Red Dawn (2012), People Like Us & We’re The Millers Movie Reviews

Here’s another trio of super short reviews of movies that I watched two years ago & barely remember now! What’s the point, you ask? Well, it’s annoying me that they’re still sitting HERE on my list of Movies Watched In 2014 without reviews attached to them. So, let’s get this over with. One paragraph each! Don’t expect any in-depth analysis. Not that you ever get that from this blog anyway… 😉


Red Dawn (2012)

Directed by Dan Bradley

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, Connor Cruise, Brad Garrett, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Plot Synopsis: (via IMDB)
A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.

My Opinion:

Wow. It’s bad enough that so many pointless remakes keep getting made but it’s especially frustrating when they’re complete & utter shit like this Red Dawn remake. Don’t worry – I’m not going to be all “They shouldn’t have touched Red Dawn because the original is a classic!” since that was never an absolute favorite of mine & I’m not all precious about it like I am with a lot of other 80’s movies. But why take a mediocre movie & remake it into something 1,000 times worse?? Oh well! I only watched this because sexy Chris Hemsworth is in it (with his short hair – I prefer him that way). I don’t remember now who lives & who dies but I do remember completely losing interest and not giving a shit about any of the characters. I also remember that I watched this just after getting Netflix & they seemed to have a horrible selection back then (it’s much better now) so I wasted too much time on shit like this & that stupid ATM movie. Speaking of which, that weird little Josh Peck was in that one as well. He had a really bad year for movies between Red Dawn & ATM! Screw Red Dawn. Screw ATM. You know what Josh Peck movie was actually pretty good? Mean Creek. Just watch that instead. Don’t watch this. Not even for short hair Chris Hemsworth. He looks the same in The Cabin In The Woods & that’s much better. Do a double feature of Mean Creek & The Cabin In The Woods! Don’t watch Red Dawn.

My Rating: 3.5/10

People Like Us (2012)

Directed by Alex Kurtzman

Starring: Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde, Michael Hall D’Addario, Michelle Pfeiffer

Plot Synopsis: (via IMDB)
While settling his recently deceased father’s estate, a salesman discovers he has a sister whom he never knew about, leading both siblings to re-examine their perceptions about family and life choices.

My Opinion:

This was a decent movie – I’m not sure why I never reviewed it. Movies about family relationships don’t always appeal to me but this one, where Chris Pine finds out that he has a half-sister & nephew he never knew about, worked pretty well. I can’t stand Chris Pine but really like Elizabeth Banks plus the boy who played her son (Michael Hall D’Addario) was good so that helped. Oh! And Michelle Pfeiffer was in this too as Pine’s mother – love her. It was partly based on the life of the director, who first met his half-sister at the age of 30, so it probably also helped that the script was based on personal experience. I also liked this little bit of trivia HERE about the music memorabilia of Pine’s musician father in the film belonging to the record producer father of one of the script’s writers:

Much of the music business memorabilia in the “Jerry’s Study” set belongs to Jody Lambert’s father Dennis Lambert, a Songwriter’s Hall of Fame nominee whose hits as writer and/or producer include “Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I’ve Got)”, “Rhinestone Cowboy”, “Baby Come Back” and “Nightshift”.

Anyway, People Like Us isn’t going to change the world but it’s the type of movie that’s perfect to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Good performances from those involved & I liked the story.

My Rating: 6.5/10

We’re The Millers (2013)

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter, Nick Offerman, Kathryn Hahn, Molly Quinn, Ed Helms

Plot Synopsis: (via IMDB)
A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico.

My Opinion:

This movie is really not my type of thing and I don’t know why I watched it. I think I just wanted a simple movie on while I did stuff around the house plus I think I still kind of live in the hope that a modern comedy may actually turn out to be funny. Nope! This is yet another stupid modern “comedy” that failed to make me even crack a smile. Maybe I’m just old & bitter since I’ve liked hardly any comedy films since 1992? Comedy isn’t my favorite genre but I think the fact that so few movies are ever actually funny anymore is to blame for me going off the genre in recent years. Wait! I may have cracked a tiny smile when Will Poulter’s balls were bitten by a spider & they swelled up to an unnatural size while the movie showed us his whole package in gory detail. That was brave of Poulter as I’m sure a lot of people think “spider balls!” anytime they seen him in anything now. Although, I’m pretty sure we were seeing stunt balls. How does one get a job as a stunt penis? Anyway, maybe this movie wasn’t crude enough for me if that’s the only memorable part for me. I mean, I do like the Jackass movies & Bad Grandpa so, what the hell, I can’t figure out my taste in comedy. But I thought We’re The Millers was shit. Except for spider balls being mildly funny…

My Rating: 4/10


25 thoughts on “Red Dawn (2012), People Like Us & We’re The Millers Movie Reviews

  1. great reviews. Red Dawn really was shit! Saw People like us a few years back (before my blog) but dont recall it at all and uve cemented my thoughts on now wanted to see Were the millers

  2. Nice reviews. I have only seen We’re the Millers and I personally found it hilarious, but it’s my type of comedy so I can see how some people wouldn’t like it. Everyone has different humour, I guess.

    • Thanks! : ) Yeah, I think comedy is the hardest genre to do since everyone has SUCH different taste in comedy. It’s obvious from the comments – people have either said they found that one hilarious or that they hated it. Seems to be no in between! ; )

  3. You were very kind in your rating with We’re the Millers – it deserves a 1/10. Terrible movie, sheesh.

    Haven’t seen the rest, but sounds like I’m mostly not missing anything! (even though The Hems is in one of them!)

    • Hehe. Glad we agree on We’re The Millers. Quite a few have disagreed with me so far! Oh man, Red Dawn is so bad. Even though The Hems is hot. But you’re better off just re-watching any other movie he’s in instead. : )

  4. I didn’t hate Red Dawn as much as so many other people did. It was mildly entertaining. I found it impossible to believe. I’m not sure why movie makers felt the need to make North Korea the bad guys in so many films. Well, that is understandable given the events at the time. But Hollywood was trying to show North Korea doing things on a scale that North Korea will never have the money and equipment to do, even if they managed to have the manpower. That little country will never pull off the type of bad guy that Hollywood could portray the old Soviet Union as.

    The Chris Pine movie looks interesting but you would have to pay me to watch the Aniston movie. An unlikable character puts together a fake family of other unlikable characters to pull of illegal activity? Who would think people would even want to watch that?

    • Yeah, I suppose there are a few movies I’ve hated more than Red Dawn. It just felt so pointless! Lol – that’s exactly what We’re The Millers is. A bunch of assholes being a bunch of assholes. That really doesn’t work for me! : /

  5. Mutey, oh Mutey. You have absolutely just cracked open a can of worms with this “how does one get a job as stunt penis” question. I totally want to come up with a post about this. No, I have to come up with it. It’s my civic duty. Of course, you’ll have to take all the credit.

    But seriously, regarding these movies, never saw Red Dawn but it looked like a day-old McDonald’s burger of a movie; People Like Us similarly intrigues me. It just looks kind of lame (but good to see a positive nod towards it!) and We’re The Millers was complete garbage. I’m not sure if I like or loathe Jason Sudeikis. With the right material that guy can be good but between this and the recent Race crap, that guy is on thin ice with me.

    • Tom! Is that a career you’re interested in pursuing?!?! Lol. Red Dawn sucks ass. People Like Us won’t exactly change the world but at least it didn’t piss me off. I hate when movies piss me off. ; ) As for Jason thingy guy, I didn’t even know who the hell he was until I saw We’re The Millers. It certainly didn’t make me a fan! 😁

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    • Yep! I hate when my time gets wasted by shitty movies. But I also can’t stand to leave a movie unfinished, so I force myself to watch to the end. Lol. Masochist. : )

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