Stranger Things Poster Art By Kyle Lambert

Okay – who else is watching Stranger Things on Netflix?? I’m exactly halfway through watching all 8 episodes & I’m really enjoying it. No spoilers, please! 🙂

There are very few TV shows I watch anymore other than Game Of Thrones & The Walking Dead (which is starting to piss me off). I’ve tried a few new shows here & there but always lose interest. I may be the only person who couldn’t finish Making A Murderer (why the hype?).

Well, I’ve finally found two shows that I like! It’s not surprising that both happen to be set in my favorite decade (the 1980s). I adore Freaks And Geeks, which I’m only just watching for the first time now (it’s on Amazon Prime in the UK, FYI). How did I never see this show before? Like Stranger Things, I’m also about halfway through watching all of the episodes. Why the hell did Freaks And Geeks last only one season, dammit? Now I see why fans were so mad about that.

I started watching Stranger Things when I heard it described as “Stephen King crossed with 1980’s Steven Spielberg sci-fi”. That couldn’t sound more ME! Plus Winona Ryder is in it. Yes! Edward Scissorhands & Heathers Winona Ryder!!! Add the early 80s setting & great soundtrack and I’m extremely happy. 🙂 At the moment, I’d say I prefer Freaks And Geeks overall. I think it’ll depend on how Stranger Things ends. Supernatural horror can go very wrong at the end sometimes. But both are great & I highly recommend them if you love the era.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a link to some great Stranger Things poster art by artist Kyle Lambert. I love the deliberate Drew Struzan style. Struzan is a favorite movie poster artist of mine (I did a top ten of my favorite Struzan posters HERE). You can see Lambert’s Stranger Things poster art at this link:

42 thoughts on “Stranger Things Poster Art By Kyle Lambert

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Stranger Things, but think it shall have to wait until I get Netflix again for Luke Cage in September. Which is next month now, isn’t it? Feels so much further away! (It is at the end of September, though.)

    • Who’s Luke Cage?? I suppose I could Google that. But I’m too lazy. Then again, that could be the name of your roommate for all I know. Get Netflix so you & Luke can watch Stranger Things together! ; )

      • Haha! Luke Cage is the latest of Marvel’s Netflix series (after Daredevil and Jessica Jones).

        The next year there will be a fourth series, Iron Fist, which I mention now just so you know Iron Fist is not something I intend to do with my roommate Luke Cage 😐

      • Ah! More Marvel stuff. I can’t keep up with all that! So I haven’t tried. : ) lmao! I’m very glad you’ve explained Iron Fist to me, though… 😳 ; )

  2. Loved this series so much! When you finish it, check out my post and we can see if we reacted to the finale the same! There are so many theories going around and I hope it gets renewed for a second season so I can discover just hwats going on!

  3. I am pretty sure you and I could be best friends. Both of my favorite shows are also The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Making a Murder pretty much put me to sleep. Freaks and geek was gone way too soon, and Stranger things is waiting to be watched this weekend. Side Note: the fact that you used Heathers as one of the throw back movies for Winona Ryder (when there are soooo many others to chose from) shows that you have great taste!

    • Aww – we have excellent taste! Lol : ) Glad to find someone who didn’t think Making A Murderer was that great. I’d love to know what you think of Stranger Things – sounds like one you should definitely like! Oh yeah, gotta mention Heathers. Such a classic! That & Edward Scissorhands are my favorite films of hers. Oh, and I’m very fond of Lucas as well… ; )

      • Update!! I have watched two episodes now of Stranger things. Love it! I haven’t heard anything about a second season but I hope it happens. I agree Edward Scissorhands was a great movie! Winona is doing a fantastic job in stranger things also.

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  5. This is an epic look into the retrograde kick that our culture is hell-bent on. I have no idea when or how it started… but the eighties style of things have made their full turn. I’m scared for the 90’s to make a full turn. Another long, long, LONG list of boy love song bands, shoot me now. I love Stranger Things, however. It was a smart touch and a chic nod to everything 80’s.

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