My Top Ten Rob Lowe Movies

Happy Belated Birthday to Rob Lowe, who turned 52 on, um, March 17th! Okay, I had this post scheduled for that day but posted something else instead. So Rob Lowe got bumped! (Sorry, Rob) 😉

Rob Lowe’s movies were kind of in that generation just a little before my time so I didn’t really grow up seeing most of them (just like Diane Lane’s – I did my Top Ten of her films HERE). Those who know me may be shocked to know that I’m not even sure of the first time I saw St. Elmo’s Fire but I’m thinking I was at least 18 or 19. It didn’t connect with me in the same way the John Hughes films did. 

As for Rob Lowe, I’ll admit he’s never exactly been a favorite of mine or anything. He’s also been in a lot of dodgy movies but, hey, that almost makes it more fun to choose my ten favorites. I did like how he didn’t take himself seriously in my number one film – I think a lot of people saw him as being similar to that character & I think doing that sort of role was the right kind of move for him. 

So now, counting down to my favorite, these are My Top Ten Rob Lowe Movies (not roles):

10. TIE: Class & About Last Night…
(I barely remember either of these but think they were probably equally crap so I’m sticking them at ten) 😉

9. Tommy Boy

8. Contact
(Rob Lowe was in this???)

7. The Austin Powers Movies

6. Square Dance (aka Home Is Where The Heart Is)
(I had no idea how obscure this movie was until I saw it only has about 600 votes at IMDB. It also stars Winona Ryder – I recorded it off TV when it came out & watched it over & over. I wish I still had it!)

5. The Stand

4. Youngblood

3. St. Elmo’s Fire

2. The Outsiders

1. Wayne’s World
(I’m obsessed with Wayne’s World – ask anyone who knew me in 1992. Or my hubby, who calls me the female Garth Algar)

20 thoughts on “My Top Ten Rob Lowe Movies

    • I can totally understand the crush! He was definitely a heartthrob in the day. : ) I probably went more for C Thomas Howell of The Outsiders boys. But he didn’t go on to do much! It’s cool Lowe has gone on to make fun of himself a bit in things like Austin Powers & Wayne’s World. : )

  1. Love… I mean absolutely love St Elmo’s Fire. I still quote that movie today. Another one of those flicks I’ve seen more times than I can count. I wanted to be a part of their circle so bad. (a boogeda boogeda boogeda ha ha ha) It’s kind of depressing how much I wanted to be inside that movie. A lot of people want to be in the spy thriller with James Bond or they want to be the superhero, the Jedi Knight or just get the girl. I wanted to be one of the white friends in St. Elmo’s Fire so sincerely it made me sad when the movie ended. I sat in the theater all day and watched it over and over and over again. Eating popcorn for lunch and hot dogs for dinner and watching St Elmo’s Fire until I knew every word. I’ve done entire monologues from St. Elmo’s Fire in normal conversation without ever letting on. I was so obsessed with that film at one point that I can’t even watch it today. I don’t even own it. It’s too painful. Like watching old movies from my prom. Old friends… we’ve lost touch. They never call. It’s like they don’t remember the times we had. It’s like they don’t care.

    • Wow…. Lol! You had it BAD for that movie! ; ) It’s so weird that I didn’t see it until so much later, by which point it didn’t really have much of an effect on me since I already had “my” favorite 80’s movies that I watched over & over. I went more for the John Hughes stuff. But I can understand an obsession like that with a movie: Mine was with Stand By Me. St Elmo’s Fire was a bit too old for me at the time but I was the same age as those in Stand By Me and, okay, I admit that I could picture myself being the only girl in that group of friends. And either Phoenix’s or Wheaton’s girlfriend. ; ) I watched it every single day after school and could quote the entire thing. Being obsessed with an 80’s movie makes perfect sense to me. : ) And now I really have the urge to watch St Elmo’s Fire as I’ve only seen it a few times!

  2. I have a longstanding theory that everything relates back to Wayne’s World – I’m glad I’m in good company!
    Loved Rob Lowe’s character in Parks & Recreation, brilliant!

    • lol! It’s true… I find I can quote Wayne’s World in many everyday situations. (And sometimes do) ; ) I’ve never seen Parks & Recreation but so many people mention it.

    • He is! : ) Really not my type at all (too pretty) but very good looking. Yeah – someone just mentioned that he was in Parks & Recreation. People are always mentioning that show but I’ve never seen it.

    • Lol. I wasn’t sure I’d seen enough either until I started listing them. He wasn’t really my type (a little too pretty & boy-next-door) but there’s no denying that he’s super good looking. : )

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  4. great list mutant! I was a big fan of his when he was on The West Wing. never heard of square dance tho. remember him in lots of great 80’s flicks like u mentioned above, but where’s oxford blues 🙂

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