My Blog’s July 2016 Recap

Happy August, everyone! August? When did that happen?! Well, it’s a new month so here’s my blog recap for July. 🙂


My Most Popular Post: My Ten Most Hated Movies Since Starting This Blog. I think this proves that people love a good bitchfest! I was starting to wonder if anyone looked at this blog anymore when I decided to put this post together on a day when I was in a really bad mood. I got loads of comments! I loved hearing from people who agreed with some of the movies I absolutely hated but also from many who disagreed as well (my hatred of Mary And Max & of Slumdog Millionaire was especially unpopular).

My Favorite Post: My Top Ten DJs/Disc Jockeys In Movies. This was a fun list to put together & one I’d been meaning to do for ages. I still love that, while researching this list, I discovered that a cartoon Skrillex was in Wreck-It Ralph.


My Most Popular Movie Review: Circle. This movie was a very pleasant surprise. This is the type of movie I love to blog about – good films that not many people have seen or maybe not even heard of & which deserve more attention. I think I talked a few people into watching it. Oh, and one of the lead actors also stopped by & left a comment so that was cool. I love when that happens! Glad that didn’t happen on my “Most Hated Movies” post…

All Movies Reviewed (ranked best to worst):
Battle Royale
People Like Us
The Secret Life Of Pets
We’re The Millers
Red Dawn (2012)


In Cinema (ranked best to worst):
Finding Dory
The Secret Life Of Pets

At Home (ranked best to worst):
Battle Royale
Little Witch Academia
The Book Thief
The Visit
Paper Towns
Finders Keepers (2014)


Top Ten Tom Hanks Movies
Top Ten Harry Dean Stanton Movies
Ten Most Hated Movies Since Starting This Blog
Top Ten DJs/Disc Jockeys In Movies
Top Ten Kevin Spacey Movies


My Top Search Term: “gnome project x“. But spelled as “gnom” – how annoying. Well, variations of this search term pop up all the time. The “gnome giving the finger” in the movie Project X seems to be very popular!!

My Favorite Search Term: “jennifer balgobin weird science“. I like search terms for people I’ve never heard of. I had to look up Jennifer Balgobin. Turns out she was “Biker Chick” in Weird Science (which I reviewed HERE). Cool.

Here are my top search terms for the month:


Book Reviewed: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Book I’ve Just Finished: The End Of The World Running Club by Adrian J. Walker

Book I’m Currently Reading: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King


I’ve been taking it easier & not posting as many reviews plus I’m doing simple Top Ten & Music Video posts as these don’t take up much of my time. I’m going to stick with doing things this way for now as I can keep up with the slower pace. It’s no longer a fun hobby if it becomes stressful! I was happy that I finally managed to watch Battle Royale for my July Blind Spot film as I really enjoyed that. I’ll watch my August Blind Spot film soon – what do you guys think of these choices? It was going to be El Topo but I keep putting that one off so may go with one of my alternates instead:

El Topo
The Raid
Running On Empty
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
House (Hausu) (1977)
Solaris (1972)

Upcoming Movies:

There are quite a few movies coming out in August that I’m hoping to see. I wasn’t all that excited about Suicide Squad but I’m changing my mind now (mainly because that below poster for it is so awesome). I’m sure none of these will be great but I’m looking forward to The Shallows, Lights Out & The Purge: Election Year (I seem to be in the minority but I’m a fan of the first two Purge movies – you can see why in my reviews of the first movie & the sequel). It looks like the adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell is finally coming out this month?! I expect that to be horrible because of all the problems & delays that movie has had. What a shame as I really liked that book. I’ll still watch the movie, though, since I watch every King adaptation. Finally, I’m curious to see how the Pete’s Dragon remake turns out so I plan to take the kid to that. Remakes piss me off but this is one rare occasion where I have to admit that the original film is badly dated (even though I love it).

I always end these with a music clip related to something I watched/reviewed. Well, there weren’t any great soundtracks in the movies I watched this month so here’s a tribute to the Project X gnome! I didn’t like the movie but did like some of the songs in that film. My favorite was probably Pursuit Of Happiness by Kid Cudi (Steve Aoki remix).

15 thoughts on “My Blog’s July 2016 Recap

  1. ZODIAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    While I was not a fan of the first Purge movie, I freaking loved the second one. Now to see the third. Hoping it stays good.

    • Holy crap – I missed a comment on my JULY recap?! 😫 I’m so behind! I ended up not doing Zodiac (or any Blind Spot movie) as had no time. : ( I’ll try to do that one before December! Have you seen the latest Purge yet? I really enjoyed it. : )

      • Wow! Your blog is collecting comments lol! Ah, what a pity! You seem super busy lately! Nope, but I am hoping to before long!

  2. We all know how THIS kid feels about Project X. God, I haven’t gone on a rant like that in a long time. Thanks for the reminder that I need to do just that Mutester! Hope all is well in foggy ole’ England !!!! 😉 😀

    • Tom!! Things are okay. Not too foggy! Actually fairly sunny for England. Woohoo! Must be August. : ) Oh yeah… I seem to recall you disliking Project X. ; ) I LOVE your rants! I need to have a long blog-reading session soon. Please don’t let me miss any of your rants!

  3. ​Hell-O…..

    It would appear that you and your fan-actical ilk work so feverishly hard on your comments, reviews​ et cetera. However, it does not have any significant value to individuals like me; who have a sheer loathing for such rubbish. I am neither a follower, fan (fanatic) of anything. And I think “reviewers” should go to blazes. I know my mind, and from what I have read thus far, (of your POVs) it is NOT compatible with your trendy and virtuous mindless static. So, I hereby…..UNSUBSCRIBE!


    On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 7:01 AM, Cinema Parrot Disco wrote:

    > table9mutant posted: ” Happy August, everyone! August? When did that > happen?! Well, it’s a new month so here’s my blog recap for July. 🙂 POSTS > My Most Popular Post: My Ten Most Hated Movies Since Starting This Blog. I > think this proves that people love a good bitchfest!” >

    • Don’t leave me this way!!! How can I just let you walk away, just let you leave without a trace?! If you leave me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me! I can’t live if living is without you. 😦😢😣😫 You can go your own way… Run to the hills! I will survive. 😞

      • I wish modern long films still had intervals, like the classics do — if you’ve got two nights to spare, I sometimes find that a much easier way to watch. I know I could pick my own point and just pause it, but having a filmmaker-approved one feels much better.

      • Yeah, I’m fine with watching long movies over two or three nights. Don’t think hubby likes that but it’s how I watched Seven Samurai & The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. But it would be best to know where to pause them! I’ll probably do this soon for Once Upon A Time In America, which I keep putting off watching due to length…

    • Thank you! Sorry I’m so late to reply – I’ve been away. : ) Oh – that’s three Zodiac votes! Hopefully the hubby will watch that one with me soon, then – I’ve asked him to. I’ll check out your write-up once I’ve seen it! : ) I’ve avoided it since I’m not huge on serial killer stories but, mainly, because it’s so LONG. Sounds worth it, though? I’ll do Hausu next October as I realized I chose too many horrors for my Blind Spots this year. So Phenomena, Magic & Eyes Without A Face will all be reviewed this October. Oops!

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