Oculus (2013) Review

I’ll be reviewing movies from director & writer Mike Flanagan for the next three days (Absentia, Hush & hopefully new release Ouija: Origin Of Evil if I manage to get to it). So today I’m reblogging my review of his film Oculus. Let’s hope I liked his other movies more than this one… 🙂

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Oculus (2013)

Directed by Mike Flanagan

Karen Gillan
Brenton Thwaites
Rory Cochrane
Katee Sackhoff

Running time: 103 minutes

Plot Synopsis: (via Wikipedia)
Oculus is a 2013 American psychological horror film starring Karen Gillan as a young woman who is convinced that an antique mirror is responsible for the death and misfortune her family has suffered. The film is based upon an earlier short film by Flanagan, Oculus: Chapter 3 – The Man with the Plan.

20140720-091520 am-33320061.jpg

My Opinion:

I’ll keep this review short: I was disappointed with Oculus. Then again, I’ve been disappointed with the majority of horror films since about 1988 to present day (I literally just looked up Nightmare On Elm Street 3 to see what year it was. 1987 – that movie rules). Horror isn’t my favorite genre but I really enjoy it when they actually get one right. Unfortunately, Oculus doesn’t “get…

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6 thoughts on “Oculus (2013) Review

  1. I agree with you about the state of horror movies. The past thirty years have been pretty bad. Then again there is Nightmare On Elm Street. On TV Friday The 13th:The Series (1987-90) was way above almost all movie releases since the 80’s.

    • Yeah, Elm Street is the one series I really loved but, otherwise, most my favorites are older. I never saw the Friday the 13th TV series but should check it out. I think it would be my type of thing… Weren’t they a bit Twilight Zone-ish? (I may be thinking of something else) : )

      • The basic premise was the owner of an antiques shop made a deal with the devil and every object in the place was cursed. His relatives and business partner had to get them back and stash them in a safe in the basement. The original title of the series (which I forget) was a lot better than Friday The 13th. Some marketers thought that would draw a crowd. The show was made in Canada. After three seasons protest groups had their way and it was cancelled for excessive violence. (So why don’t they cancel the news?) The two part third season opener was one of the best and strangest was to explain why a main cast member left. It’s a must see.

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