Miracle Mile (1988) Review

I noticed that Anthony Edwards turns 54 today. Happy Birthday, Goose! And Mark Greene! (Remember the good days of ER??). Well, I figured I might as well reblog my review of his little-known film Miracle Mile. I really liked this one & was shocked to get a big response from fellow bloggers who are also fond of this apocalyptic movie from 1988 (that I’d never even heard of before watching it last year). 🙂

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Miracle Mile (1988)

Directed by Steve De Jarnatt

Anthony Edwards
Mare Winningham
Denise Crosby
Mykelti Williamson
Kurt Fuller

Music by Tangerine Dream

Running time: 87 minutes

Plot Synopsis: (via IMDB)
A young man hears a chance phone call telling him that a nuclear war has started and missiles will hit his city in 70 minutes.


My Opinion:

What’s this? An apocalyptic movie from my beloved 1980s with a Tangerine Dream score yet I’d not even HEARD of it let alone ever seen it?! How is this possible?!?! Well, I think UK Netflix is finally getting better as they’re starting to stick some slightly obscure 80s films on there, which is exactly what I want! I’m always on the lookout for lesser known movies from the 80s (and 70s) and Netflix has surprised me twice in the past month with this and then with one I…

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6 thoughts on “Miracle Mile (1988) Review

  1. This is an ’80s gem that captured the time and area (I work just down the street from the grill joint location depicted) perfectly. And yes, I remember Mark Greene’s days from ER…where [spoiler alert] the producers and writers tortured the TV character till he was dead! 😉

    • I remember how much you love this movie. : ) lol – Poor Mark Greene! Very few characters in ER ended up with a happy ending. I think that hospital was bad luck. : )

  2. I got hold of a copy of this sometime after you first posted your review, but I’ve still not got round to watching it. I’m rolling my eyes at myself as I type.

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