Music Video Friday: Blind Melon – No Rain

Here’s a lazy contribution to Music Video FridayBlind Melon’s No Rain. I mean, who hasn’t seen this video?! This got played on MTV SO. DAMN. MUCH. in 1992/1993.

I have to say that I really kind of hate that early Nineties era of music now. Well, actually, all of the Nineties pretty much sucked for music. I’m not saying there aren’t songs throughout that decade that I like – just that, as a whole, there were a lot of shitty ones. It’s weird that I feel all warm & fuzzy when I hear songs from the Eighties but I don’t get that way with many from the decade that followed. I mean, I was actually still a teenager when this came out in 1992 so you’d think I’d be more fond of that era.

It’s like the Grunge thing came along & started to kill off the metal thing, which sucked. I worded that poorly – heavy metal rules! I mean, it sucked that Grunge kind of killed it off. I’ll fully admit that I liked Grunge at the time (other than Nirvana – never could get into Nirvana. Foo Fighters are so much better!). I preferred Pearl Jam to Soundgarden and slightly preferred Alice In Chains to Pearl Jam. Hey – what were Faith No More considered? They were better than all of these! I still like them. But I honestly don’t think I’ve listened to any of my old Grunge stuff once since the Nineties ended. However, to this day I still listen to things like Metallica & Anthrax sometimes. It’s like Tenacious D said in The Metal: “Grunge tried to kill the metal. They failed, as they were thrown to the ground!”. lol. I love that song.

Where the hell am I going with this rant?! I only chose this video today so I’d have a really quick & easy post for my last Music Video Friday until November! (I’m going to skip this little series while I focus on horror through October). I think that, while No Rain is a good song, it’s a “pop” song & it felt like too many bands similar to Blind Melon popped up during that whole Grunge movement. Bands with long hair & that Grunge look who made really tame, radio-friendly pop songs like this one. Then it got worse during what I call the “American Pie Era” of the very late Nineties with crap like Semisonic & Third Eye Blind & things like that “heart in a blender!” song. (Okay, I lie – I kind of like that Eve 6 song).

Anyway! Blind Melon were a part of a time which, musically, I’ve grown to hate a little in my bitter old age. But, you have to admit that the video is fantastic. I loved it then & I love it still. Who can’t relate with wanting to just be accepted for who we are? It’s such a simple idea for a video but so effective. And the end still puts a smile on my grumpy old face. πŸ™‚

Here’s a little bit about the video from Wikipedia:

The music video, directed by Samuel Bayer, stars Heather DeLoach as the “Bee Girl” β€” a young tap dancer wearing a homemade bee costume and large glasses, modeled after the Blind Melon album’s cover: a family picture of Georgia Graham, younger sister of drummer Glen Graham. The Bee Girl’s story is intercut with footage of Blind Melon performing in a field against a clear blue sky.

Dance away, little Bee Girl!!

21 thoughts on “Music Video Friday: Blind Melon – No Rain

  1. Great track! I agree – I hated grunge for killing off the hard rock/metal that I grew up with, even if the hair metal image was a bit naff by then. Suddenly all the great fun air punching anthems were replaced by miserabilist dirges and the rock bands disappeared under a mountain of checked shirts, heavy beards and lank, greasy hair.. 😦

    • Oh! Hi! Finally someone read my rambling about the good old days of metal. Lol. I’m so old! πŸ˜‰ Yeah… Damn you, Grunge! You totally killed metal! Even though, yes – there was far too much cheesy metal at that point anyway. I just wish there was more music nowadays that was actually good. :-/ I’ve never been able to get into more current “metal” bands, although I have tried a bit… They’re just not as good as old Anthrax or Metallica! πŸ™‚

      • Aside from some J-Pop/Rock which stick to rock traditions, I tend to avoid modern music. It is all tuneless, beat obsessed, homogenised ersatz tosh and the rock is just noise (now I sound like my dad! :-o)…

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