My Top Ten Jack Nicholson Movies

Happy Birthday to Jack Nicholson, who turns 79 tomorrow! 🙂

I love Jack. Jack is cool. I’d love to be as cool as Jack! He’s been a favorite actor of mine for years – Probably ever since I saw my top two movies on this list at the age of 15 or so. And, okay – since I also saw Batman at that same time. I became slightly obsessed with Jack’s Joker. I even had some awesome Joker earrings that I wore for months in 1989. What a nerd…

Nicholson has been in some damn good films. It’s not often that I do these Top Ten Actor lists where a couple of the movies are all-time favorites of mine but I can say that’s definitely the case this time with the two that top this list. Absolute classics! I like all the movies in this list but the top two are truly special and a lot of that is thanks to Jack’s performance in each of them. He’s my favorite crazy bastard.

Let’s get this started! Wow – it’s also not often that I’ve reviewed NONE of the films in a top ten I’m doing. A lot of that is down to me being uncomfortable “reviewing” the movies I love the most & I keep putting off reviewing the top two for my IMDB Top 250 Project. Anyway – here are My Top Ten Jack Nicholson Movies (not ranked by performance) counting down to my favorite:

10. TIE: A Few Good Men & Mars Attacks!

9. Easy Rider

8. Tommy

7. Terms Of Endearment

6. The Bucket List

5. The Departed

4. Batman

3. Chinatown

2. The Shining

1. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

**In case you wonder why some movies are missing, it may be because I haven’t seen them. Here are the remainder of his films that I’ve seen, but some were so long ago that I need to re-watch them:

– How Do You Know (the only one he was in that I’d consider “bad”)
– The Witches Of Eastwick (need to re-watch)
– Something’s Gotta Give
– Little Shop Of Horrors (need to re-watch)
– As Good As It Gets
– Anger Management
– About Schmidt (Jack was great in this)

Also, here’s a quick Happy Birthday tomorrow to the gorgeous Catherine Mary Stewart (57 – one of my favorite Twitter buddies). Yes, Catherine Mary Stewart & her co-star Kelli Maroney both followed me on Twitter after I reviewed their classic 80’s movie Night Of The Comet. And I use every opportunity possible to keep mentioning that on my blog… 🙂

(Some of my other celeb followers: Zach Galligan, Linnea Quigley, a girl from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the dude who got his throat ripped out in Road House!!!! I love my mostly-80’s celebrity Twitter followers!) 😉

Finally, there is one cool celebrity birthday that is actually today: Iggy Pop has just turned 69. Wow – he doesn’t look a day over 109!

33 thoughts on “My Top Ten Jack Nicholson Movies

  1. The Bucket List is a terrible, terrible film and has no place here 😉

    That said, I can’t argue with the Top Three. Absolute classics, everyone one of them. Cuckoo’s Nest, in particular, being my third favourite film of all time. You’ve gotta love Jack!

    • Whaaat? It is not! 😉 It’s a little contrived and all that, but…. Nicholson & Freeman! I love them so much! And I lost it at the “kiss the most beautiful girl in the world” bit. 😦 But the top three are much better, yes. 😉 lol. Nothing beats Cuckoo’s Nest! I wish they could still make movies like that. It’s absolutely brilliant.

  2. Great list! As Good As It Gets is probably my favorite film of his, but even if I don’t care for the movie he’s in as much, his performances are always beyond reproach. I still consider him on the same level as Heath Ledger’s Joker.

    • Thanks! Oh, he’ll always be my favorite Joker. No contest. : ) Agreed – I barely remember About Schmidt but do remember Nicholson was fantastic. I always enjoy him – even in shitty movies. : )

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  4. I got nothing to say…he’s a legend. Btw, I just watched Chinatown and he was just so good. It’s not crazy like some of his other performances which is why it stands out ironically, I think that takes top spot for me 🙂

  5. Excellent choices. So glad One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was the winner! My husband was convinced Iggy was going to go on his birthday following the celebrity deathfest 2016 has been.

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    • Legend for sure! Love Nicholson. : ) lol – I’d love to have Catherine Mary Stewart around for coffee & cake. I had a weird sort of girl crush on her in the 80s… : )

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