My Top Ten DJs/Disc Jockeys In Movies

I’ve always loved disc jockeys in movies. There should be more movies featuring DJs! Well, there probably are – I’m sure I’ve missed some on this list.

I first thought about doing this list after watching the “meh” movie We Are Your Friends starring Zac Efron as an EDM DJ. But I never got around to doing it. Then I thought about it again after watching Clint Eastwood as a DJ with a stalker in Play Misty For Me. But I still didn’t do the list. Well, I noticed that today would’ve been Robin Williams’ birthday so I figured I’d finally post this list as he was so great as Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning, Vietnam. (R.I.P. Robin Williams) 😦

This list is a mix of real & fictional DJs. The order is, hmm… Roughly based on how “cool” I think the DJ character is (but don’t take the order too seriously). There are also a lot of movies I haven’t seen so I’ve listed a few at the end.

Here are My Top Ten DJs In Movies:

10. Adrienne Barbeau as Stevie Wayne in The Fog

9. Wolfman Jack as the DJ in American
& The Midnight Hour

8. George Clinton & Martin Lawrence as DJs in House Party

7. Steven Wright as DJ K-Billy, host of Super Sounds Of The ’70s in Reservoir Dogs

6. Clint Eastwood as Dave Garver in Play Misty For Me

5. Cleavon Little as Super Soul in Vanishing Point

4. Robin Williams as Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning, Vietnam

3. Daft Punk as “Masked DJs” in TRON: Legacy

2. Lynne Thigpen as the DJ in The Warriors

1. Christian Slater as Hard Harry in Pump Up The Volume

Honorable Mentions:

– Howard Stern as himself in Private Parts
– Samuel L. Jackson as Mister Señor Love Daddy in Do The Right Thing
– Zac Efron as Cole in We Are Your Friends
– Skrillex as the DJ in Wreck-It Ralph (I had no idea he was in this until I started looking up movies I may have missed for this list. Cute! Here he is):

Movies Not On The List Because I Need To Re-Watch Them:

– The Truth About Cats & Dogs
– Trick Or Treat
– Airheads

Movies Not On The List Because I Haven’t Seen Them:

– Pontypool (really want to see this)
– Pirate Radio (aka The Boat That Rocked)
– Talk To Me
– Talk Radio
– FM

I’ll leave you with a clip from The Warriors. If you haven’t seen either this or Pump Up The Volume, I highly recommend them as they’re both absolute favorites of mine.


24 thoughts on “My Top Ten DJs/Disc Jockeys In Movies

  1. Nice list, and a fun topic too. Only character that I would say is missing is Stretch from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”, who was one of the first characters I thought of when I saw your list topic. And maybe you just haven’t seen the film, or you’re not a fan, as I know that franchise isn’t for everyone.

    • Thanks! : ) Hmm… Now I’m curious about that character. No, I’ve not seen the movie – I’ve only seen the first one. Not a favorite or anything but it was okay. Maybe I should watch them both together. : )

  2. Years ago…many years ago,…I was a disc jockey. I hated almost all movies about D.J.’s….except..Play Misty For Me. That was a lot more accurate than most people know. I’ll also add Private Parts and The Warriors to the like list.

      • The stalker wasn’t as bad as the movie. The women I worked with had some bad ones. One time the D.A. had to get involved. Another time a woman managed to look out an upper floor window as her stalker was arrested in the parking lot. It’s a crazy business but…it beats work.

  3. The greatest DJ Movie ever made is a movie you have not seen!
    It is called “Talk Radio”. It is directed by Oliver Stone, who co-wrote the script with the star, Eric Bogosian (Who?)
    A fantastic piece of work………..the dialogue is just outstanding! Loosely based on the real-life killing of a DJ.
    Make a point of watching this, you will never forget it!

    • Yeah, I should watch that one at some point. I was never big on Oliver Stone movies but I just watched Natural Born Killers for the first time recently & thought it was really good. Now I’d be more likely to check out more of his work. : )

  4. Pirate Radio needs to be there. I loved it so much I bought a copy and have watched it twice again. The New Guy. Although I’m not sure being a DJ is a major point of the film. I think it is something he starts to do after moving schools and he starts to be cool. But the music is sure great. To be honest, I need to re-watch that one. IN fact, I was just staring to look around last week to see if it was streaming anywhere. I just never got past Netflix. I can probably watch it on Amazon.

    • Yeah, I really should watch Pirate Radio sometime. : ) Hadn’t heard of The New Guy – had to look it up. Lol – I see DJ Qualls is in it. I almost added him as an honorable mention just because of his name. ; )

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  7. Hi, Table 9:

    I critiqued ‘Pontypool’ and ‘The Killing Room’ for Michael and ‘It Rains… You Get Wet’ way back in 2014. Both films were featured on IFC )Independent Film Channel).

    Stephen McHattie is exceptional as exiled American DJ, Grant Mazzy dealing with an alien infection that spreads not by touch. But by spoken words!

    I think you’ll have a ball with it!

    • Love the reviews! : ) Sorry – tried to comment on the post but can’t get logged in there at the moment (currently using my phone’s app). I’ve been wanting to see Pontypool for a while now & you’ve convinced me that I really should try to track it down. Does sound like my kind of thing. And The Killing Room sounds a bit intriguing as well! : )

      • My pleasure, Table 9: 🙂

        I lucked into both films late night on the strength of their titles alone. Though, ‘Pontypool’ does have more meat on its bones, story wise. Which is delivered in bits and pieces throughout the tale.

        I think you’ll love the film’s claustrophobic, low ceiling church basement radio station and sound booth. Adds so much to the suspense, immediacy and well spent “Bang for the Buck” of the film.

        While ‘The Killing Room’ may have too much of a manipulative, lab rats in a maze feel to it. Though, Chloe Sevigny, Peter Stromare and Tim Hutton do surprise and deliver in ways you won’t see coming..

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