My Top Ten Adam Sandler Movies

Happy Birthday to Adam Sandler, who turns 50 tomorrow!

Ohh – Controversial list? I know a lot of people hate Adam Sandler. He’s done some very bad movies, yes. I don’t love him & I don’t hate him but I like him okay. He’s from what I consider to be “my” era of Saturday Night Live when I was in my teens & watched it religiously.

As I kind of grew up with Sandler, I liked his movies from that era just fine. But I admit that I just cringe when I see stuff like Jack And Jill being released now…. (No, I’ve not seen that one). Someone stop him!!! Oh well. You know you’d all keep making stuff as long as it was making money. Admit it. He has more money than any of us do! šŸ˜‰

My number one may already be obvious as my username comes from it. That one stars my favorite actress so it’ll be more because of her than Sandler but that’s the one movie on this list that I do love. None of the rest are all-time favorites but I liked them & don’t think any of these ten are actually bad whereas I do think many of his other movies are. I’m happy to hear from those who want to tell me that they either love or hate Sandler! It’s fun to hear different opinions & I’ll be okay with you hating any of these. Except my number one, of course. šŸ™‚

So here are My Top Ten Adam Sandler Movies, counting down to my favorite:

10. TIE: Happy Gilmore & Punch-Drunk Love

9. Hotel Transylvania

8. Billy Madison

7. Click

6. Airheads

5. Anger Management

4. Blended

3. 50 First Dates

2. Big Daddy

1. The Wedding Singer

Not Seen:

I never saw Funny People, which looks like it could be okay. I’ve not seen quite a few others as well but they don’t strike me as ones that would make my top ten anyway! I’ll watch Blended at some point since Drew Barrymore is in it but it certainly looks like no The Wedding Singer.

I did watch Pixels! I reviewed that HERE. I had some hope for that one but my hopes were crushed. Damn. At least my kid liked it, though, and it got her liking classic video games a lot more. So thanks for that, Adam Sandler!

**List updated March 12th 2017 to add Blended.


34 thoughts on “My Top Ten Adam Sandler Movies

  1. Punch-Drunk Love is an underrated masterpiece in my opinion. You and I are on the same page when it comes to Adam’s best film. There is a chemistry between Mr. Sandler and Ms. Barrymore that transcended this film and it surprised me when they did not become a real-life couple after this film.The Wedding Singer is a comedic wonder to behold.

  2. I used to be a sucker for Sandler’s films. Punch-Drunk Love is probably my favorite performance wise, followed by Spanglish. But Billy Madison will always be my favorite film of his.

    Funny People, despite its name is not very funny. lol

    • Glad to see that not everyone hates Sandler! : ) I know people really liked Billy Madison at the time. I also like Big Daddy a lot. Hmm… So I guess I’m not missing much with Funny People. : )

  3. Heh, very controversial list indeed! Punch-Drunk Love which I’ve recently seen is the only great Adam Sandler movie, I’d say.But I have always enjoyed Big Daddy!

  4. I consider it a badge on honor that I’ve never seen an Adam Sandler movie. The trailers were enough to keep me away. I’ll admit I did like his bit The Thanksgiving Song.

    Speaking of of the best I’ve ever seen was for 2008’s Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. I’m sure it’s on YouTube. Definitely worth a look.

    • Lol. Well, yeah… I’d say you’re not missing much overall. But The Wedding Singer is an actual favorite movie of mine, Adam Sandler movie or not. : ) Hmm… I do like the Harold & Kumar movies & assume I’ve seen all the trailers. I like those movies more than I should admit. If you like those, you should be able to handle a couple Sandler films. ; )

  5. I honestly haven’t seen any of these. The most I’ve seen of Sandler’s work is Bedtime Stories, which was lame for the most part, as most of his films look. Click is the only one I’ve been curious to see, but I may have to give The Wedding Singer a chance.

    • Click was okay but The Wedding Singer is THE ONE. It’s the only one on this list that’s an actual favorite movie of mine. But the 80’s setting helped as I’m a sucker for that. : )

  6. I’m one of those people who HATES Sandler movies but I actually like him as a person based on interviews and other things he has been involved in. I did like 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer. I did like most of Pixel, putting me in a minority there. I do want to see Hotel Transylvania. I think 50 First Dates is the only movie of his I can call a favorite Sandler movie.

    • Yeah, The Wedding Singer is the only movie here that I can call a favorite movie. I don’t hate his movies automatically like I think some people do but he has had some very bad ones. Hotel Transylvania isn’t too bad. : )

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  8. The Wedding Singer is one of my favourite films and 50 First Dates broke my heart (in a good way)… oh and Mr O and I have three copies of Airheads between us… but that’s where it ends for me. He just looks so miserable these days, like he’s lost the will to live, which is sad because he’s capable of being really funny.

    • Yay! I’m glad to have found a FEW people who like a few of his movies. : ) Yeah, I know he’s churning out so much crap lately, though. I believe there’s some straight to Netflix thing that looks terrible. He should just stop now, really… :-/

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