My Top Ten Movie Presidents 

In celebration of the release of Independence Day: Resurgence and Elvis & Nixon, I figured I’d do a list of My Top Ten Presidents In Movies. Which is a bit stupid since I’ve not seen either of these movies. 😉 I had planned to go to the Independence Day sequel on Tuesday & then do this list but, after the REALLY BAD reviews for it, I decided I couldn’t be bothered. So I watched an equally bad movie at home instead! (San Andreas… Hilarious!)

Anyway, I’ll shut up & just get on with the list. It’s a mix of real & fictional presidents. As always, they’re only on the list if I’ve actually seen the movie. So here are My Top Ten Movie Presidents (roughly ranked according to how much I like the character. kind of. sort of.):

10. Edward Herrmann as Franklin D. Roosevelt in Annie (1982)

9. James Adomian as George W. Bush in Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

8. Will Forte as Abraham Lincoln in The Lego Movie

7. Jack Nicholson as President James Dale in Mars Attacks!

6. Terry Crews as President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in Idiocracy

5. Peter Sellers as President Merkin Muffley in Dr. Strangelove

4. Donald Pleasence as the President of the United States in Escape From New York

3. Morgan Freeman as President Tom Beck in Deep Impact

2. Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt in the Night At The Museum movies

1. Robert V. Barron as Abraham Lincoln in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Honorable Mentions:

The presidents in…

The Simpsons Movie
Independence Day
Air Force One
Big Game
Back To The Future Part II
Beavis & Butt-Head Do America

A Few I’ve Not Seen:

Elvis & Nixon
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Primary Colors
The American President
Olympus & London Has Fallen

26 thoughts on “My Top Ten Movie Presidents 

    • I HAD to include The Lego Movie – such a great film! : ) I’m definitely curious about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I’ll check it out at some point! Does look fun. : )

    • Thanks! : ) I know – I was actually kind of excited for the Independence Day sequel. Oh well. I may still watch it at some point with really low expectations. I have to admit that the Star Trek Beyond trailer hasn’t blown me away but I’m sure I’ll watch that one anyway. : )

  1. Fantastic idea for a list. Air Force One, Independence day and Dave for me. I love the originality and thoroughness of these posts. I’d forgotten Mars Attacks completely.

    • Okay! Hmm. I’ve not seen that. Or heard of it. I guess I better go look it up. ; ) I’m not sure I’ve even seen a Henry Fonda movie. (Should I admit that?? Lol). I’ll look him up too! : )

  2. I love the list, but how on earth did Harrison Ford in Air Force One not make the cut?! I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. I do love Dave, and Robin Williams as Roosevelt too.

    • I do love Harrison Ford! Have to admit I barely remember that movie now, though. May re-watch it someday then change my mind! ; ) Need to re-watch Dave as well. LOVE Williams in the Night at the Museum movies. His final scene in the third one is so bittersweet.

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    • Lol. That’s funny – I think someone else told me TO watch Vampire Hunter. ; ) Idiocracy is a seriously underrated film. I keep meaning to re-watch that one! Seemed far-fetched but is becoming more & more accurate… :-/

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