Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs (Book Review) 

I mentioned this book HERE when I ranked & did mini-reviews of the books I’d read in 2013. It was a super mini-review for this one as I planned to do a longer review of it at some point. So, here you go! It only took me two years!

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

What It’s About: (via Wikipedia)
The book tells the tale of a boy who, following a horrific family tragedy, follows clues that take him to an abandoned orphanage on a Welsh island. The story is told through a combination of narrative and vernacular photographs from the personal archives of collectors listed by the author.

My Thoughts:

I fully admit that the eerie photographs used throughout this book are what drew me to it. It’s yet another Young Adult book, a genre which has become so popular with every age these days, but at least it’s quite “different” from the rest. I still think the idea behind this book is genius! I love that the author collects weird old photographs & ended up writing a story around them. I think that’s very creative. Unfortunately, I didn’t really love the story.

(Is this one of the creepiest photos you’ve ever seen or what?!)

As I say, I read this in 2013 (possibly even 2012) so I’m not going to get into any specifics at this point. I did think the story was clever, about a group of “peculiar” children at an orphanage who seem to each have strange & mysterious talents or “powers”. It’s a very odd book & I’m usually a fan of odd. But, for whatever reason that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, it didn’t really work for me although it seemed like the type of thing that would be right up my alley. As with most books I don’t fully enjoy, I think I just didn’t buy into the characters that much (including the main boy, Jacob, who has to unravel the mystery of his grandfather’s strange photographs).

I do think a big part of my problem, which probably isn’t fair to this book, is that I had NO idea that it was the first book in a series when I read it. I think the second book wasn’t yet out and, although I do enjoy YA books such as The Hunger Games trilogy, I’d been reading a lot of series books at that point & was looking for a stand-alone book to read. Imagine my disappointment when I got to the end and there wasn’t a satisfying conclusion! It’s very much a “to be continued” ending. As long as you know that before reading it, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed like I was.

I’m choosing to finally “review” this now as, obviously, this is mainly a movie blog & I’ve been wanting to write a little something about the book before Tim Burton’s film comes out early next year. I do love to read but struggle with book reviews – I find it far easier to talk about movies. But I still enjoy discussing books with all of you in the comments so I’ll do my best to give you a few more of my crappy book reviews by the end of this year – I’ve read A LOT! 😉

Anyway, I remember saying to my husband while reading this how it would make an excellent Tim Burton movie. Am I good or what?! Clearly someone read my mind! I was very happy when Burton was later chosen to make the film as, although I didn’t totally love it, the book is very original and had a “look” in my mind that perfectly fits Tim Burton’s gothic style. I know his films have been disappointing in recent years but, if he gets this one right, I think it could be very good. And if it’s good, it’ll probably interest me in continuing with the story. Eva Green, although too “young & pretty” for how I pictured Miss Peregrine, does feel like a perfect choice to match the book’s style as does Asa Butterfield as Jacob. I’m actually really looking forward to this film adaptation! I was probably too harsh on the book but, perhaps if I read the next book, I’ll start to like it a little more. As long as there’s some sort of conclusion? Has anyone read the second book, Hollow City??

My Rating: 3/5

Oh god! It’s those creepy kids again! This photo is the stuff of nightmares!!!!

39 thoughts on “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs (Book Review) 

  1. I’ve read both, I think I liked the first one better than the second one which was far more adventure-filled. It did have some interesting characters but got a bit convoluted near the end. The third one is out or nearly, i’ll probably read it anyway.

  2. I saw this at Target a few years ago and the pics were fantastic. Then I noticed it was a YA thing and felt put out so I didn’t buy it. I actually think I’d like to read it someday but this saddens me: “I remember saying to my husband while reading this how it would make an excellent Tim Burton movie. “. Not that you were thinking that but just that I can’t stand Burton’s shit.

  3. I should check out this book. I hear about it so much.

    Great review!

    Eva Green ❤ I freaking love that woman. She is gorgeous and she is talented.

    • They are! I love the photos. Makes me want to collect old photos myself! I don’t know… The story was pretty good but I just so wanted a one-book book. You should like it okay knowing it’s the first part of a series. 🙂

  4. I feel pretty much the same way as you did for this book however that movie adaptation looks like it might just work out. I like Eva Green and she does fit the role even if I pictured Miss Peregrine to be a little older but Asa Butterfield as Jacob also sounds like a fit. Looking forward to seeing how the movie goes.

    As for Hollow City, I’m hesitating a little to read it. I’m sure I will when there’s like a sweet deal on Amazon or at the book store.

    • Yeah… I wanted to like the book more! I did think the story being written around the photos was very creative. I do think the movie could be great, though – we’ll see! I’m sure I’ll read the next book if the movie is decent but probably, like you, only if I can get a good deal on it somewhere. 🙂

      • I just wonder if there’s a game plan for these sequels or its just going as the author sees the potential for another book or not? I mean, Library of Souls is a catchy name, just I keep wondering how far can you stretch the story..haha!

      • Ugh – I know what you mean! Too many of these YA series books feel like the author is making it up as they go along. Because they’ve been told to do another book for the money or whatever. The Maze Runner feels that way to me. Hopefully this series was planned out all along but it may have been hard to do that as it’s written around photos, I guess… But Library of Souls is a very cool name, yes! 😉

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