Bad Neighbours 2 (2016) Review 

Bad Neighbours 2 (2016) (aka US Title: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising)

Directed by Nicholas Stoller

Starring: Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne, Chloë Grace Moretz, Dave Franco, Ike Barinholtz

Plot Synopsis: (via IMDB)
After a sorority moves in next door, which is even more debaucherous than the fraternity before it, Mac and Kelly have to ask for help from their former enemy, Teddy.

My Opinion:

There’s seriously no need for me to blather on & on for this review – If you liked the first film, you’ll like this one. It’s the exact same movie again but with a sorority instead of a fraternity. It’s not perfect and the first one is of course better, as is the case 90% of the time with all these comedy sequels, but you don’t exactly go to movies like these expecting Sunset Boulevard or something anyway (yeah, I reviewed that yesterday – I’m diverse!). 😉 There are worse ways to spend 90 minutes but you don’t have to rush out to the cinema to see this one unless you really love comedies like these (I went on the cheap day!). I actually quite enjoyed the first movie, as far as modern comedies go, but I haven’t found anything truly funny since The Princess Bride. And Wayne’s World! (Ha! Showing my age). You can find my review of the first movie HERE if you desperately want to read it.

Seth Rogen & Rose Byrne are exactly the same as they were in the first one. There were some decent jokes & they once again had some funny sex scenes (like the opening scene – the movie started out quite promising but lost its way). Well, there was one difference: I think they were possibly even worse parents this time than in the first film! That poor kid. You should enjoy this fine if you’re the age of the sorority girls but us old parents get a little stressed out if we think a kid in a film isn’t being looked after. I’m still freaked out that they left her alone in the house in the first one (they had a baby monitor with) & that the air bag stunt could’ve killed her! But, let’s move on – this is a fictional comedy not meant to be taken seriously… (But, really, you shouldn’t smoke weed around your kids! WTF). Okay. I’m done. Moving on.

I like Chloë Grace Moretz and liked her fine in this but don’t really think that dumb comedies suit her – she should stick to stuff like Kick-Ass & Let Me In. Zac Efron is a bit better in this type of thing. He doesn’t do it for me (gross! he’s a kid!) but girls who like him will be happy to know he’s shirtless & in tiny shorts for lots of this movie.

I don’t really know what to say here. It’s honestly the same movie again. In any other genre, I’d probably complain about that. But, meh – it’s a dumb comedy. Who cares? As long as you get a few chuckles out of it (I did). I did like that this movie has three normal (and slightly nerdy) girls who become friends & decide to start their own “fun” sorority (as opposed to air-headed dress-like-sluts sorority). They decide to do this after leaving a frat party they call too “rapey” & they don’t want anyone calling them a ho. (What’s the plural of a ho?! Hos doesn’t look right but Hoes are garden tools. Hmm. It has to be Hoes, though). Anyway – RIGHT ON with all that! I don’t understand all that college bullshit. It’s just a shame that three girls I’d almost want to hang out with myself at first turn into over-the-top nightmare neighbors for the sake of the movie’s unoriginal plot. They’re probably even worse than the boys in the first film. Oh well. I liked this movie okay & it had its funny moments but it’s unlikely that I’d watch either of them again. Now I must go & call social services on the parents….

My Rating: 6.5/10

**Oh! And I just realized that I can add a scene from Bad Neighbours 2 as an honorable mention in my recent list of My Top Ten Period Scenes In Movies! What is it with Chloë Grace Moretz & period scenes?? She’s Period Proud! 🙂

31 thoughts on “Bad Neighbours 2 (2016) Review 

  1. I can’t remember if I saw the first one or not. I think I did but I think it was very forgettable. I’d make it with Rose Byrne though.

  2. This is kinda sorta good news that there’s not some massive drop-off from 1 to 2. I admit to liking Neighbors but for some reason this one looks awful. And it’s good to know that these people still subscribe to the idea that fraternities and sororities are all about partying and getting wasted and generally being terrible people. Love the cliches. Though, as far as cliches go, that’s not the worst one I can think of I suppose. 🙂

    • Ha! It certainly is a cliche in every movie involving fraternities & sororities. Yep – this movie isn’t BAD. It’s just more of the same. But not quite as good. Lol : )

      • Hmmm. . .I guess now the debate becomes whether I spend money on this in a theater or just wait for the inevitable Netflix/Redbox method. 😉

      • I think that’s a great call. Hey btw Mutester, and I feel terrible that I never notified you before now, but Mark from Three Rows Back and I have officially kicked off this year’s Decades Blogathon. Come on by whenever you have a spare moment and say hey if you like!! 😀

      • Hey, Tom the Bomb! : ) Sorry – work has been so hectic that I haven’t been around on the blogs! Ugh. I need to catch up. 😦 I’ll stop by soon! Woohoo! 😉

  3. Because of the title I can’t help but think of the unrelated movie Neighbors from 1981. If you’re looking for a strange but good movie check it out. It stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. The best part is that Belushi is the sane one.

  4. I’ll skip this because I’m not a fan of Moretz, but I’m lol’ing at the fact that you have a period scene list. Off to read!

  5. Great write-up! I don’t think this sorta humour resonates with me at all, but I’m glad you got something from it! 🙂 It is rare for a comedy to make me laugh. The last to do that was The Lobster, you seen that one?

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