My Top Ten Horror Comedies 

I love a good horror comedy! Horror isn’t exactly my favorite genre, especially in recent years, but horror comedy is something that I really enjoy when a film gets the balance right.

With this list, I found it even harder to define “horror comedy” than I did to define “body horror” for last week’s top ten. This time, I won’t bore you all with a rambling explanation of why I’ve excluded certain movies – I’ll just list those at the end. This time, I’ll get straight to my list.

So here are My Top Ten Horror Comedies, counting down to my favorite:

**New additions to this Top Ten as of October 2017: The Final Girls, Trick ‘r Treat, Hausu, and The Babysitter. But I don’t want to take any out, so… Sorry for all the “ties”!

10. TIE: Zombieland & Warm Bodies & The Final Girls

9. TIE: Grabbers & Tremors

8. Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

7. Night Of The Creeps

6. Fright Night

5. Shaun Of The Dead

4. Night Of The Comet

3. An American Werewolf In London

2. The Return Of The Living Dead

1. Gremlins

Honorable Mentions:
– Gremlins 2: The New Batch
– Creepshow
Dead Snow
– The Cabin In The Woods
– Killer Klowns From Outer Space
– Black Sheep
– Teeth
– Eight Legged Freaks
What We Do In The Shadows
The Babysitter (2017)
House (Hausu) (1977) (probably Top Ten material but I’ve added to this list too much)
Trick ‘r Treat (2007) (this also probably actually just makes it into my Top Ten but I already have way more than ten in my Top Ten…) 😉

Ones I’ve Excluded:

Some of my top ten are iffy & I’m not sure if I’d really consider all of them horror comedies. Oh well – I didn’t want to stress about it! I worked off of this list at Wikipedia but there were some that I really didn’t agree with so these are the ones that I excluded. I love these! Just don’t consider them horror comedies…

Ghostbusters (excellent, funny movie. horror, though? no. just be happy that I included Gremlins – I think that one is very borderline on the “horror” too)
The Lost Boys (hubby & I disagreed on this one – he said it’s not horror & I said it’s not comedy. whatever it is, it’s still a favorite of mine)
The ‘Burbs (just a comedy)
Phantom Of The Paradise (no. why does Wikipedia consider this a horror comedy?)
Beetlejuice (not really a “horror”)
Slither (it’s great but I put it on last week’s list – it is a horror comedy but I still think of it more as a body horror)

82 thoughts on “My Top Ten Horror Comedies 

  1. I cant believe that I need to admit that Ive seen all of ur top ten besides #2 and #8.

    Gremlins is a great #1, but Ghostbusters should also have been on the list 🙂

  2. Nice list Miss Mutant 🙂 I love Warm Bodies, American Werewolf in London and Shaun of the Dead the most. I wouldn’t really call American Werewolf a horror/comedy as such but it’s definitely funny in places and who am I to argue with Wiki (!)

    I would have had Creepshow and Creepshow 2 in my top 5 🙂 and I would have included Tremors!

  3. Grabbers!! Warm Bodies! Shaun of the Dead! Gremlins (though I classify it as a Christmas movie – I’m a weirdo)!! Zombieland!! I could keep doing this with every movie on the list, haha! I thought I was the only one that liked Warm Bodies, I thought it was so funny. Great list! Love love love it. Also, Rubber!! I didn’t know anyone else liked that one either

  4. I love horror comedies. A lot. What We Do In The Shadows is one of the best horror comedies I have seen in years, and I loved Housebound, too.

    Excellent selection here!

    • Thanks! Ohhh… I’m a big Night of the Comet fan! Not sure it’s for everyone but I’m a sucker for 80’s films like that. And both its stars follow me on Twitter! Yay! Lol 😉

  5. Not being much for horror, I’ve actually only seen Gremlins, but at least it’s #1. I do think The Lost Boys ought to be in there. “Death by stereo!” That’s not funny? I might also include Little Shop of Horrors since there aren’t too many horror/comedy musicals out there.

    • I LOVE The Lost Boys. I had to exclude some, though. My hubby insists that Gremlins doesn’t belong in a horror comedy list. Oh well. 🙂 I did consider Little Shop Of Horrors – it just wouldn’t make my top ten. 😉

    • I really couldn’t decide on an order on this one. I switched stuff around a bit then went “fuck it! that’ll do!”. I’m glad you’re not arguing with anything. 😉 The hubby totally disagreed on some of these being considered horror comedies & on me excluding others. He’s such a pain in the ass! Lol

  6. Very solid list. I like Gremlins a lot, but I’d have to drop it down towards the bottom instead of the top. Too mainstream. I want more horror in my horror-comedy. Haven’t seen Warm Bodies. I object to the premise. Night of the Comet is a favorite.

    • Thanks! And thanks again for the share. 🙂 You sound like my husband – he insisted that Gremlins didn’t belong in a horror comedy list. But I always go by my own rules. 😉 Warm Bodies is a lot of fun but not for everyone – definitely one that girls seem to prefer. Night of the Comet RULES, though!!!

  7. No matter the dictionary definition of Horror Comedy I have to go with what made me laugh. Sometimes out loud but mostly a sardonic chuckle. There are a few that quickly come to mind that I found a lot of humor in. They are:
    A Nightmare On Elm Street 4:The Dream Master (C’ know you laughed at the roach motel scene)
    The Abominable Dr.Phibes ( A very stylish and sardonically funny Vincent Price movie)
    Creature From The Haunted Sea (Roger Corman plays the secret service genre for laughs and adds a monster from the deep that leaves tracks from a toilet plunger)
    The Raven- A Roger Corman horror parody with a script by Richard Matheson and starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre,Boris Karloff,Jack Nicholson and Hazel Court

    • Ha! Funny you mention that Nightmare on Elm Street scene – that ties in with the top ten list I’m doing on Thursday. 😉 Re-Animator made my Top Ten Body Horrors list, at least! I can’t say I’ve seen the others, though. Don’t think I’ve seen a Roger Corman film. The Raven sounds interesting, though. What a cast! And I’m reviewing a Peter Lorre film tomorrow & commented that he was good & I really should see him in other things…

  8. There are far too many of these I’ve not seen. Really must rectify that.

    I tend to agree about Ghostbusters not being horror, but Ghostbusters II scared the living daylights out of me. (To be fair, I would’ve been about 4 or 5 years old at the time.)

  9. These are all awesome picks. I love me some Tremors. Return of the Living Dead is so fun too. I really dig the 80s too. Totally rad you included Night of the Comet, a different take on Romero’s Dawn of the Dead 😉

  10. Tremors just for Kevin Bacon’s hair. Holy shit I forgot about that hair.


    And while I LOVED LOVED LOVED WWDITS (and forgive me for getting all bitchy and technical here) I wouldn’t consider it a horror-comedy. It’s a straight-up satire. But then again, I never know what I’m talking about.

    Tom, shut the fuck up.

    • Haha! Hairy bacon sounds… Pretty nasty! 🙂 As for your bitchy & technical comment, you sound like my damn husband. Although with him it was bitching about Gremlins being on the list as he doesn’t think that’s “horror” in any way. So you can both STFU. 😉 lol! (Don’t actually STFU, though. Come back!!!!)

  11. It’s quite easy differentiate horror comedies if they’re old, I think. Just think which ones scared you when you were kid (to Gremlins caused bad nightmares until I figured out that it’s funny and Ghostbusters actually was half scary too). Thanks for the list, there were many I haven’t seen and I’m beginning to like horror comedies more and more. The Cabin in the Woods would have been in my top ten.

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