My Top Ten Clint Eastwood Movies

As part of Clint Eastwood Week on my blog, I figured I better do a list of My Top Ten Clint Eastwood (starring) Movies. I’ve been reviewing some of Eastwood’s films this week as he turned 86 on Tuesday. Happy Birthday, Mr. Eastwood!

Now, there are still plenty that I haven’t seen OR I saw them at a young age & really need to re-watch them before adding them to this list (including most of the Dirty Harry stuff). I’ve listed some of these films at the end so don’t ask why they’re not on the list! 😉 The Eastwood movies that I’ve reviewed are all linked below.

I haven’t suddenly turned into the world’s biggest Clint Eastwood fan or something. Let’s face it: he’s my dad’s favorite actor. I think he’s the favorite actor of most dads. He’s a total “dad actor”! But, hell, I’ve really enjoyed some of the movies that he’s starred in (most of which I’ve only just watched for the first time these last couple of years). I have to say that I prefer the spaghetti Westerns to the Dirty Harry stuff, although I did have fun with the one Dirty Harry film I reviewed yesterday.

I kind of had it in my mind that he’s also starred in all the films he’s directed but there are lots he wasn’t actually in. So, this list is only going to include the films he’s ACTED in. But it seems a little weird to exclude those he’s directed so, at the end, I’ll include a separate top ten for those.

**List Updated April 2017 To Add Million Dollar Baby & April 2018 To Add The Beguiled & Sully**

First, here are My Top Ten Movies Starring Clint Eastwood:

12. The Bridges Of Madison County
11. In The Line Of Fire

10. Unforgiven

9. A Fistful Of Dollars

8. The Dead Pool

7. The Beguiled

6. Gran Torino

5. For A Few Dollars More

4. Play Misty For Me

3. Million Dollar Baby

2. Escape From Alcatraz

1. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Ones I Saw So Long Ago That I’d Need To Re-Watch Them Before Adding Them To This List:

Dirty Harry
Sudden Impact
Bronco Billy
Every Which Way But Loose
Any Which Way You Can
Absolute Power
A Perfect World
Pink Cadillac

Now, I guess I better do My Top Ten Movies Directed By Clint Eastwood:

10. Sully: Miracle On The Hudson
9. The Bridges Of Madison County
8. Hereafter
7. Mystic River
6. Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil
5. Unforgiven
4. Changeling
3. Gran Torino
2. Play Misty For Me
1. Million Dollar Baby

Not Seen:

American Sniper
Jersey Boys
J. Edgar
Flags Of Our Fathers
Letters From Iwo Jima

43 thoughts on “My Top Ten Clint Eastwood Movies

    • I should watch more Dirty Harry films. Someday. Lol – my husband & I are a little different too. I’ve probably seen more Eastwood films than he has now! Maybe. : )

    • Thank you! : ) Yeah…. I know I really should watch that someday… Just sounds so depressing! But it’s one I have to watch for my IMDB Top 250 thing anyway so I’ll force myself eventually. ; )

    • lol! Well, you fit right in with all the “dad fans”. 😉 You should give this a try! Would be interesting to see a Top Ten list of his films from a proper fan. : )

  1. Good job on watching all those films. I really, really don’t like Clint Eastwood but I guess I have to start watching his films if I ever want to finish top-250 challenge… Btw, I detest Million Dollar Baby, it was such a waste of time. And usually I’m a sucker for those kind of stories. I do love Mystic River, though, one exception, I guess. And I think I liked Dirty Harry films when I was a kid and I watched them with, of course, my dad.

    • Yeah… I have to watch Million Dollar Baby for my IMDB thing but I keep putting it off as I really don’t like the look of it. Plus I know what happens anyway. Ha, I think that’s how most girls saw Dirty Harry films – with their dads. : )

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    • Well, I think I’d only seen about that many too until recently! Not sure how I ended up watching them… I think it was after Escape From Alcatraz. That one is really great! So I decided I’d try some more of his older films. Then I went “what the hell” & did the whole Dollars trilogy to get them off my IMDB list. But, holy shit – now I need a girly movie fix! That’s probably why I watched The DUFF last night… Lol : )

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  5. I liked the movie Blood Work. A lot of people didn’t. Eastwood is an FBI agent tracking down a serial killer and he has a heart attack after chasing down the killer. The killer gets away and Eastwood’s character is forced to retire and he eventually gets a heart transplant. A woman wants to hire him to help her find out who her murdered her sister as police are getting no where. He eventually figures out that he got her sister’s heart. And that there were a string of murders that looked unrelated but it turned out they all had the same, uncommon, blood type and they all had donated blood at one clinic. Or something like that. Anymore information will give away the rest of the movie. Jeff Daniels is in it and gives a really good performance.

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