30 Years Of Garbage: A Garbage Pail Kids Documentary 

A Garbage Pail Kids documentary is coming out! Who remembers Garbage Pail Kids? I had a small collection (as well as a couple of Cabbage Patch Kids, of course – I’m such an 80’s child). Anyway, I now have a book showing a lot of the stickers that I never saw. Love them! Some of them are so disgusting & inappropriate. 🙂 They’d never make anything similar for kids these days.

The documentary coming out is called 30 Years Of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story. Here’s the trailer if you’re interested:

Oh, and I have to say that I loved the touching SNL tribute to Dead Poets Society so I figured I should share that as well. It’s called Farewell Mr Bunting:

18 thoughts on “30 Years Of Garbage: A Garbage Pail Kids Documentary 

  1. When I saw Armison was the host this week I was like, how many times is he going to dress up like a woman?? Thankfully it was only once but – really – that opening skit?? Was it forty fucking minutes??

    • Whaaaaat are you on about? Who the hell is Armison? I’ve not actually seen SNL since, like, 1992. 😉 lol. And there’s no way to see it in the UK. But the skit I included must have been popular because it’s all over the place. So I actually saw it. 😊😉😜 #SNL : )

  2. My brother loved them. I didn’t cuz they were so gross. Typical gender stuff in my family, though I didn’t like Cabbage Patch dolls either; they were just as creepy. I was a bit older though, so more a Mad Magazine kid. The trailer looks great, though. Thanks for sharing it.

    • You’re welcome! : ) I liked these & also Cabbage Patch Kids. I think I was just a sucker for all 80’s things. Oh – I was a huge Mad Magazine fan as well! I’d buy the usual pre-teen magazines with cute boys but still always got Mad Magazine at the same time. Didn’t know any other girls who read it! : )

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