Captain America: Civil War (2016) Review

**SPOILER-FREE (but not much of a review – I mostly just talk about all these damn superhero movies that keep coming out & where I’d rank them…)**

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Directed by Anthony Russo & Joe Russo

Based on Captain America by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Emily VanCamp, Tom Holland, Frank Grillo, William Hurt, Daniel Brühl, The Kitchen Sink

Plot Synopsis: (via Wikipedia)
In Captain America: Civil War, an act regulating superhuman activity fractures the Avengers into opposing factions, one led by Steve Rogers and another by Tony Stark.

My Opinion:

Superheroes Shmuperheroes. I’m sick of saying I’m sick of superhero movies. In the three & a half years I’ve had this blog, I feel like I’ve spent half my time writing superhero movie reviews as so many have come out in that time! I’m tired. I can’t do it anymore!

I have to be honest: I can’t be bothered to write much of a “review” for this. Mainly, I’m going to just talk about all the various superhero movies & where I’d rank them all now. I always struggle with writing about these movies as I’m just a casual fan & have zero knowledge about any of the comic books. I put time into running a movie blog so I do clearly geek out about movies more than the average person but I just don’t have the spare time & energy to devote to watching the thousands of hours worth of superhero sequels, prequels, spin-offs, TV shows, etc etc. I’m old & I’m tired & I have a hubby & a kid. I watch the big cinematic superhero releases when they come out & that’s it. I’ve not even managed to re-watch any, which means I’m always a little lost with each movie as I have to remember minor characters & plots from movies I watched just once at the time of release. It drives my hubby nuts when I have to constantly ask who so & so is and if I should remember them from previous movies. These superhero movies are becoming like Game Of Thrones – too many damn characters & stories to keep track of!

Okay – after getting that little rant out of the way, I have to say that I have really enjoyed these current Marvel films with the various Avengers. A few haven’t been all that great but, overall, they’re very solid films. And, with this one & the fantastic Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Captain America films are now easily the best of the bunch (including the full-ensemble The Avengers & Avengers: Age Of Ultron). I loved the first Iron Man and would have said that one was my favorite at the time but after Iron Man 2 & Iron Man 3 were so weak, I’d have to say that Captain America has now jumped ahead overall as the sequels have been so great.

You were afraid I was going to trash this movie, weren’t you? 😉 I won’t. It’s very good! But I just can’t review it. I don’t know what to say. I’ve done so many of these superhero reviews. I’m done. For now. I’ll attempt to review X-Men: Apocalypse but I honestly have no hope for that one after Days Of Future Past was such a mess. Let’s just discuss all the various superhero films that are out there.

How I’d Now Rank All The Superhero Movies (remember that I always rank things according to how much I like a movie, not according to what I necessarily think is the best film):

Every time another one of these movies comes out, I say I’ll update this list HERE of My Top Ten Superhero Movies. I desperately need to as it’s extremely different now. For one, I was way too easy on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. The Dark Knight would probably drop way down to the lower half of the ten now (I was too swayed by loving Ledger in it) while the other two would be knocked out completely.

I’d also move up some older classics I’m no longer ashamed of loving (it was the early days of my blog & I suppose I knew you were all younger than I am. You kids are Nolan-obsessed). 😉 So the 1978 Superman would go way up as would Tim Burton’s Batman (and it would move to a position higher than The Dark Knight).

Then there are the first two X-Men movies. Those came out when I was much younger & had spare time to watch movies & geek out over things and I really bought into those characters & that world. Back then, the superhero movie thing wasn’t big like now & it seemed like those films came from out of nowhere. I loved them & I’m still very fond of them but every movie since has been a huge disappointment, including the prequels which I haven’t been able to buy into at all. The various Avengers films have been so much better than the current X-Men films so I’d probably have to move the first two X-Mens down the list as they’ve now been ruined for me somewhat.

So where would I place Captain America: Civil War in a Top Ten? I think it’s too soon to say where but it’s definitely in the ten. I’ll fully update & re-post my list after X-Men: Apocalypse (even though I think that has zero chance of being on the list). I think a lot of where it will ultimately sit also depends on how good the next Avengers film is (whenever the hell that’s meant to be?!). At the moment, I’m trying to decide if it’s better than The Winter Soldier. I think it may be once we get more of the story but, at the moment, I think I’d rank The Winter Soldier higher. So! For now, and subject to change as I change my mind A LOT, I’ll rank things accordingly:

10. TIE: Deadpool & X-Men
9. The Dark Knight
8. The Avengers
7. Batman (1989)
6. X2
5. Captain America: Civil War
4. Iron Man
3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2. Superman (1978)
1. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Defining “superhero movies” is quite difficult, though. I’d make it a list of just “comic book movies” but that would further complicate things as there are plenty of non-superhero comic books. For now, I’m leaving out animated films like The Incredibles & Big Hero 6 but I may add them. Also… What about things like Dredd & The Crow? Do they qualify? What do you all think? Because if I start adding in things like those, the list would be very different (for the record, The Crow would easily be my number one as that’s an overall favorite film of mine). Let me know, superhero fans! I really do want to do a proper list, probably where I rank all of the superhero films I’ve seen.

Either way, these various current Marvel films will take plenty of places in my Top Ten as they’re all very strong & seem to be getting better & better. The better they get, the more the other superhero movies pale in comparison & will end up getting knocked out of the list. Way to go Marvel! Unlike DC Comics, eh? As much as I complain about all these damn superhero movies, I always go to them. Until Batman Vs. Superman, that is. After the terrible Man Of Steel, I really couldn’t be bothered to watch it. And from the sound of things, I’m not missing much!

Summary (where I’ll actually say a tiny bit about Captain America: Civil War!):

I have to say that I liked the new characters that have been added to this one. Black Panther is cool (I love those claws) and I really liked Spider-Man! Could we finally have a Spider-Man that fans don’t bitch about?? I have no idea but I really liked him plus my hubby seemed to think they did a very good job with him this time & hubby is a little bit of a comic book fan unlike me. I can’t say I’ve exactly loved any of the Spider-Man movies yet so let’s hope Marvel get things right with their own Spider-Man film. I’m looking forward to it now!

It was great seeing so many Marvel characters together, some of whom haven’t been together in a film yet. However, my one small complaint about the ensemble Avengers films is that there are too many characters, which means that it’s hard for anyone to get much character development. This one is clearly the Captain America & Iron Man show but they didn’t do too bad spending a decent amount of time with some of the other characters. I’d like to see Scarlet Witch get a little further development – they seem to possibly be headed in that direction for the next film.

Okay – I’ve just looked into it as I had zero clue what films are being made next! Apparently the next full Avengers one is Infinity War in May 2018 & 2019 (split into two damn parts one year apart!)?! Long wait until those… That’s made me lose the will to live again with these damn movies!! I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that this Civil War story is clearly going to be carried on into the next films… I guess I’ve just given away that we don’t get full closure on this story? No surprise there, though – there are 282 more films coming in which to further develop it! Anyway, I still can’t help but slightly prefer some of the stand alone films as we get so much more time to get to know just one main character but it’s still fun seeing them all interacting with each other.

The action in this was also a little too much at first (but not at ridiculous Man Of Steel levels). I also thought it got off to a slow start but I was much more into it by the halfway point. It’s a big story so is taking its time to develop over the course of several films. I guess. Yeah. Ugh. I just can’t handle thinking about them all. Oh, but Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is May 2017!!! THAT I’m excited about (it’s my number one by quite a lot).

Well, for all my bitching, Marvel really are getting better & better at this superhero movie thing & are putting other superhero movies to shame. I’ll continue to watch them all even though I’m superheroed-out but I’ll never geek out over them like my young & carefree twentysomething self may have. But they’re thoroughly entertaining popcorn movies. And although Civil War is obviously getting into darker & moodier territory, it still maintains some of the humor and the less-serious attitude that have made me far prefer the Avengers films to the dark & brooding shit like Batman Vs. Superman appears to be. Screw that emo bullshit! It looks like things will get even more serious for Infinity War, I imagine, but they did a good job getting the balance right in this one and not making a film that’s too depressing to be at all enjoyable. Keep up the good work, Marvel! On all ten films you have planned between now & July 2019. Good (star) Lord…

My Rating: 7.5/10

Is There A Scene After The Credits?: HA! Hahaha! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Duhhhhhhh….. Yes. Two. This is Marvel. They’re worth staying for, though. In my opinion. The more “important” one is halfway through the credits while the fun “teaser” one is at the very end (that’s the one I liked).

Stan Lee Cameo: It’s cute! I always love them. Maybe I should start rating those too…

The Muscular Arms On Chris Evans: Whoa, boy! I’m a Thor girl & have never really gone for Captain America but I very much appreciated those biceps when he was holding onto the helicopter. Yeah, baby! I may look away from Thor occasionally in the next film you’re both in together…

**Hey, I know I didn’t really talk about this movie but I’ll happily discuss it with anyone in the comments. I really do want to know all your opinions! Especially those of you who are big fans of these films. 🙂

33 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War (2016) Review

  1. didnt read this cause i wanna see it without knowing anything, but the fact that it’s now ur #5 gives me great hope.

    I’ll read it after I (eventually) see this!

  2. I agree with you on the saturation of super heroes! I struggled to keep awake through civil war. I was so bored and I really enjoyed the first two.

    • Yeah…. I enjoy them while I’m watching them but they’re really getting to be too much. It sounds like I liked this one much more than you did but it did feel a little unsatisfying as the story is clearly going to be continued in future films. :-/

      • Yeah I find it difficult because I don’t really follow who these heroes are. Black Pantha? He seemed to come out of no where? Also it just seems like a lot of fighting to me! I generally like the first films because there is an explanation. I love the Batman trilogy, but I think most do and there is a decent story.

  3. As a card-carrying Marvel fangirl, I’m super pumped for this film. 😉 However, I do get what you mean about superhero burnout, and I think studios need to be careful about over-saturating the marketplace or rushing films just to take advantage of this trend (like Batman v. Superman). I’m glad to see Captain America: Civil War as the No. 5 on your list, as Iron Man, The Winter Soldier and Guardians Of The Galaxy are also some of my personal favorites.

    • Hehe. I know you love these films! ; ) I think you’ll love this one too, especially as we seem to like similar ones. Even though I’m a little annoyed at the superhero thing, I’m really excited for Infinity War now. And annoyed at being excited. And annoyed at the long wait. Lol : )

  4. Chris Evans was on the Stephen Colbert show last night (5/3). He didn’t seem to thrilled with Marvel and complained that movies in general were all too much the same. I don’t know where he was going with it all but if he was trying for subtle humor he missed by a mile. As far as superhero movies go I usually avoid them. The exception was the Christopher Reeve Superman. Over the past several years movie marquees either looked like they were really comic book stores or 1950’s-60’s TV Guide entries.

    • Aww. Well, I suppose he’s pretty so we can forgive him for not being funny. ; ) I do enjoy the superhero movies when I go to them but usually just watch them once then not again. There are just too many. And I don’t have time! But, yeah – I love Superman. I kind of just see that as a blockbuster from my youth. : )

  5. This is the only review of Civil War that Ives actually read! When you said spoiler free you really meant it! I’m seeing it this weekend. I have high hopes as The Winter Soldier was so good. I’m so burned out on superhero films, I mean it, I don’t know if I can keep up with them. Also, The Dark Knight deserves a top spot 😀

    • HA! Yeah, easy to not spoil a movie when you don’t talk about it at all. ; ) Well….. The more I think about it, all I really liked about the Nolan Batman films was Ledger. 😕

  6. Hehe, loved the review. The movie was great. and those arms. I might also peel my eyes off Thor if they put him and the Captain’s arms in another movie. Not likely, but I might.

  7. Like your list. Though I would include Spiderman 2 (Dunst & Maguire) and The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton. Both great movies beyond the superhero hook.

    • Thanks! I don’t think I saw that Incredible Hulk. No, wait. Um… I did. I think. I saw one of them! Dammit – I can’t keep these movies straight. Yeah! I think that’s the one I saw. I did like the Spider-Man movies okay but they never really stuck with me. Then the reboot just confused my brain even further. Now there’ll be more with yet another actor. It’s hurting my brain!!! ; )

      • The Hulk movie with Ed Norton and Liv Tyler and Tim Roth is my favorite superhero movie. For the most part Marvel screwed up The Hulk by letting Ang Lee (who had never even seen the comic books or the TV show) direct the first one like a monster movie. Just awful. But then they gave it to an amazing group who kicked its ass. Too bad Ed Norton couldn’t do the Avengers movie. he’s my Bruce Banner.

  8. We are exactly of the same mind on all of this. There are so many of the fricking things and so many characters and I never rewatch them either. At least Mr O does and he reads all the comics so he just reminds me. They are also extra hard to review because they always have such incredibly intricate plots that aren’t that important anyway because it’s actually all about the explosions and fighting.

    • Lol! YES! This exactly. This should’ve been my review. ; ) I’m glad my hubby is able to remind me of stuff too – I can never be arsed to rewatch any before a new one comes out! I’m always so lost…

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