Gimme An ‘F’ (1984) Review


Gimme An ‘F’ (1984)
aka T & A Academy 2
aka Cheerballs

Directed by Paul Justman

Starring: Stephen Shellen, Mark Keyloun, Jennifer Cooke, Lisa Wilcox, Beth Miller, Daphne Ashbrook, John Karlen

Plot Synopsis: (via IMDB)
Can a squad of misfit cheerleaders with an over-age trainer possibly win the big cheerleading competition? Looked down upon by the other teams, it will be difficult. Their lack of skill and talent make it even harder.

My Opinion:

This cheesy 80’s cheerleading sex comedy is my dirty little 13-year-old secret. I watched this so damn much at that age and for years I’ve been desperate to own it in some way but it was quite obscure & I was never able to find a copy. Well, this being 2015 and not 1984, it’s made its way to YouTube so I watched it for the first time in years a few months ago. Hilarious!!! It’s so damn bad. I love it.

Here’s the story: When I was 13 (actually, I was possibly only 12), I got a regular job babysitting a boy of about eight. This was back in small-town American Eighties when that was common – the thought of leaving my kid at home alone with some idiot 12-year-old nowadays seems freaking insane! Anyway, I was lucky as the kid was a real sweetheart. We’d usually have some supper & watch a kids’ movie together then he’d go straight to bed with zero fuss. That kid was awesome. What was even more awesome, though, was the collection of slightly dirty movies that his parents had & that I would then spend all night watching until they came home drunk at about 2:00 in the morning & paid me way too much because they were all drunk & happy. They had a collection of videotapes full of stuff they’d obviously recorded off the one & only movie channel we could get in our town (Showtime, if I remember correctly. We didn’t have it. I wanted it).

One movie they had that I watched a few times was the Brian De Palma film Body Double, which I remember nothing about now – I should track that one down too! Gimme An ‘F’ was the one for me, though. Actually, I think it was on the same tape as Body Double – I’m surprised I didn’t wear that tape out. So I’d sit there with my shoebox full of bracelet-making supplies and make friendship bracelets all night while watching a bunch of horny cheerleaders. Oh, I’d also bring a few teen magazines with me, too – usually Sassy or BOP.

Ahh, the good old days! Sorry – I suppose I should stop reminiscing & just talk about Gimme An ‘F’ (also apparently called T & A Academy 2 or Cheerballs. Seriously? Cheerballs?!?!). Anyway, this Oscar-worthy screenplay involves a group of sweet, innocent, virginal cheerleaders called the Moline Ducks and they totally suck (at cheerleading). They go to a cheerleading camp in a place called Beaver View (haha – very funny) where they are trained by twentysomething professional cheerleaders (one being a hot male cheerleader). We have several squads but the important ones are: The Falcons, who are the best & whose captain is an ice-cold bitch…

The Demons, who are a squad of skanky sluts… 

And, of course, the sweet little Moline Ducks, who don’t have a hope in hell of winning the competition at the end…

The Ducks embarrass themselves when the squads all do a cheer to determine which professional will train them. Luckily, hunky male cheerleader is there to cheer up our main Duck after her appalling performance.

She soon falls for hot, older cheerleading dude and blah blah blah virgin and blah blah blah sexual tension followed by blah blah blah sexual awakening. I’m not here to tell anyone to watch this. Don’t! It’s so damn cheesy & soooooo 1984 and watching it now, as an adult, I’m not sure what I saw in it.

Okay, screw it – I’m lying. I know exactly what I saw in it. Roscoe! Yeah, that guy in the above picture. I’ve never been the type of girl to go for the usual type of boy. Maybe this movie is to blame for that?! Anyway, the handsome cheerleader did nothing for me. No thanks! I had a massive crush on the wild & wacky Roscoe, who was another one of the trainers. Roscoe has a big boner for the ice-queen captain of the evil Falcons squad & does all he can to win her heart (well, I don’t think it’s her heart that he wants…). Anyway, his final effort is to put on that weird ass Mad Max type outfit up there and to spit out some (fake?) blood as the girl goes past. Honestly, that scene was hot. This finally turns her on & she licks it off his face.

Then they go behind the bushes & you see their clothes go flying in the air while she goes “Gimme an F! Gimme a U!” and I was always like “U? That’s not how you start to spell Falcons…“. Lol. Unfortunately, no guy ever put on Mad Max gear & spit out fake blood for me. (It totally would have worked) πŸ˜‰

The filthiest this movie got was when one of the professional cheerleaders had sex with the owner of the Beaver View camp (the dude who was Lacey’s husband in Cagney & Lacey). Anyway, this is the closest we get to seeing boobs. Check out those patriotic nipples!

For reasons too boring to explain, handsome male cheerleader bets Lacey’s husband that he can train The Ducks to beat The Falcons in the competition. And (SPOILER, not that it matters…), The Ducks do well after sexing it up & doing a dirty routine thanks to our main sweet blonde girl’s sexual awakening.

Well, you get the idea. I have to say the images make the movie look dirtier than it is. Handsome cheerleader decided to not take advantage of the innocent Ducks girl. But he did do a sexy underwear dance in the steamy shower room for her. It’s absolutely hilarious. Watch it! I BEG YOU. That shit is funny. I’ll put the clip at the end. GOD I love the Eighties!

I’ll shut up now. I suppose I have to give this a rating but how do I rate a movie that I know is awful yet I have really fond memories of it? Yes, I’ve watched this once again while writing this & I do still like it. I was really upset when I lost that babysitting job because the family moved away to another town, removing my ability to ever watch Gimme An ‘F’ again (until now). I had to make do with my friend’s stash of saucy movies that she recorded late at night when her parents were asleep. But all she had was About Last Night… & Bolero – they were never as special to me as Gimme An ‘F’.

My Rating: 7/10

THE UNDERWEAR DANCE. Please watch this. Please! I laughed my ass off watching this again as an adult.

And here’s the saucy routine The Ducks do at the end of the movie. It’s so tame!

Okay, if those have whet your appetite, you can watch the full movie HERE.

29 thoughts on “Gimme An ‘F’ (1984) Review

  1. I’ve never even heard of this one, but that underwear dance scene is HILARIOUS!! I laughed so hard, haha!

    Also, I’m writing my IMDB top 250 guest review this week (sorry again for the lateness). Should I email it to you or post it on my site? Thanks!!

    • Hahaha! YES! I was hoping someone would watch that clip. Hilarious! Wonder if the actor is embarrassed by that now… Oh! Don’t rush on the IMDB thing! I have one left to post then I’m skipping posting them in October while I do nothing but horror. Then I’ll start posting them again in November. If you can e-mail it to me, that would be great! It’s tableninemutant at hotmail dot com. You can then post it on your site too if you want – sometimes people do it that way. πŸ™‚ I’d let you know the exact date it would post but at this point it looks like it will be the first Tuesday of November.

  2. Totally rad. Totally. Yo, where’s the Tiger Beat love? Hahaha. This was a most excellent review. You captured the 80s perfectly with a tubular nostalgic trip, down to the bracelet making. Thanks for this triumphant review. I am morbidly curious to check this on Youtube.

    • Lol. Thanks! πŸ™‚ Yeah – I didn’t see Tiger Beat much. I think my small town got a very limited supply of magazines so I had to get BOP. πŸ˜‰ I’m aware that I, like, totally showed my age with this review, though. Ha! I love that a few people have said they want to watch this now. NO! Don’t watch this! It’s soooo BAD!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. I was sitting around today, minding my own business and came across this trailer for a movie I am going to watch tomorrow. It’s called Lost in the Dark and it’s an 80s throwback – set in the 80s. Don’t know if you’ll like it or not but there you go : )

  4. what a great post! I love hearing abt ur childhood fantasies πŸ™‚ and I am so in agreement abt the absurdity of leaving a 12 year old to babysit πŸ™‚

    Never saw this, and since I’m no longer 13 myself, I probably never will πŸ™‚

  5. Mutant, this post is AWESOME! I can feel the nostalgia, and I can imagine you with your bracelet making kit, watching these films and thinking they were XXX. I saw Body Double recently and thought it was shit, but I’m not really keen on most De Palma stuff I’ve seen. They seem to be schlocky. Keep up the good work!

  6. I am, and always have been, a cheapskate, so I didn’t buy “Gimme an F” until the video store sold it for five bucks. It’s one of the few movies I watched all the way through instead of just fast-forwarding until I saw some skin. Ya gotta the love the shiny happy ending.

    • Oh wow – thought I was the only person to see this movie! Lol. These days old stuff like this is often on YouTube. I’d like to rewatch this one again now. πŸ™‚

  7. Damn, just left a rather long message about your fabulous review. I played Tommy in that cheese ball film.
    Here is my website if nothing went through.
    p.s.loved the review and maybe better understand why aduolt women are so freaked out to know that I played Tommy. Yeah, in some ways better suited for Roscoe
    Happy New Years
    Watch the trailer for the film I wrote and directed
    It is loosely based on some craziness I lived through
    Ignore this or take it down if the other comment is there

    • Oh wow – Hi! πŸ˜ƒ And a VERY belated Happy New Year to you too. I can’t believe I took a blog break & totally missed a comment from the star of the movie I was absolutely obsessed with as a young teen. Thanks for making my day!! 😊 Sorry – I think your first message must have disappeared. I love hearing from people who were in the films I review. You must have had so much fun making this movie. I know I had lots of fun watching it & then rewatching it again all these years later & reviewing it. Good times!

      Am looking through your website now. Love seeing all the art you’ve created! Fantastic work. Thanks so much for commenting & for the link to the website! Really has cheered me up today (lol… Cheered up by the cheerleader!) ☺️

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