My Top Ten Madonna Songs

I noticed that Madonna will be turning 58 next week on August 16th so I thought it would be fun to rank my favorite Madonna songs.

This was harder than I expected! She has so many songs, including ones I’d forgotten about. It took ages to go through a list of her songs, album by album. I definitely like her oldest stuff the best, which makes sense as those are the songs I grew up with in the Eighties. But I did also really like her Ray Of Light album in 1998. It was nice that she had a great comeback with Ray Of Light after her previous couple of albums, which I can’t say I personally liked very much.

Madonna has never been an absolute favorite artist of mine (give me classic rock & metal) but her songs were a big part of my pre & early teens and there’s no denying the fact that she’s a huge superstar. So here are My Top Ten Madonna Songs, counting down to my favorite (except, screw it – there are too many so I’ve made it a Top 20): šŸ˜‰

Top Twenty:

20. Beautiful Stranger
19. Vogue
18. Express Yourself
17. Hung Up
16. Music
15. Dress You Up
14. Holiday
13. Ray Of Light
12. The Power Of Good-Bye
11. Like A Virgin

Top Ten:

10. Live To Tell
9. Open Your Heart
8. Lucky Star
7. Frozen
6. Papa Don’t Preach
5. Crazy For You
4. Like A Prayer
3. Material Girl
2. Borderline
1. Into The Groove


33 thoughts on “My Top Ten Madonna Songs

  1. Love the top 3 and “Holiday,” though I’m not as familiar with the rest. Probably my favorite is “Ghost Town” from her most recent album. Shows she’s still got it.

    • All great songs : ) I’ve not explored her stuff from recent years AT ALL but, when I made this list, the hubby made me listen to Ghosttown because he thinks it’s really good. It is!! : )

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    • Whaaaat?!? I’m shocked! šŸ˜€ Hubby is a big fan. He keeps bugging me to re-watch Desperately Seeking Susan – he loves that movie & I barely remember it. I actually don’t know some of her songs from her first couple of albums. When I made this list, he did his own too & then he made me listen to everything I didn’t know. I have to admit I’ve paid zero attention to her in recent years. Her song Ghosttown is okay (another one hubby forced me to listen to). ; )

  3. My Madonna stories aren’t actually that good but Imma tell them anyway. First time I saw her was on stage. Borderline was a single. Right before the album came out. It was a little club called the Ritz in NYC. It was Joey Ramone’s birthday party and she performed a couple of songs and ended with Borderline. She was good. But the Ramones were amazing and I think Alice Cooper played and there was cake. (The past kind of mashes together so I may be thinking of two separate events) She hung out and my girlfriend’s friend liked her so we introduced ourselves. I don’t really remember. I was probably very drunk. But the second time I ran into her she was a lot more famous. Still not mega-famous but it still isn’t that great a story. (I’m gonna be cryptic) I was working. My office was a phone booth with two phones. People would buy from me by pretending to be on the second phone. So anyway I had this sixth sense about trouble and when Madonna came up and grabbed the second phone and stared at me, all my bells went off. She was being silly and doing this awful pantomime of a person on the phone but it was like she was playing to the cheap seats and it was not cool at all so I walked away from her. And that’s the whole story. I told you it was bad. But the cool part for me was that she was with her partners in crime, Jennifer Grey and Sandra Bernhardt. And I was a little star struck because Jennifer was gorgeous and Sandra was one of my favorite comedians back then. But they were all being silly (drunk?) and drawing attention to themselves and to me. Not cool. So I walked away.

    Oh shit I just thought of a third time. Wow. I was at a little jazz club and the owner heard that Madonna (mega-famous now) was showing up to see Cesaria Evora (fantastic Cape Verdian singer) So he wanted me to get a picture of him and Madonna when he greeted her. So her car arrived and he greeted her and there were no paps or anything just me with a disposable camera that he gave me. He wasn’t a friend or anything. I worked near by and sometimes I did security for bands and I was there to see the show and he just asked me for a favor. So she gets out and I start snapping but then this boy-toy body-guard gets out. This guy was the scariest and prettiest man I had ever seen in my life. I’m certain he’s killed people but also good god those cheekbones. He stared at me and I stopped taking pictures. Photography? What’s photography? I want to live. I handed the club owner the camera and made sure they both saw me hand it to him. He was trying to be discreet. I just wanted to live. I had a table up front. She had a very prominent table in the back and I think she kind of stole focus from Cesaria (who was amazing by the way) which was kind of annoying. I can’t believe I forgot that story. I remembered the bodyguard and the show but I forgot that the celebrity was Madonna.

    *** I stood up in the middle of the show and yelled back at her, “Hey Madge! Remember trying to buy powder from me? No? How about Joey Ramone’s birthday party?” They asked me to leave after that. But she gave me her number. We’re close friends now.

    ***(me trying to make it a better story)

    • OMG – I always LOVE these celeb encounter stories! I always think “I hope that Mel guy has a story to go with the celeb in my post today”. ; ) Really! I’ve met no one so it’s kind of like I can play six degrees of separation this way. Well, I’ve met no one other than Gordon from Sesame Street. I probably told you that. I tell everyone that. Because it’s awesome. But, still, I suppose Madonna is a little more famous. Wait… I love Alice Cooper. He’s cooler than Madonna! Did you talk to him? I also love cake. Were you selling baking powder for the cake? : ) Are you saying Madonna didn’t do a very good job of acting in that phone booth? But she has amazing acting skills! HA! Didn’t know she hung out with Jennifer Grey, though. That’s cool. And I’m sure she wasn’t sleeping with the hot scary bodyguard. : )

      • Yeah. Madonna & Jennifer Grey were very tight for a while. I don’t know if they had a falling out or what but those three were wreaking havoc in NYC for a bit back then. No I did not speak to Alice Cooper. Madonna wasn’t very famous back then so she was easier to approach. She did Holiday. She did Borderline. And I think she did a third song. Now that I think about it, I was too young to drink. So I guess I wasn’t drunk. I probably just had a couple of beers. There was a lot of time between shows. There were very few people there to see Madonna. More for the Ramones. And by the time Alice Cooper took the stage the place was packed. My GFs friend left after Madonna. We stayed for The Ramones. They had a big wedding type cake and had a little VIP celebration in a corner. And once they jetted people snuck over and grabbed fist fulls of the cake. So yeah I had cake. She was definitely sleeping with the bodyguard. And when she grabbed the phone it was more like she was making fun of me than she wanted to do business. And it was powdered sugar. They bring it in from Colombia.

      • No it was white. It was more like a wedding cake than a birthday cake. I’ve eaten so much cake since. Seriously I have better cake stories, if that’s what you’re into. My Great Grandmother’s German Chocolate cake recipe story is a humdinger. She lived to be 114. I was the only one who she would let help her. She died with the secret but through hypnosis I may be able to recover it. Oh I got cake stories.

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