My Top Ten Patrick Swayze Movies 

It’s hard to believe that, as of yesterday, it has been seven years since Patrick Swayze passed away. I was never one of those girls to worship things like Dirty Dancing so didn’t quite appreciate Swayze in the same way that other girls my age seemed to at the time. But I was transformed into a bit of a Swayze fan after finally witnessing the genius that is ROAD HOUSE for the first time last December. 😉

Here are My Top Ten Patrick Swayze Movies, counting down to my favorite (these are the only movies of his that I’ve seen):

10. Three Wishes

9. 11:14

8. Red Dawn

7. Youngblood

6. Dirty Dancing

5. The Outsiders

4. Donnie Darko

3. Ghost

2. Road House

1. Point Break

17 thoughts on “My Top Ten Patrick Swayze Movies 

  1. You left out To Wong Foo. It was a great movie. Better than half this list. I like him as an actor but his movies are very iffy. Some great, some blah. To Wong Foo is a must see.

    • Yeah, To Wong Foo is the only Swayze movie I’ve not seen that I do want to & was hoping I’d manage to see before making this list. Plus I also like John Leguizamo. Will watch it someday! : )

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  3. Fantastic list. Swayze passed away 7 years ago, but for me it was like yesterday. For me Ghost was THE movie of his. His personality there just goes on and on. It’s unforgettable.

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