My Top Ten Horror Movies Of The 21st Century

It’s probably obvious to regular readers that I’m rarely a fan of modern day horror films. I’m sure I come across as quite picky since my ratings for current horror films, even ones I seemed to enjoy, are usually pretty low. I’d never call horror my favorite genre but that’s partly because there are far more horribly bad films within this genre than in any other. But when a genuinely good horror comes along, I love it! Unfortunately, the good ones have just been few & far between since about 1987 (when the awesome A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors was released). 😉

So, even though horror films of the Seventies & Eighties will forever be my favorites, I wanted to prove that I’m not always so old & grumpy and have actually liked a few since 1987. I’d call the top 7 or 8 on this list quite good and would rate them at least 8/10. And two are even from the last couple of years – I think there’s been a slight improvement in the quality of these films lately & I’m hoping that continues. However, the movies on this list still come nowhere near the genius of things like The Shining & The Omen and I only think one of them has the possibility of being a highly respected classic years from now (it’s number two on my list…).

One quick note: I’VE EXCLUDED HORROR COMEDIES! When working on this list, I ended up with lots of them as I’ve liked so many since the year 2000. As I already did a list of My Top Ten Horror Comedies, I’ve decided to leave them out to keep things simple. I’m also leaving out some films I like that I don’t consider “horror” and see more as “thrillers”, such as the underrated The Purge films & some monster movies like Cloverfield & The Host.

So! Here are My Top Ten 21st Century Horror Movies counting down to my favorite (but let’s be annoying & make it 15…):

15. TIE: A Tale Of Two Sisters & The House Of The Devil
14. The Others
13. Final Destination
12. [Rec]
11. Ginger Snaps

10. Land Of The Dead

9. The Orphanage

8. The Descent

7. Let The Right One In

6. It Follows

5. The Mist

4. 28 Days (& Weeks) Later…

3. Slither

2. The Babadook

1. Dawn Of The Dead

Some Honorable Mentions:
The Conjuring
30 Days Of Night
Saw (first film ONLY – hate the rest)
The Innkeepers
The Boy
Ils (Them)
The Strangers
All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

One I Really Want To See:

The Witch (aka The VVitch)
– This looks like my type of thing & I’ve been desperately waiting for it to show up on UK Netflix after my stupid local cinemas didn’t give me a chance to see it…


22 thoughts on “My Top Ten Horror Movies Of The 21st Century

    • Ha! I’ve had this argument with my hubby already. ; ) Yep, it’s a horror comedy. However, I left it off my Horror Comedy list as I instead decided to include it in my Top Ten Body Horrors list. So, I decided to include it here too. Because I love it & it’s an absolute favorite (although, yeah – body horror with comedic elements). I have all kinds of “rules” for my lists that make sense only to me… Lol! ; )

  1. Great list! Its nice to see the Others and the Orphanage there. Funny Games (2007), Insidious (2010) and Battle Royal (2000) are some of my other favourites from 2000s. Do see the Witch – I am sure it would have made your top 21, though I was less impressed with it than some others were…

    • Thanks! : ) I didn’t really like Insidious. Is Funny Games the original or remake (can’t remember if they had the exact same name)? I have the original on DVD but have never watched it – it looks very disturbing. Hmm… I hadn’t thought of Battle Royale as I guess I didn’t see it as a “horror” in the same way I didn’t consider any Tarantino films for this list. Do like it, though! : ) (In fact, I’m reading the book right now…)

  2. You’ve certainly seen more horrors than I. Of your main list, I’ve only seen The Babadook, which is actually the best kind for me: scary, effective, and not gory. Other favorites of mine would be The Others and The Conjuring, which I guess fall into the same category. Been meaning to see the second Conjuring. I’d also recommend 2015’s Hidden for the same reason, and King of Thorn, though it’s bloody in parts.

    • I’ve seen quite a few, which is weird as I don’t exactly love horror these days. I FAR prefer the exact type you’ve mentioned so I’m definitely going to look into your recommendations. Thanks! I love your recommendations – you often manage to surprise me with some unique stuff. : )

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    • Thank you! I put them on there just for you… 😉 lol – Okay, not really. Foreign horror just happens to often be better than a lot of the English language shit that gets pumped out! Ugh. There are SO many bad American horrors….

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  5. Let the Right One In is probably one of my favourite 21st Century movies, horror or otherwise. I mean, I don’t know how high I’d put it on that list, but it’d be on there. The Babadook is excellent too, and I have a soft spot for Land of the Dead.

    I really must see It Follows and The Descent, though. And I’ve been saying that about the latter for over 10 years now! Crikey…

    • Oh, I’d genuinely love to know what you think of It Follows. It’s…. “Different”… I loved it but plenty hated it. And, yay – hubby thinks I suck for liking Land of the Dead. : )

      • The main thing I’d heard about It Follows was “instant classic”, but more recently I’ve seen negative takes. I guess I ought to get round to finding out for myself!

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