My Top Ten Period Dramas 

Yeah, you know I’m not talking about movies like Pride & Prejudice. No way! I’m talking about movies like Carrie. I’m talking about menstruation. Yep!

This is a Top Ten list I’ve been planning on posting for ages but it just never seemed the right time (of month! HA!). I was partly inspired to finally put this post together thanks to Deadpool having a JUDY BLUME joke in it! I know I was the only old American chick at the showing I went to so I was the only one who got the joke when Deadpool was bleeding all over the place & said “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret!”. That joke is still cracking me up. I’m so old school…

It was hard to know what order to put these in but I’ve basically ranked them according to how good/funny/memorable/graphic the movie’s period scene was. I’ve already given away my number one in that first picture but, seriously, what movie other than Carrie could EVER top the Period Movie List? 😉

So here we go! Here are My Top Ten Period (as in, Menstruating) Movie Moments:

10. Pretty In Pink

Okay, so this is the “least period-y” period moment but it’s a cute one. Duckie was so adorable. And I really didn’t want to include something like Superbad in the ten as I find that period scene pretty ridiculous (I’ve included it with some honorable mentions at the end).

9. The Blue Lagoon

Yes, The Blue Lagoon is an absolutely dreadful movie! But at least it’s realistic, I suppose, that Brooke Shields would freak out over her first period since she’s growing up without any adults & has no idea what’s happening to her. Imagine how scary that would be! I’m sure that some girls these days are still not told anything about periods before they start them and that just seems really cruel…

8. A Tale Of Two Sisters

This is a really good South Korean horror (remade by Hollywood as The Uninvited) and I’m pretty sure that the scene in which the younger sister gets her period is symbolic of… Something. But the movie was pretty confusing overall, so, I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure the period scene had some sort of important significance as to what’s actually going on! Right? 😉

7. Boys Don’t Cry

This movie upset me quite a lot as it was a true story & I’ve never watched it again but I remember Hilary Swank’s Brandon Teena having to hide his used tampons/sanitary napkins under his mattress so no one would realize he was a girl? It’s a movie I’d most definitely recommend but it’s one of the heaviest & most depressing that I’ve ever watched so be prepared for that if you’ve never seen it.

6. The Legend Of Billie Jean

Aww. This movie is SO Eighties but I can’t help but have an affection for it. It’s weird to hear Yeardley Smith’s Lisa Simpson voice talking about getting a diaphragm after finally starting her period for the first time while on the run with “fugitive” Billie Jean. 

5. The Runaways

I thought this was a great movie (even though Kristen Stewart, as Joan Jett, was in it) and I had to include the graphic period scene since a drop of blood falling onto the ground (from Dakota Fanning, as Cherie Currie) is the opening shot of the film. Here’s the beginning of the movie:

4. My Girl

I love My Girl and love love love the scene, after Vada realizes that she isn’t hemorrhaging to death, where she pushes Macauley Culkin over after he asks if she wants to go swimming and she shouts “and don’t come back for five to seven days!” Haha! It really is a bloody good movie.

3. Sixteen Candles

I think this scene is absolutely hilarious. What the HELL kind of drugs did she take for her cramps?! I want some of that!!

2. Ginger Snaps

I thought that Ginger Snaps was quite a good & clever film (as far as horrors go) and can’t believe it took so long to make a movie linking puberty, periods, full moons, and werewolves. It makes perfect sense!

1. Carrie

Plug it up! Plug it up! My god this scene is horrifying. I think this scene most accurately portrays what it’s actually like when this happens for the first time. I don’t care what anyone says! “Beautiful” and “all part of becoming a woman” my ass. The first time feels like a horror movie and that’s even when you actually knew it was going to happen eventually (unless you also had a crazy bitch of a mother like Carrie’s…).

Honorable Mentions:

Square Dance (aka Home Is Where The Heart Is) (I think I’m the only person in the world who saw this coming-of-age movie starring a young Winona Ryder)
The Thorn Birds (I love The Thorn Birds! And it’s soooo not a “me” movie!)
Pitch Black (the period bit is a stupid scene within an entire movie filled with outrageous stupidity)
Superbad (I actually think the “perioded on my leg” thing is pretty dumb)

And, finally, Charlie Bartlett:

58 thoughts on “My Top Ten Period Dramas 

  1. Haha, love this Miss Mutant!!!!! Very inventive 🙂 and very good list!! My favourite film here is probably your honorable mention of Superbad. I thought A Tale of Two Sisters was really creepy (super creepy in fact!) but I didn’t huuugely love it. Carrie is certainly the most fitting for no.1 choice and totally agree with that My Girl being great! What you said about the Blue Lagoon scene isvery true too.

    OMG I used to love Judy Blume 🙂 Not as much as Enid Blyton or Roald Dahl but she was in my top 10 🙂 I’d still re-read some of them now if I’m honest! There was a “are you there god, it’s me Margaret” reference in American Dad recently too! 🙂

    • Thanks, Emma! It seems that very few boys have left comments… I’ve scared them all off! Bwahaha! Yes, I didn’t totally love A Tale Of Two Sisters but found it quite creepy. It’s hard to creep me out! I loooove My Girl. I think I was just too old for the Superbad era. I’m total Judy Blume era. Surprised you read her at your age! 🙂

      • Men pretend they’re hard but they can’t take talking about periods!!

        Must admit I’m kinda surprised you don’t like Superbad more, especially with its whole homage to the 70s! But I know it’s not for everyone. Do you think you’ll watch Sausage Party?

        I got into Judy Blume when I was at primary school, someone bought me a ‘triple version’ book that had Are You There God / Here’s to You Rachel Robinson / Starring Sally J Friedman. I bought a few more after that, Deenie and Igbie’s House I can remember pretty well.

        She was a fairly big writer in the UK, kind of the equivalent of Jacqueline Wilson! I guess some of the stories were a bit older (retro) when I got around to reading them but to be fair I’ve read books that were published a LOT longer ago than the 70s lol!

        When I was younger I also loved Goosebump books, Point Horror, Choose Your Own Adventure and pretty much anything I could get my hands on. I lived on a farm when I was young in the middle of nowhere, had no brothers or sisters and books were definitely my best friend. We used to have a mobile library visit us once a week – the highlight of my week!!!!

        Hope you had a great Easter dear Miss Mutant!!!

      • Men are wimps. 😉 Yeah… I don’t know – I don’t really remember Superbad all that well. I just don’t seem to go for that group of people so much. I do kind of like the look of Sausage Party, though. 🙂 Now I feel like re-reading Judy Blume! I’ll have to buy them all for the kid. That’ll be fun! Gonna start her on the Harry Potter books soon. I was too old for Goosebumps but RL Stine had some older books that I liked. Think one was called Twisted… That was good! Christopher Pike was my very favorite author in those pre & early teen years, though. I was in a small town & it had a library but it was in the TINIEST building ever! The book mobile would bring different books to it each week or so. Oh – is that another Family Guy reference?? I SO need to watch that show sometime. I did have a good Easter, thank you! Hope you did too. 🙂 I’ve booked a lot of time off work so I’m still not back to work yet. I like not working!!

  2. LOL great post. Carrie is definitely my number one choice. There’s a scene in Battle Royale. It’s a messed up film but I always laugh at one of the girls using someone’s period like some method of investigation/suspicion.

    • Thanks! 🙂 I think Carrie is the only one that could possibly top this list. I’ve not yet seen Battle Royale but it’s one of my Blind Spot choices for this year so I’ll finally be watching it soon. Maybe I’ll have to update this list after I see it. 😉

  3. What a great idea for a post! I don’t think I’ll EVER get that scene in Carrie out of my head! And “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.”! I LOVE that book! I was such a Judy Blume fiend growing up. As a pre-teen I didn’t have much in the chest department so I used do the “I must. I must. I must increase my bust!” exercise in my room. I think it says something about how good that book was when I still remember it at 51. 🙂

  4. I had absolutely no idea that this is where you were going with this. lol I saw the title of the first movie and my immediate thought was ‘how is this a period drama?’ Then I realized you meant the other meaning of the word. Crazy!

  5. This is the best Top Ten you’ve ever done Mutey. This is brilliant. Even though I feel pretty uncomfortable right now. 😮

  6. Yes! I love this post. There’s a scene in the animated film The Tale of Princess Kaguya where the princess gets a party thrown for her when she gets her period for the first time. I wish I could have had a period party, that would have been ace! I also love the bit in My Girl with ‘five to seven days’ – brilliant.

  7. I love it! Hilarious on how quiet the guys went. That scene in Carrie will forever be stuck in my mind. I’m glad I didn’t see that as a teenager because then I would have had such a phobia for locker rooms. The HORRORS.

    • Thanks! Haha – no kidding! That scene would’ve scarred me for life if I’d seen it at a young age. I must have been at least 16 or so when I saw it, so… I was past things “starting”. 🙂 lol – I so scared the boys away…

  8. Great list. For me the most powerful were somehow “Boys Don’t Cry” references, maybe because I watched this movie quite a few times. I also distinctly remember the references to periods in Coppola’s “The Virgin Suicides” or maybe because I read some passages to that effect in Jeffrey Eugenides’ book that the movie is based on 🙂

    • Agreed that Boys Don’t Cry is quite moving. Probably why I only watched it once – I’m not good with that sort of thing! I thought there were period references in The Virgin Suicides (I also read that book) but it’s been so long since I read it & saw the movie so couldn’t remember a specific scene for this list. I’m actually reviewing some Sofia Coppola movies next week & have been thinking how I REALLY need to re-watch that one sometime. It was a great film with an amazing soundtrack. Liked it a lot! 🙂

  9. Holy shit, there’s a lot to unpack here so I’ll break it down:

    1. What the fuck?!!!
    2. A Tale of Two Sisters is my favourite horror movie?
    3. I read that line as “a drop of blood falls from Dakota’s Fanny”
    4. Seriously, what the fuck?!
    5. I LOVE your top tens, they’re nuts!

    • Haha! Okay, this wasn’t so bad. I admit I was morbidly curious as to what your comment would be. 😉 I’ll answer:
      1. Periods!
      2. You do have decent taste occasionally 🙂
      3. HA! Well, that IS what happens…
      4. Menstruation!
      5. Why, thank you! 😀 This one was fun. There are similar lists online but not as many as I thought there would be. Guys are scared of periods!

  10. Great list, and what a great topic! I love Ginger Snaps, Katharine Isabelle is one of my favourites, and I always love a good werewolf flick, although I know these things aren’t usually your cup of tea. Good work!

    • Laura! Hi!!! 🙂 Are you blogging anymore? Miss your posts! Thank you. 🙂 Yeah, I’m not as big on horror overall as you (and Eric!) but do love a good one. I think Ginger Snaps is quite good.

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  13. Carrie was literally the only one I could think of off the top of my head, so this was… illuminating.

    I really need to get round to Ginger Snaps. It comes up once in a blue moon (werewolves, moon, lolz), but people always seem to be saying something positive about it.

    • Carrie is definitely the winner here! 🙂 I haven’t watched Ginger Snaps since it first came out but I was pretty impressed with it at the time. As far as horror goes… I’m picky on horror.

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  16. Bravo with this list! Carrie is obviously the most memorable but the My Girl one always sticks with me too.

    • Thank you! It was fun to think of these. But kind of weird. Lol. I love My Girl! I think that’s such a great scene. Realistic but also so innocent. I think it’s an underrated movie. : )

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