My Top Ten Color Movies

As I already did My Top Ten Songs With Colors In The Titles, I was naturally going to do movie titles at some point too. The interesting thing is that the color songs are WAY better than the color movies! There were loads of songs I love in that list but I can’t say I totally love many of these movies (although I do really like several).

Oh well! It was still fun making this list. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten an absolute favorite. I suppose a top ten list of actors with colors in their names should be next… Betty White would probably top that list! Betty White rules.

Anyway! Here are My Top Ten Color Movies (counting down from 20 because I’m awkward):

My Top 20:

20. Black Sheep (2006)
19. Red Eye
18. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
17. The Red Balloon
16. Men In Black
15. The Hunt For Red October
14. Blue Velvet
13. The Black Cauldron
12. Blue Valentine
11. Meet Joe Black

My Top Ten:

10. Blue Is The Warmest Color

9. Colors

8. White Oleander

7. Silver Bullet

6. A Clockwork Orange

5. Pink Floyd The Wall

4. Yellow Submarine

3. Pretty In Pink

2. The Green Mile

1. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

I just couldn’t rank anything higher than a classic Disney film. I miss the old days of Disney! They’ve managed to make some really good films in recent years too but nothing will top the classics for me.

Now, there are so many “Color Movies” that I’m going to have to mention some more.

Honorable Mentions:

Ruby Sparks
Fried Green Tomatoes
The Pink Panther (1963)
Silver Linings Playbook
Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead
Red Dawn
Purple Rain
Moulin Rouge
White Men Can’t Jump
Black Christmas
White Christmas
Crimson Tide (although it sounds like it belongs in My Top Ten Period Dramas)
The Black Hole
The Golden Compass

Two Movies I Really Don’t Like:

Blue Ruin (HATE!)
Pitch Black (ugh)

What I’ve Left Out:

There were loads of movies I had to leave out of this list, mostly because I haven’t actually seen them. I’d love to hear suggestions of ones not in this list in case I missed a big one but it’s very likely I just haven’t have seen your suggestions. I’ve been wanting to see the French Three Colors Trilogy films for years (I will someday, I promise!) and I have to once again admit my shame at not seeing Jackie Brown (the only Tarantino besides The Hateful Eight that I haven’t seen).

Finally, I just have to mention how a lot of the movies in this list happen to have amazing soundtracks! The Walter (now Wendy) Carlos score for A Clockwork Orange is one of my all-time favorites. Snow White has great songs, of course, since it’s a classic Disney movie as does Pretty In Pink since John Hughes always had good taste in song choice. Then there are three actual music movies from fantastic artists in this list: The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Pink Floyd The Wall, and Prince’s Purple Rain.

But I want to highlight one composer who did four of the films on this list: Thomas Newman. I feel he’s always overlooked yet he’s done so many of my absolute favorite scores for movies such as The Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty, Finding Nemo, and WALL-E. In this list, he scored White Oleander, Fried Green Tomatoes, Meet Joe Black, and The Green Mile.

The Green Mile & Meet Joe Black scores are absolutely brilliant so I wasn’t sure what piece to post but decided to go with Newman’s Whisper Of A Thrill from Meet Joe Black. It’s such a beautiful piece and the movie itself is judged rather harshly at times. I know my hubby likes the film even more than I do – I think it’s a pretty big favorite of his. Part of this will be down to the score, as both of us are suckers for a great score. Have a listen: 🙂

**Quick question: What’s your favorite color? Let me know in the comments! Mine is most definitely GREEN. 🙂


41 thoughts on “My Top Ten Color Movies

  1. Of course with me Pink Floyd’s The Wall is number one. Other color movies I really like include:
    The Black Cat (1934)- The best pairing of Karloff and Lugosi. It’s a must see. There was a comedy of the same name in 1941 that wasn’t that great. It’s not a remake.
    The Black Raven (1941). Horror favorite George Zucco runs an old inn called The Black Raven.
    White Pongo (1945)- Who wouldn’t love to see a movie about an albino gorilla?
    Soylent Green (1973)- You’ll never look at crackers the same way again.
    The Yellow Canary (1963)- Pat Boone as a full of himself singer about to divorce Barbara Eden. Nothing like a kidnapped infant to bring a couple together. I know it’s supposed to be serious but I couldn’t help laughing.

    • I LOVED The Wall when I became obsessed with Floyd for a while in my twenties. : ) I haven’t seen any of yours but thought about mentioning Soylent Green. It feels like I’ve seen it but I don’t think I ever did – the story is just so well known. I like the sound of The Black Cat! I soooo need to watch old films like that.

  2. Did I tell you I thought you were cool yesterday? I take that back after seeing your love for Meet Joe Black!

    By the way I saw Green Room last week and it was fantastic. It was directed by the Blue Ruin guy though so might not be for you.

    • Yay! Someone finally answered my “what’s your favorite color” question! : ) lol. Glad to hear from another Thomas Newman fan! I’ve not seen Bridge of Spies – really need to check it out now. : )

  3. Noooo I love Blue Ruin! lol

    I think I did something like this years ago, I love that Blue is the Warmest Color made your top 10 list. The Green Mile too, even though I cry every time I watch it.

    • Hehe. That’s okay – a lot of people loved that movie. ; ) Blue Is The Warmest Color was great. And I adore The Green Mile! Well, I love all Stephen King but that’s one of the best. : )

  4. green mile would take the #1 spot for me, especially since Green is my favorite color too. When I bought my first (and only) new car, I made sure to get one that was green (bottle green).

    what’s ur fav shade of green, mine is most definitely emerald green.

    Other great color movies that u might not have seen

    Green lantern
    Thin Blue Line
    The Big Blue
    Electra Glide in Blue
    Black Hawk Down (very high on my list, probably #2)
    Black Sunday
    Blackfish (#3)
    Gold rush (Chaplin)

    • The Green Mile is great. : ) I’m obsessed with green & love every shade imaginable. I do love emerald green but would maybe go with a slightly lighter shade. I’ve not seen any of those movies but will see The Gold Rush at some point as I want to work my way through more Chaplin films. : )

      • That makes sense 😉 green is great! sprite has always been my favorite drink and who doesnt love the jolly green giant 😉

  5. I still haven’t seen The Green Mile as I keep hearing it’s really a tearjerker and I’m a huge cry-baby. My number one would be probably either The Clockwork Orange or Moulin Rouge, depends on my mood. And my favourite colour is blood red.

      • 😀 I always like to say it that way because there’s a huge difference between this kind of cheery, a little orange, christmassy red or this dramatic, a bit blueish red that I mean.

  6. I LOVE The Green Mile. Jackie Brown is definitely something to check out if you haven’t, that movie is such a blast. Awwww, I enjoyed Blue Ruin, thought it was great. Different strokes. Keeps things fresh.

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