My Ten Most-Hated Movies Since Starting This Blog

Since starting this blog at the end of November 2012, I’ve watched a lot of fantastic movies. This is partly because 1) I think I make more of an effort to watch good or, at least, “interesting” movies since I’m now writing about them and 2) projects such as my IMDB Top 250 Challenge have forced me to finally get around to watching some highly regarded classics. I’ve also been enjoying my 2016 Blind Spot choices so far so I’ll probably keep that going each year for however long this blog continues.

But it’s not all been good! I’ve also watched far more crap than ever before. My husband is partly to blame for this as he’s always like “Don’t watch so and so good movie without me!” but then he never actually watches any movies with me at home & I’m stuck watching something shitty by myself so he doesn’t moan at me watching something good without him. Marriage. Gotta love it. October is also to blame as I feel the need to review horror movies all month long so I end up watching whatever horrors happen to be on the services available to me & they end up being shit 90% of the time.

Anyway, as I’m in a bad mood & have nothing else ready to post for today, I thought I’d do a list of the ten movies I’ve hated the most of all the ones I’ve watched for the very first time in these last four years of “blog life”. Speaking of blogdom, I’m down on that lately too. Is it just me? I think the blog thing is dying off. Sad. Oh well – I’m still gonna shoot the shit about movies here for a little while longer, even if I’m only talking to myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, I should add that I’m excluding the movies I watched for Eric’s (in)famous Shitfest at The IPC as the whole point of Shitfest is to watch the worst movies possible. Clearly, these movies were worse than most on my following list. So here’s a quick list of links to my Shitfest reviews. I don’t hold you responsible for making me watch these atrocities, Eric! Well, maybe a little. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Hottie & The Nottie
Children Of The Living Dead
Moshi Monsters: The Movie
Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus
Alone In The Dark (as part of a Shitfest Social where a bunch of us bloggers watched this movie at the same time while trashing it in the comments at that link. Good times! I miss those days.) ๐Ÿ™‚

So, now, here are the Ten Movies I’ve HATED THE MOST!!!! (counting down to the very worst):

10. Blue Ruin

9. The To Do List

8. Trance

7. Oz The Great And Powerful

6. Slumdog Millionaire

5. Mary And Max

4. Into The Woods

3. The Victim

2. Repo! The Genetic Opera

1. Love

Wow – have I really reviewed every single one of these movies other than Love?? Clearly I take the time for reviewing movies when they piss me off. HA! I do love to have a good bitchfest sometimes. Wait until I go to town on Love! I hated the FUCK out of that one (and there was lots of fucking to be hated).

(Dis)Honorable Mentions:
Red Dawn (2012)
Used Cars
The Boxtrolls
Mr. Peabody & Sherman

66 thoughts on “My Ten Most-Hated Movies Since Starting This Blog

  1. Blue Ruin?! Trance?! Mary and Max?! CPD! I don’t even know what to say! Lol each to their own ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved Blue Ruin though, and thought Trance was actually really good, Mary and Max was sweet and sad. Most of the others on this list I haven’t seen though.

    • Hehe. I knew this post would get some people disagreeing with me! ; ) That’s cool, though – it’s boring when everyone likes the same thing! : ) I just found Blue Ruin boring, I think seeing WAY too much of Rosario Dawson in Trance scarred me for life, HA!, and Mary & Max is the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen. : (

  2. Nice list ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve only seen Mary & Max and Slumdog Millionaire from your top 10. I enjoyed both, though disliked the second half of Mary & Max, I thought it was really pretentious and over the top.

    I’ve seen The Hottie and the Nottie!!!!

    • Thanks, Emma! Ugh. Mary & Max just got on my nerves. I agree with the “pretentious and over the top” thing. OMG – you watched The Hottie & The Nottie and it WASN’T specifically for Shitfest?!?!?! Lol! ; )

      • I think I’ve watched it twice!!! Lol! I didn’t mind it toooo much ๐Ÿ™‚ I dunno, with movies like that you know what you’re getting into from the outset! Sometimes….I just enjoy watching crap!

        I enjoyed the first half an hour of Mary and Max immensely and I enjoyed the whole film to a degree but it got way too OTT and depressing too, I thought it was trying to be clever for clever’s sake. Nothing wrong with a happy f**king ending!!

      • Hehe. Exactly! Tried too hard. In the end, I found it pretentious. I mean, ONE happy damn thing could’ve happened in the movie at least! Couldn’t it?! : )

  3. There’s actually quite a few movies on your list that I like, but you reminded me of the Crystal Fairy and man that movie was bad. Magic Magic was so much better.

    • Yeah, I think there were several movies on my list that a lot of people liked. ; ) There are movies I’ve given lower ratings than these but these all just rubbed me the wrong way. Ugh – I couldn’t believe how bad Crystal Fairy was. I was curious about Magic Magic, actually – maybe I’ll check that one out! : )

    • Thanks! Yeah, Oz did have some good visuals. But man I hated it. The Wizard Of Oz is a favorite of mine, though, so I didn’t like that messing with a movie from my childhood. : ) I think what annoyed me most about Slumdog was that I thought it was just sort of okay & not at all deserving of the Oscars it got. I was very disappointed with Into The Woods! It got a rave review from a blogger on here so I went to it. I’ll never listen to that person again. lol ; )

  4. I loved Trance, watched it three times at the cinema. I would add Knock knock with Keanu Reeves, Only God Forgives Ryan Gosling and Seven Psychopaths to your list.

  5. Hahaha there was lots of fucking to be hated ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’ve only seen Blue Ruin and Slumdog Millionaire from the list. I loved Slumdog though. Nice list of movies for me NOT to watch haha.

    • Hehe. There WAS lots of that in Love. LOTS! : ) A lot of people liked Slumdog & Blue Ruin – I think those are the ones people disagree with the most. Lol. Yes, I very much do NOT recommend the movies on this list. ; ) There are ones I actually gave lower ratings than these but these just really annoyed me for various reasons…

    • Yeah, a lot of people have told me that they love Blue Ruin. Lol. I guess I just don’t “get” it! ; ) Yes, these are real stinkers but I’ve actually watched some that I gave even lower ratings than those on this list. But these just all really annoyed me for one reason or another. : )

  6. I’ve only seen Slumdog and thought it was a good film personally. But this list is a good insight of what films I need to steer clear from, so nice list.

  7. great list Mutant. thankfully ive only seen some of these. Not a fan of Slumdog at all, but it wouldn’t be that low on my list.

    love was really weird. hated into the woods

  8. The only ones on your list I have seen are “Slumdog” and “Repo”. I enjoyed both – “Repo” was different but I wouldn’t watch it again; “Slumdog” was good, much darker than expected, but I didn’t feel it was Oscar worthy.

    • Yeah, I think I was mostly annoyed that Slumdog was SO overrated. Not Oscar material at all! It probably wouldn’t be on this list if it hadn’t been so hyped before I saw it. MAN I hated Repo, though! Ugh. Great concept! Horrible horrible movie. : (

    • Hehe. Yep! That’s the one. Sorry. ; ) It’s totally from my era but I think the problem is that I never saw it IN that era. Watching it now, it hasn’t aged well & the sexism (which was SO common in all movies from that time & which I can forgive as I grew up with them) was hard to ignore nowadays. : /

  9. I am SO with you on the husband issue! I’ve got a list as long as my arm of movies I’m not allowed to watch without him, so I find myself watching a lot of crap on my own too. Sometimes, it’s the movies you hate that are the most fun to review, so there’s that?
    – Allie

    • Haha! Glad to hear from another person with the same husband issue. ; ) Then when I DO say “screw it” and watch a movie without him, I get in trouble! Ugh. Men. Hehe – this is true – I do seem to have no trouble reviewing movies I hate. It’s fun to have a rant sometimes! : )

  10. I love a good rant about a terrible movie! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have only seen a couple from your list, so it sounds like I definitely dodged some bullets! Seeing Into the Woods on your list reminded me of the disappointment I felt after watching that movie. The cast is good but it just doesn’t work. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The play version is a little better but I found I actually wasn’t a huge fan of that either. I appreciated that the second half of the play tried to shake up the traditional fairy tale cliches, but it just felt “off” to me.

    • I do love a good rant, too! Even though I annoy people with some of my rants about movies they liked. Lol. Yeah, Into The Woods was just such a disappointment as it had such big names in it that I liked and it LOOKED so good. But I hated everything about it. It just felt like it tried WAY too hard. I didn’t think it worked at all. Plus the music wasn’t even good. : (

  11. Lucky for me I haven’t seen any of those but unlucky for me I have seen these that are on my most hated list:
    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
    Scenes From A Mall
    Risky Business
    Star Trek:The Motion Picture
    Born Free
    Dance Hall Racket
    Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla

    • I don’t recommend any on my list. ; ) lol – You’ve mentioned hating E.T. before. Gotta admit that I adore E.T. & think it’s a classic. But I’m sure you hear that a lot! ; ) I also quite like Star Trek: The Motion Picture and I don’t love but also don’t hate Risky Business (the score is great, at least). Not seen the others on your list, though! But don’t think I want to. Well, I may have seen Popeye at the time. Ugh. : )

      • I should have titled the list..Avoid at all cost. Smart move not to check them out. I was really looking forward to Star Trek:The Motion Picture and that’s why I was so disappointed with what was presented. BUT….Star Trek II:The Wrath Of Khan is on my favorites list along with Star Trek III:The Search For Spock.

      • I still need to watch The Search for Spock…. I’ve seen the first two, then seen everything starting with the first Next Generation film & on. ; )

  12. Great list! I love writing when I’m in a foul mood – it’s cheap therapy and the results are always entertaining ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad I’m not the only one who hated Slumdog. what a load of shit

    • Thanks, Natasha! Lol – a good rant feels SO good sometimes. ; ) Yay! Someone who finally agrees with me on Slumdog! No one has yet. I think it’s SO overrated. : )

    • Thanks, Anna! Oh, I’d LOVE to see your most hated list too. : ) I honestly only put this post together last minute when I was in a really bad mood. Lol. I don’t recommend these movies but people have told me they loved Blue Ruin, Slumdog Millionaire, and Mary & Max. You never know – you might like some of these. ; )

  13. I will agree with you on Blue Ruin and Love. Those ones were very bad. But I did enjoy Mary and Max a lot. I have never seen The To Do List but it has Audrey Plaza and she is very damn hot I could watch her in most anything

    • Yay! Finally – someone else who hated Blue Ruin! I just found it so boring. And Love had the most hateful characters EVER (and worst actors). A few people have said they loved Mary & Max but it just annoyed me. Tried TOO hard to be depressing as hell, I think. Well, you should watch The To Do List if you have the hots for her. As you can see from that photo, it’s all about sex. : )

    • I suppose I just didn’t like it messing with The Wizard Of Oz for me. I love that movie so I’ve put Oz The Great And Powerful out of my mind. I don’t recommend these myself but many have said they loved Slumdog Millionaire, Blue Ruin, and Mary & Max. : )

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  15. Aaaw, I rather loved Trance, in its own messy way. I’ve only heard good things about Mary & Max before, so that’s interesting. I didn’t hate Blue Ruin, but it completely failed to live up to the hype.

    Only other one I’ve seen is Slumdog. I’d loved to say I’ll now steer clear of the rest, but I know I’ll wind up watching Oz and Into the Woods someday.

    • Hehe. A couple people have said they liked Trance. “Messy” is certainly accurate! : ) I think I’m alone in hating Mary & Max, too. Ugh. Tries a little too hard to be depressing, I think. Blue Ruin was just a snoozefest. Well, you may love the others (some do!). But Oz & Into The Woods don’t seem to be loved by many. ; )

      • Sometimes you just have to watch a film and find out for yourself. I’ve just written a review of Pan for tomorrow, which everyone seemed to hate, but I really enjoyed.

      • Oh! I just watched Pan on Friday night with the kid. Hubby had taken her to that one & she LOVED it so was wanting me to watch it with her. I liked it okay. : ) It didn’t deserve the trashing from critics. I don’t love it as much as the kid but it was pretty fun. : )

      • I feel like critics have suddenly got really harsh on blockbusters in the past year or two. Obviously they’ve always loved them less than Serious or Art movies, but it feels like they’ve just got mean.

      • Yep. That’s why I far prefer to know the opinions of normal people. Like us bloggers! Well, not sure how normal I am… But I have awesome taste. Lol โ˜บ๏ธ

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  17. Slumdog Millionaire surprises me, had a lot of time for that movie. I agree about reviewing bad films though. Sometimes it’s easier and more fun than reviewing good ones.

    • Yeah, Slumdog seems to be a love it or hate it for people. I think I liked it even less as it won so many Oscars I don’t think were deserved. :-/ It IS fun to bitch about movies that annoy me, though… ; ) lol

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  19. I actually liked Oz and Repo. The rest I couldn’t be bothered to waste the time watching. I couldn’t bring myself to watch Slumdog Millioinaire because I had the feeling that the people making the movie were taking as much advantage of the people over in India as everyone else always does and to watch it and become a part of it almost made me feel slimy and dirty.

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