My Top Ten Keanu Reeves Movies

Happy Birthday to Keanu Reeves, who turns 52 tomorrow! 🙂

Dammit! I’ve not yet managed to watch John Wick. I really wanted to watch that before making this list since, if it’s as good as everyone seems to think it is, maybe it’ll make my top ten. Well, I’ve not had time to watch it so I guess I’ll just have to update this list when I see it. IF it’s top ten worthy… 😉 Oh, and I also desperately want to see The Neon Demon as that looks like the type of thing I could potentially love. Blame that one on cinemas not giving non-mainstream films a chance, though – I couldn’t find it playing anywhere near me. I’d have made time for that.

I’m a fan of Keanu Reeves. I think people either love him or they don’t (I don’t think anyone hates him, though, do they?). People make fun of him sometimes but I don’t understand that. He’s admittedly better in certain types of roles than others but, when it’s a role that suits him, he’s great. Yes, the dumb guy suits him & I’ll always love Ted “Theodore” Logan more than any other character he’s played. Who doesn’t love a sweet idiot?! But I had a massive crush on him in Speed & in Point Break when he was young, dumb & full of “whoaaaa”. He’s proven himself to be a fantastic popcorn action movie star & I’m always happy when he’s in a film that ends up being popular.

Sometimes when I make these actor top tens, I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel for the lower half of the list. This time, I’d have to say I truly like at least eight of them (I could do with re-watching numbers 9 & 10). I love the top six and ADORE the top two (they’re all-time favorites). So, yeah, Keanu Reeves has had a very solid career despite some annoying critics.

So here are My Top Ten Keanu Reeves Movies, counting down to my favorite (movie, not character). Let’s start counting down from the bottom, though – I’ve seen 23…. 🙂

**Updated having now seen John Wick & The Neon Demon & John Wick 2. Ugh – The Neon Demon most definitely doesn’t make it into the top ten!

25. The Neon Demon
24 & 23. The Matrix Sequels (Whatever they were called – I’ve tried to forget them)
22. Johnny Mnemonic (Remember nothing about this now. How ironic!)
21. Chain Reaction
20. Something’s Gotta Give
19. The Gift
18. Much Ado About Nothing (Barely remember this either – am sure it deserves to be higher)
17. Parenthood
16. The Day The Earth Stood Still
15. Constantine
14. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
13. The Devil’s Advocate
12. My Own Private Idaho (Putting this at 12 is a total lie as I seriously need to re-watch it since I loved River Phoenix but, again, barely remember it…) 😉
11. A Scanner Darkly

My Top Ten:

10. River’s Edge

9. John Wick & John Wick 2

8. The Lake House

7. Youngblood

6. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

5. Dangerous Liaisons

4. The Matrix (not the sequels!)

3. Speed

2. Point Break

1. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

53 thoughts on “My Top Ten Keanu Reeves Movies

  1. The Neon Demon SUCKED. So did Knock Knock. I don’t know what he’s thinking lately but he needs to get back on track,. Thank god John Wick 2 is coming out soon.

  2. Why the F£@k is Raging Bull not #1? 😉

    Jesting aside, this is a good list. I’m a big admirer of Reeves. Ok, he’s not the greatest of actors but he has a presence and likability that most other actors would die for.

    I’m very surprised not see Sam Raimi’s Thw Gift, though. Reeves plays an absolute slime all and I still reckon it’s the best performance I’ve ever seen from him. I’ve always said it, he should play bad guys more often. That’s actually where his talents lie.

    • Bwahaha! I love the thought of Keanu Reeves in Raging Bull! “Dude, did you fuck my wife? Whoa!” ; ) Wow – it looks like a lot of people love Keanu & I had no idea! I’d happily watch any movie he’s in. I’d maybe have The Gift higher but, like a lot of movies now, I don’t remember it well enough. Oh it sucks to be old! Maybe I’ll watch it again someday. But I like dumb and/or sexy Keanu the most. : )

  3. I have never seen Lake House or River’s Edge but the rest of your Top Ten is spectacular. I love Keanu. John Wick is awesome. (Love that gun-fu) The Matrix and Point Break are two of my favorite films of All-Time. (Never met him. He’s a California celeb. I’m a New York guy. When I lived in L.A. I literally only met one celeb. It’s much harder out there. Everybody’s in their cars)

    • The Lake House is quite girly for me but I suppose I gotta like girly stuff sometimes. River’s Edge is probably better than I remember – could do with re-watching that as well. I’ll definitely get around to John Wick at some point. Aw, damn! No Keanu stories! That would’ve been awesome. Like, whoa. Keanu is a cool dude. : )

  4. Shocker: I have never properly seen either Bill & Ted. I know! (Our teacher put one of them on in an end-of-term drama class once but, funnily enough, turned out there wasn’t time to get through an entire movie in an hour-long lesson.)

    I see 47 Ronin isn’t on your list. I’d recommend avoiding it. Good idea, terrible movie. As for John Wick, I feel like that’s a movie it’s possible to get over-hyped for. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t looooove it as much as all the chatter made me think I would.

    • Whaaaaat?! Whoa. Dude! You gotta watch Bill & Ted! ; ) Damn – I liked the look of 47 Ronin but skipped after bad reviews. Yeah, I’m afraid John Wick has been hyped too much. It looks like a fun action movie but I won’t assume it’s much more than that…

      • They’re on the list!

        I was the same with 47 Ronin, but then I caved, and was still disappointed.

        I reckon you’ve got the right way to approach John Wick, though.

  5. I love Bill & Ted and obviously Ted more! ❤ And I used to have a crush on Keanu too. But lately I haven't seen anything from him that I've liked. I might finish John Wick someday but the first 30 minutes were not my (or my stepdad's) cup of tea. In mutual agreement we chose to watch something else after that half an hour.

  6. I absolutely adore Keanu Reeves! He is just awesome. As for John Wick? That has to happen sometime! I love the heck out of that for so many reasons. Love this list!

    • Zoë! Oh my god – I didn’t realize I’d missed so many comments on my blog. Work is taking all my time lately!! 😫 I’m shocked at how many people love Keanu! But that’s awesome, because I love Keanu too. John Wick WILL happen. Someday. Hopefully before the sequel. ; )

      • He’s just awesome! Hope work gives you a breather sometime! John Wick is FANTASTIC. So excited for that sequel hahaha.

  7. I love Keanu. Have you ever seen 47 Ronin? DON’T. Awful stuff. My favourite is probably John Wick, though I haven’t seen him in too much. That’s a great film!

      • It’s such a terrible movie. I think it is on my list of the worst movies I’ve ever seen! 😀 John Wick is SOOO good. I think you’d love it – entertainment value is so high!

  8. My top 3 would have to be 3. Bill and Ted 2. Speed and 1. The Matrix. Aside from that I have little to no love for Keanu Reeves. Even in John Wick.

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  13. Wooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Private Idaho for me… Also love Parenthood, bit of pathos there…

    • Oops – I missed this comment. Glad to hear from another Keanu fan! I love how popular he is lately. 🙂 I SO need to rewatch My Own Private Idaho, especially as I was such a big River Phoenix fan too…

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