Question Of The Month At Oracle Of Film – Favorite Star Wars Character? & R.I.P. Wes Craven


I’ve participated in another Question Of The Month over at Oracle Of Film & I have to say this is my favorite question yet: Who Is Your Favorite Star Wars Character?

So many to choose from! Not an easy question to answer if you’re a big Star Wars fan (which I suppose I am). 🙂 Actually, no – it was pretty easy as I already knew my answer. I have two favorites so I just had to choose between the two. Who did I pick? Is my answer in the photo above or not?? You can read everyone’s answer HERE. I may ramble on a bit for several paragraphs like I always do when I really like something…

Thanks for another great question, Luke (Skywalker) Abbott! 🙂

**I don’t normally do any celebrity R.I.P. types of posts on here but I had to mention Wes Craven. I was very sad to hear of his death this morning. A Nightmare On Elm Street is one of those movies that was a very special part of my early teens when I was starting to discover that I had a love of film that kind of went beyond what my “normal” friends seemed to think of movies (I’m sure you movie bloggers can relate).

I saw it for the first time at a party at the age of 13 & it was my first proper horror. I loved it instantly. We later played spin the bottle at this party, which was fun, but while everyone else probably went home thinking about those pathetic 13-year-old kisses I was mainly thinking about how I would manage to see that “cool” movie again as it wouldn’t be one that my mom would really approve of. (We also watched Fright Night at that party, another awesome 80’s horror classic, although of course not on the same level as Elm Street. Man I miss those days, especially when it comes to horror movies. And clumsy groping.)

I’m not going to turn this into a long post or discuss Craven’s other work that I like (Such as Scream which is of course very popular but I also have a thing for Deadly Friend). I mainly just wanted to mention A Nightmare On Elm Street as that will always be an important part of this movie-life of mine.

R.I.P. Wes Craven – I’m so glad your brilliant film was my introduction to horror. Very few other horror films have been able to live up to A Nightmare On Elm Street for me in the 31 years since its release.

10 thoughts on “Question Of The Month At Oracle Of Film – Favorite Star Wars Character? & R.I.P. Wes Craven

  1. Re:Wes Craven…Before the Elm Street series there was The Hills Have Eyes in 1977. Horror has indeed lost an icon.

    As far as Star Wars goes..It will always be Darth Vader. I’m not a big Star Wars fan. The way over the top hype for Return Of The Jedi caused me to wait over a year before seeing it. I got really turned off by the Ewoks since the only reason they were in the movie was to have more Christmas merchandise to sell. I skipped the last three movies. When I saw Jar Jar Binks in the promos that did it for me.

    • Oh, I did quite like The Hills Have Eyes too. Elm Street was just my era. As were Ewoks… 😉 lol. Being a girl of my age, I gotta admit to loving Ewoks. But not Jar Jar! Ugh! He’s awful!!! 😦

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