Star Wars Vegetables & A New Eurotrash Special!

Okitsugu Kado is the sushi chef behind these fantastic Star Wars vegetable creations. The above jawas are my favorite but you can see loads more photos of the chef’s culinary art here:

And I’ve just read that there’s going to be a one-off Eurotrash special airing tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm! I am SO watching that. Reruns of this bizarre show were among the very first things I watched on British TV after moving to the UK. Seriously – It made me wonder what the hell I’d gotten myself into by moving here…

Read all about this one-off Brexit special of Eurotrash here: I’m looking forward to seeing the man who apparently paints portraits with his penis. 

11 thoughts on “Star Wars Vegetables & A New Eurotrash Special!

  1. Eurotrash!!! I will so be watching that tonight ha ha 🙂 it was quintessential TV growing up in the UK! Especially for the boys, in the days before internet porn Eurotrash provided quite a service to male teens!!!!! #gross #truestory

    • YES!!! I finally got around to watching it last night. Hilarious. Loved that it was JUST like it always was! : ) Ha – I imagine Eric would’ve loved Eurotrash if it had been around when he was a kid. Lol

  2. wow! this veggies are amazing looking. Some of the ones on the site are really cool too. Love the yoda one and the falcon (bread)???

    Never heard of eurotrash and It sounds like I’m better off for that…. Painting portraits with his penis???

    i guess all I can say to u all is enjoy!!!

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