Music Video Friday: The Pharcyde – Drop 

Today’s video is Drop by The Pharcyde.

I hate Coldplay. Seriously. I’m sorry if you like Coldplay. We can still be friends! 😉 But, man, I can’t stand Coldplay.

Spike Jonze has directed loads of great music videos. I don’t think I’ve featured any yet but I could easily spend the rest of this year posting only Spike Jonze videos every Friday. Not sure what my favorite is… I do love Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, Daft Punk’s Da Funk, and Fatboy Slim’s Weapon Of Choice. And of course Weezer’s Buddy Holly & Björk’s It’s Oh So Quiet are classics. Drop doesn’t seem to get mentioned as often as his other videos but it’s fantastic and it did the backwards thing long before Chris Martin added his brand of boring to singing backwards in The Scientist.

The video for The Scientist was directed by Jamie Thraves, another great director responsible for videos such as Just by Radiohead (which I posted HERE). Yes, Thraves fully credits Jonze for the backwards idea. The video is good. It’s just, you know, Coldplay. To watch the video means that you have to hear Coldplay. No thank you. I’d far rather watch & listen to The Pharcyde’s Drop.

The Pharcyde had to hire a linguist & learn to sing the lyrics to Drop backwards. Jonze filmed them performing & singing backwards then reversed the footage for the video. I find the original “forwards” clip fascinating and love that it sounds totally satanic. “Paul is dead! Paul is dead!”

You can see the original clip as well as a short “making of” documentary here: You can also see the official video at that link as well. (Actually, watch the video at that link instead of the below YouTube clip as I could only find a low quality version or a good quality one that cuts off the ending. But I’ll still include it anyway… Here you go!)

4 thoughts on “Music Video Friday: The Pharcyde – Drop 

  1. I can’t understand how popular Coldplay are. They’re okay I guess but they’re not that special. Last music video I checked out was that interesting motion capture one for Adventure of a Lifetime where the entire band are apes. And apparently the Internet went apeshit for it because it’s got like 600 million views. What the hell man. People need to be more conscious of stuff like Pharcyde’s creativity; I seriously forgot about this

    • Ohhh…. So THAT’S what a dude on Twitter was talking about when he mentioned dancing monkeys to me. I’m so out of touch! Never heard of it or seen that video. But, yeah – it’s Coldplay so I won’t bother anyway. ; ) I don’t know – I think people really don’t try to find any interesting music & just like whatever crap they stick on the radio. Like Coldplay. It’s a shame since there’s far better stuff out there. Hell, yours is the one & only comment on this post so that tells you something… ; ) lol

      • Unfortunately yes, that is kind of damning evidence isn’t it? Oh well. This is why i don’t have a music blog. I’d be even more obnoxiously opinionated over that kind of stuff than I am with movies. I know that’s difficult to believe but it would probably be true 😉 😛

      • lol! It’s okay to be opinionated when you’re right. Like we are. ; ) Seriously, though – I get a bit too snobby about things sometimes. Oops. That’s probably why no one commented since I was all “Coldplay suck!!!!”. Lol. This is why I have no friends. : ( ; )

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