My Blog’s May 2016 Recap

When did it become June?! My life is going by so fast!!!! Ugh. I mean… Happy June, everyone! Here’s a lazy recap of the crap I posted in May. 🙂

I posted quite a few movie reviews in May, including finally knocking out some of my own IMDB Top 250 reviews! Such as… Sunset Boulevard, For A Few Dollars More, A Fistful Of Dollars, Paths Of Glory, A Separation and On The Waterfront. Yeah, I won’t be repeating that anytime soon.

My May Blind Spot movie was Play Misty For Me, which was one of several Eastwood reviews I did for my blog’s Clint Eastwood Week. I ended that week with a post of My Top Ten Clint Eastwood Movies.


My Most Popular Post: My double review of Turbo Kid & Space Station 76! Which was actually posted in April but, thanks to Eric of The IPC watching Space Station 76 after my review & loving it, we got to talking on Twitter about it with some people who helped make the film. My views on that post kind of shot through the roof after that. I like to think that more people have checked these two movies out now. 🙂

My most popular post actually posted in May was my list of My Top Ten Songs That Are Actually About Sex. This was very hard (haha… hard) to put together since, well, 99% of songs are about sex.

My Favorite Post: I’m not sure… I think it’s between my list of My Top Ten Roller Coaster Scenes In Movies & my review of the movie Sing Street as I thoroughly enjoyed that film (it’s my favorite 2016 release so far).


My Most Popular Movie Review: Well, as I said, it ended up being my double review of Turbo Kid & Space Station 76 due to a freak of nature. My next most popular review was for the mediocre Bad Neighbours 2 (aka Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising).

All Movies Reviewed (ranked best to worst):
Sing Street
Sunset Boulevard
Play Misty For Me
For A Few Dollars More
A Fistful Of Dollars
Captain America: Civil War
Everybody Wants Some!!
Paths Of Glory
A Separation
On The Waterfront
The Jungle Book (2016)
Bad Neighbours 2 (aka Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising)


In Cinema (ranked best to worst):
Sing Street
Captain America: Civil War
Everybody Wants Some!!
Bad Neighbours 2 (aka Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising)

At Home (ranked best to worst):
The Dead Pool
Heavy Metal Parking Lot


Top Ten Movies With Colors In The Title
Top Ten Songs That Are Actually About Sex
Top Ten Roller Coaster Scenes In Movies
Top Ten Helena Bonham Carter Movies


My Top Search Term: “the warriors.1979.wallpaper” – Interesting! I don’t think I mentioned “wallpaper” but you can see my review of The Warriors HERE. Which is, by the way, quite possibly my very favorite movie I’ve watched for the first time since starting this blog. Hmm. That or Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind!

My Favorite Search Term: Possibly “natalie portman leak” mostly because I read it as “leek” so I totally had an image in my mind of Natalie Portman holding the vegetable in her hands. Seriously. Also, I’m sorry to whoever came searching but I know nothing about Truman Capote’s parrot or Maureen McGovern’s boobs (who the hell is Maureen McGovern???).

Here are my top search terms for the month:


Book Reviewed:
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Book I’ve Just Finished: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins (ugh!)

Book I’m Currently Reading: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (almost done!)


As little as possible, to be honest! I’m badly needing a break. I might do some short, random posts for the next couple of weeks like I do when I’m too busy for movie reviews. If I go out to a new movie, though, I’ll try to review it. People only care about new releases anyway! 😦 (I prefer reviewing older movies) 😉

I’ve been planning on doing an Adrienne Shelly Week for a while now so I was thinking of doing that the week of June 20th as her birthday would’ve been on the 24th. I don’t have any posts prepared yet & have one movie of hers left to watch but I’ll do my best to finally dedicate a week to her work as I absolutely loved her film Waitress. What a tragic loss.

Upcoming Movies:

I believe the Independence Day & The Conjuring sequels are out this month? I’m sure they’ll be nothing special but I’ll likely go to them anyway. I’m kind of interested in checking out The Nice Guys. I’m also rather intrigued by the HUGE difference between the IMDB user rating (8/10) & metascore of critics’ reviews (31/100) for Warcraft. Wow! Talk about wildly varying opinions. I can’t say I have any actual interest in seeing that other than to maybe see another film from David Bowie’s son. But it looks nothing like Moon, dammit. Oh! Melissa McCarthy has yet another dumb looking comedy out in June! Yeah, no thanks.

At home, I need to watch whatever July’s Blind Spot movie will be (maybe Battle Royale). This month I’ll be reviewing THX 1138 for that. The Adrienne Shelly movie I still plan to watch is Factotum. Beyond that, I have an interest in watching more animated films such as Wizards & more non-Ghibli anime. And (confession time) maybe I’ll finally watch Watership Down for the first time ever this month (no spoilers, please – I get the impression the death rate in that may be as high as a Game Of Thrones episode).

Happy June! Let’s end this post with some Judas Priest in honor of the thoroughly entertaining short 1986 documentary I watched last week: Heavy Metal Parking Lot

26 thoughts on “My Blog’s May 2016 Recap

  1. Nice work! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Heart-Shaped Box. I really enjoyed that one. So… ugh on The Girl On The Train? So much hype, I have been wondering whether I should be checking it out!

    • Thank you!! Soooo close to being done with Heart-Shaped Box – just been too busy to finish the last little bit! Ugh. And, yes – big Ugh to The Girl On The Train. : ( As the movie is coming out, I’d been wanting to read it so hubby nicely picked it up for me. I felt bad for hating it! You should read it, though, since you’d finish it in a day. I’d love to know if you feel the same! It’s made me question the opinions of the general public since it was a huge best seller. Lol

  2. I don’t think I’ve even read your April summary yet! I’m shitty at reading this month.

    The picture from Wizards made me go, “Ooh, is that Wizards? I think that’s Wizards. Is that Wizards? Ah, Wizards is in the list of movies watched, so yes, that’s Wizards.” I have never seen Wizards. (I picked up the Blu-ray of Wizards cheap at some point, though. Wizard.)

    I hadn’t seen the IMDb viewer score for Warcraft, so that’s interesting. The poor critical reaction validated everything I thought from seeing the trailers, so I’d kind of ignored it after that.

    • That’s Wizards! Which I really shouldn’t have listed as I haven’t quite finished it… Lol. Halfway through! Just been too busy to update this post – I typed it out ages ago & figured I’d have finished that movie by now. ; ) I’m really liking it, though! And I ended up going to Warcraft anyway. And I liked it! Won’t exactly be an all-time favorite or anything but it’s an entertaining enough film. : )

      • I will watch Wizards one day… I mean, I own it… but I’m beginning to get worried that I’d need to live to about 173 to watch everything I own.

        I don’t think I’ll bother going to see Warcraft still, but I’ll catch it one day. Maybe if the tide of opinion turns enough I’ll even end up just buying the Blu-ray. (Dammit badblokebob, what did you just say about the size of your Blu-ray collection?!)

      • Lol! I feel your pain. I’m pretty sure I’ll never actually manage to watch all my DVDs & Blu-Rays. And I actually pretty much stopped buying them! I hardly ever do anymore… But it’s funny just how many I’ve had for years yet they’re still in their plastic wrap. ; )

  3. Nice write up on your month. I always find these to be a fun read.

    The Dead Pool is one of my favorite entries in the Dirty Harry franchise. I think that’s because we owned the VHS of it when I was a kid, and I remember watching it frequently. The remote control car chase scene was my favorite; wasn’t until my early 20s did I know it was a homage/riff on the car chase from Bullitt.

    I’m a big fan of Joe Hill. Hope you are enjoying Heart-Shaped Box. I actually put myself on the wait list for his newest book (The Fireman) today while at the library. I’ve heard good things about it.

    And if things go right, I should be seeing The Conjuring 2 this evening. Paranormal Horror is really the only genre I can get my wife to watch with me, and I take every chance I can with it. We were fans of the first one, and I’m looking forward to the sequel.

    • Thanks for the comment! : ) Sorry – I’m not usually so behind on replying! I’ve fallen way behind the last two weeks. I thought The Dead Pool was actually a lot of fun – enjoyed that more than I expected to. Yeah, I read something about the Bullitt thing – not seen that movie. I loved that toy car chase. Cheesy fun. : ) I enjoyed Heart-Shaped Box. Think I liked it more than NOS4A2 but a little less than Horns. Am really looking forward to his The Fireman book. Sounds soooo good. I just saw The Conjuring 2! Have you seen it? Would like to know what you think. : ) I was disappointed. 😦

    • Lol! Ants at a picnic… I like that! Because I really am a grumpy poop who likes to rain on everyone’s parade. Or picnic… ; ) But I didn’t hate Hush! :-p Just wasn’t my favorite of what I watched this month. Wasn’t bad for horror, though (I always judge horror movies much more harshly). It started out great! Better than a lot of shit in that genre. : )

      • Yeah sorry my comment sounded harsh but it’s all in jest! (Plus I think you can handle my shit! 😉 ) No, but for real, I did think there were some elements that were weak about Hush but I was just very happy that the deafness of the character wasn’t just a gimmick. That girl was smart, could make decisions on her own and she took a lot of shit from John Gallagher Jr’s invader dude. Not a big movie at all though and it’ll be a shame when everyonew forgetS about it.

      • I can handle your shit! ; ) (Not literally. That would be gross). Yep – she was a good character. A far better character than most women in a lot of horror. She wasn’t just a victim. I like that. : )

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