool – we have all the Marvel ones as well. But nothing beats those Star Wars ones!

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