My Top Ten Helena Bonham Carter Movies

Happy Birthday to Helena Bonham Carter, who turns 50 today. 🙂

I’ll be honest – I’ve never paid that much attention to her work & I’ve not even seen her old period-drama-type films. So this Top Ten list will feel pretty incomplete (I’ve listed some big movies of hers that I’ve not seen at the end). I do respect her as an actress and like her zany style offscreen. I actually really liked her quite a lot in a very recent film (Suffragette) so I really should make an attempt to watch the remainder of her big films that I’ve not seen.

So, here are My Top Ten Helena Bonham Carter Movies (that I’ve seen so far) counting down to my favorite movie:

10. Planet Of The Apes
(Not saying this is good – I just liked the remainder even less)

9. Terminator Salvation
(Wow, I don’t remember this one)

8. Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events
(Apparently she had an uncredited cameo that I don’t recall but I thought this was a pretty decent movie)

7. Cinderella
(She was fun in this one)

6. Suffragette
(Loved her in this & liked the film far more than I was expecting)

5. The Harry Potter Movies
(I should really watch the final film one of these days)

4. Fight Club
(A defining role)

3. Corpse Bride

2. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
(Love it)

1. Big Fish
(Athough, I badly need to re-watch this again sometime)

The Remainder That I’ve Seen:

Les Misérables (boring)
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (yuck)
Alice In Wonderland (hated it, so really not bothered about the sequel coming out tomorrow)

Some Of The Many That I’ve Not Seen:

A Room With A View
Howards End
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Mighty Aphrodite
The King’s Speech
Dark Shadows
The Lone Ranger


32 thoughts on “My Top Ten Helena Bonham Carter Movies

  1. Helena Bonham Carter – the woman is just fantastic! I think my favourite role of hers is definitely Marla Singer in Fight Club. Crazy! Awesome list 🙂

    • Thanks, Zoë! Hey – I’ve figured out how to put the dots above your E. It’s actually really easy. Lol. I’m starting to like Helena Bonham Carter more & more. Not sure why I’ve never paid much attention to her but she really is a great actress. She’s played so many different kinds of roles & she does them all so well. : )

  2. Woo, I’ll have to see some movies on this list. She has that eccentric gothic air about her doesn’t she? 🙂 Oh and the King’s Speech isn’t as great as others make it to be imo. Great post!!

    • Thanks! Yes, most of these are worth watching. Well, the top 7 or 8 at least. : ) The King’s Speech doesn’t really appeal to me. Looks like one of those Oscar winners that didn’t really deserve quite so many awards…

  3. I thought Foght Club would be top. Cool list. Glad to see Novokane wasn’t in there. She was really good in The Kings Speech. Sixty Six was well acted too. She has a cool range.

    • I think Fight Club is a pretty good movie but I’ve never loved it to the degree that others seem to. She’s great in it, though. I’ll watch The King’s Speech at some point (since I have no choice as it’s in the IMDB Top 250). ; ) I don’t know the other two. She really can play any kind of role, though! : )

  4. Awesome list!!!! Her roles in Fight Club, Sweeney Todd and Harry Potter are my faves 🙂 she’s a very cool lady. I enjoyed Series of Unfortunate Events too!

    • Thanks, Emma! Lol – I was like “she was in A Series Of Unfortunate Events?!”. I don’t even remember. I guess it was an uncredited cameo. I’d like to watch that one again. : )

  5. I’m almost the opposite of an HBC fan – although she did jump out at me as being talented in conversations with other women!

      • Seems a bit gimmicky, but it holds the split screen idea well for the entire duration. Definitely worth a look if you love HBC.

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