Play Misty For Me (1971) Blind Spot Review

**Welcome to Clint Eastwood Week here at Cinema Parrot Disco! I’ll be reviewing Clint Eastwood films for the rest of this week (all of which are ones I’ve only just watched for the first time this year). Happy Birthday to Mr. Eastwood, who is turning 86 tomorrow! I figured I might as well do this during the week of his birthday. Plus, I chose one of his films for my 2016 Blind Spot Series. So here’s my month of May Blind Spot review, directed by & starring Eastwood: Play Misty For Me.

Play Misty For Me (1971)

Directed by Clint Eastwood

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Jessica Walter, Donna Mills, John Larch

Plot Synopsis: (via IMDB)
A brief fling between a male disc jockey and an obsessed female fan takes a frightening, and perhaps even deadly turn when another woman enters the picture.

My Opinion:

This was one of my “alternate” Blind Spot choices (see them all HERE) but then I went & watched it right away in January as it was one that I really wanted to see the most. Here are the Blind Spot movies I’ve reviewed so far including this one (I might as well start ranking them! Counting down to my favorite…):

5. An Education – 7/10
4. Summer Wars – 7/10
3. True Romance – 7/10
2. Play Misty For Me – 7.5/10
1. Natural Born Killers – 8/10

So, yeah – Play Misty For Me is pretty high for me so far.

This movie is so Seventies it hurts! The clothing & the hairstyles are ridiculously ugly/awesome. I love that decade! I always have a soft spot for 70’s & 80’s movies so I may rate them a bit too highly sometimes but I did enjoy this. Fatal Attraction owes a lot to Play Misty For Me – Glenn Close must have watched this movie. I don’t know Jessica Walter but it looks like she’s been in a lot of TV shows, such as Arrested Development (which I’ve never seen). She’s a great crazy bitch in this! I didn’t know just how unhinged her character would be. I think, if you’re gonna have a psycho stalker in a movie, they should be full-on crazy. I wasn’t disappointed with the level of nuttiness!

I also have a thing for movies involving a DJ so I really liked that part of it. Although, we see Eastwood in the studio & doing his DJ thing far less than I was expecting – he was mostly at home dealing with the crazy bitch or outdoors. Part of this may have been Eastwood wanting to show off his hometown? It’s a lovely place! I’d happily live in a town like that. Thanks to the hubby for knowing this fact beforehand so I looked into it afterwards: this movie was filmed in the town Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, where Eastwood has lived for many years & was elected mayor in 1986. He filmed this in local restaurants, the radio station, and friends’ homes. Oh, and in reading a bit about the town at Wikipedia, I read that they have a law prohibiting women from wearing high heel shoes without a permit. Ha! That’s weird. (Although I don’t think it’s strictly enforced)

There’s not much more that I can say about this film. It’s just a really good “stalker” movie so, if you like that genre, I’d certainly recommend this one. It’s also worth watching if you like this era & to see Eastwood’s directorial debut. So far, this is my favorite movie that he’s directed (but there are quite a few Eastwood-directed films I still haven’t seen). It’s a nice break from his cowboy thing & Dirty Harry thing – it’s a shame he didn’t do more movies like this one. Seriously, though – this is so SO Seventies! Look at these tighty whiteys!

Look at this outfit! I love those boots. Id totally wear this outfit with a different color top!

Look at the hideous hair on Donna Mills!

Love it. Good movie. One of Eastwood’s better films, actually. It should get more recognition.

My Rating: 7.5/10

39 thoughts on “Play Misty For Me (1971) Blind Spot Review

    • Yeah, it seems a lot of people don’t really like Eastwood. He’s very much a “dude’s” favorite and will never be a favorite of mine, although he’s talented. He’s best in the spaghetti Westerns but I liked this movie a lot. Nice departure. : )

  1. I agree, I think Play Misty for me is an excellent film that has stood the test of time very well and aside from Eastwood’s shrewdness in setting his directorial debut in his own hometown it demonstrates how he was interested from the start in casting himself against type and trying to subvert his own persona.
    I read somewhere that John Wayne once asked Clint why he would want to play a role where a woman was persecuting him. Wayne could never conceive of himself being in that position but Clint, so often touted as the heir to the Duke, had no problem with it.

    • Agreed – although this looks so sooooo Seventies, I think it has aged very well storywise. People still love a good stalker movie. That’s funny about John Wayne… I’ve only ever seen one Wayne film – I have to say his type of Westerns don’t appeal to me whatsoever. They seem very old fashioned with old fashioned values. I saw part of one on TV once & the way he was treating a woman made me not want to watch any of his movies. I’ve now watched Eastwood’s Dollars trilogy & there’s none of the same sort of treatment of women (although they’re fairly non-existent or the typical damsels in distress). But nothing I found offensive. So, yeah – that Wayne comment doesn’t surprise me as he was from a very different sort of time. I prefer Eastwood’s values. : )

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  3. I had seen the movie on TV and liked it. Been to Carmel- by – the – Sea, as well. Its a quaint little town where there are no house numbers.,,,, a tough job for mailmen new on the job.

    • Really?? That’s cool! I love the look of it – looks like a place I’d love to visit. Or maybe live in… Lol – I suppose maybe it’s one of those places where the mailmen know everyone anyway, kind of like the town I grew up in. : )

  4. My review pf this includes the following line, ” if you’ve ever been humped and dumped by a douchebag, it’s hard not feel just a little bit like Dave is getting exactly what he deserves!”

    • Haha! Well, yeah…. I actually agree with that & almost said similar but didn’t want people to think I was a crazy bitch or something. Lol! But I couldn’t totally side with Eastwood’s not-all-that-likeable character. Like Fatal Attraction – I love that movie. Glenn Close should’ve left the wife & kid alone but Michael Douglas totally deserved all that crazy shit. Cheating bastard! ; )

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    • It is! I mean, it’s not the best movie ever or anything but I really enjoyed it. I prefer Fatal Attraction but this is a great “crazy bitch stalker” movie too. Lol : )

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