My Top Ten Patricia Arquette Movies

Happy (belated) Birthday to Patricia Arquette, who turned 48 on April 8th.

I’ve always liked Patricia Arquette (and I loved her Oscar speech when she won for Boyhood!) but I’ve not seen many of her films. In fact, I started this post thinking I’d seen ten but, unfortunately, my math skills are shit & I’ve only seen nine. Oops. I must have counted Uncle Buck, which I was thinking of cheekily adding to this list as she apparently did “Additional Voices” for that. Well, to make this a Top Ten, I’ll have to include it anyway!

It’s fun (and easy) to do these actor top tens. I sometimes feel like I can’t do a list until I’ve seen ALL of someone’s work but that’s an impossible task. I don’t think I’ve seen every single movie from any one actor. So I figure, hey, I can update these lists anytime I watch a certain movie from an actor. So the next time I watch a Patricia Arquette movie, I’ll take Uncle Buck off this list. 😉 I should add that I loved her TV show Medium! But, yeah, that’s TV so won’t be included (although I have included an obscure TV movie that I saw years ago).

Anyway, here are My Top Ten Patricia Arquette Movies, counting down to my favorite movie (not ranked by performance):

10. Little Nicky (ugh)

9. Betrayed By Love

8. Nightwatch

7. Stigmata

6. Holes

5. Boyhood

4. True Romance

3. Uncle Buck 😉

2. Ed Wood

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Yeah! Dream Warriors is AWESOME!!! First thing I saw her in and still my favorite of hers by far.

More That I Do Want To See:

Lost Highway
Bringing Out The Dead
Fast Food Nation (I can’t believe I’ve not watched this Richard Linklater film yet)

And last but certainly not least:

– Prayer Of The Rollerboys

What on Earth is this epically, beautifully, horrible-looking movie starring Corey Haim and how have I never heard of a 1990 movie starring both Haim & Arquette?! This looks fantastically awful! I must see this shit!!! Here’s the synopsis from IMDB:

Set in an unspecified time in the future, USA has declined and become a country of violence and racial prejudice. Griffin earns his living delivering pizzas while he tries to take care of his little brother. An old friend of his, Gary Lee, is the leader of a gang with big ambitions, the Rollerboys. Gary joins them to help the police keep track of the gang.

YES! That sounds f*%#ing great!!! Here’s the back cover:

Arquette looks like some sexy clown/mime thing. I must see this. It’s not available (I already looked). Damn!! Although, it looks like I may be able to watch it in chunks on YouTube. Hmm… There’s my weekend all planned out! I’m sure Uncle Buck is still a far better movie, though. 😉


35 thoughts on “My Top Ten Patricia Arquette Movies

  1. She first came on my radar because of her name being similar to an actor from Night Court, to whom I mistakenly thought she was related. I knew that when he got away from that goofy character, he was actually an outstanding actor so I thought I would give a movie a shot because maybe she was as good. I don’t remember that movie and I don’t remember when I realized that although the names sounded alike, they were not related and it wasn’t actually the same name. I have only seen half those films but I also watched her t.v. show for a while. I loved the movies Holes and Ed Wood. I would have had those as my top two for her.

    • John Larroquette?? Lol! Don’t think I’ve seen him in anything other than Night Court. She is from a big family of actors, though. Most notably her siblings Rosanna and David. She was married to Nicolas Cage for a while too. I’ve always thought she should be more famous. I was happy when she won an Oscar. 🙂

  2. ‘I must see this shit!!!’ HAHAHA I laughed so hard.
    Nice post, and I like the idea of spotlighting lesser known actors/actresses. I’ve only seen her in Boyhood and she fully deserved her awards, but I gotta see her other films now!

    • Thanks! : ) That movie looks soooo bad but so GOOD. Lol. Wow – you do need to see more of her work! But, then again, so do I. I’ve still not seen a lot. People were shocked that I’d not seen True Romance until recently. Probably her most well known role. She’s good in that.

    • Haha! Exactly!! It sounds epic. God it must be awful. And I love the two Coreys but, I gotta face it, they both made loads of shit. I’m gonna try to watch this soon. Don’t know if all the YouTube clips are complete! : )

    • She was “additional voices”. Lol! 😉 I had to include Uncle Buck to make it ten. I’ll take it out the next time I watch another one of her movies! Prayer Of The Rollerboys will hopefully be the one…. 😉

  3. Oh wow. I need to watch… All of these. Up until she won her Oscar, I thought the only other thing she was involved in was that Medium show… and I was really confused about her sudden rise in fame (I’m hiding in shame)

    • Lol! That’s okay – I’m much closer to her age than you are. 😉 Wow – you’ve not seen Elm Street 3? How does Zoe let you get away with not seeing that?! Lol. Also, people were shocked I only saw True Romance recently…

    • Ha! IT DOES!!! I’m gonna try to watch it on YouTube but am worried it won’t be complete (there are ten parts online). Not that it would really matter to miss some of the “plot”, I’m sure… 😉

  4. Dream Warriors would have been my no.1 choice too!!! Awesome list.

    There’s something very cute about her. Not been in an awful lot of great movies, but of course we do love True Romance (!!) and I did really love her in Holes as well 🙂

    OMG and Uncle Buck! LOVE that film haha.

    • Can’t beat Dream Warriors!!! : ) Agreed – she’s very cute. It’s a shame she’s not been in more really good movies… I do like her. She’s very good in True Romance. I’d love to know what “additional voices” she actually provided for Uncle Buck…. Lol

      • I literally had NO idea she provided voices for Uncle Buck and I’ve seen that movie well over 10 times lol. I goggled it but even that didn’t tell me much. Oh well, just makes her cooler and Uncle Buck cooler as far I’m concerned!!

        “now take this quarter, go into town and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face…”

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    • Yep!! You can’t beat Dream Warriors! And she was a great scream queen. I mean, I’m glad she moved on to more mainstream stuff but she was great in Dream Warriors. : )

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