Stranger Things & Peanuts Mashup: A Stranger Things Christmas 

I didn’t really want to take a break from my October horror-only posts but….. It’s PEANUTS! I love Snoopy & Charlie Brown and I can’t NOT post a Peanuts thing. Then, of course, we have the TV sensation Stranger Things that everyone seems to have gone absolutely nuts for. Understandably, as that show was a lot of fun. And, hey – Stranger Things is a horror so I’m still sticking with my horror theme anyway.

So, I’m sure everyone saw this while I decided if I should post it or not but I’d be crazy to ignore it as this mashup is absolutely brilliant! It was created by Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez and mixes A Charlie Brown Christmas with Stranger Things. Perfection. You can read a bit about it here: Rolling

And here’s the clip. SPOILER WARNING: It continues where Strangers Things left off so you need to have seen all episodes before watching it. I love this so much. Every once in a while, the Internet doesn’t suck… 🙂

6 thoughts on “Stranger Things & Peanuts Mashup: A Stranger Things Christmas 

  1. What a gem! But I can’t see it because I’m only in on the first episode of the first season LOL. Sorry I haven’t been checking out your blog, been away for a few weeks!

    • Hi! Oh, don’t worry – I’ve not read any other blogs in months. Too busy with work. 😦 Only managed so many reviews lately as I’ve been working on my October horror posts for the past year! (Seriously). Glad you’re watching Stranger Things! Yes, definitely don’t watch this until you’ve seen all of season one. 😉 Hope you’re enjoying the show! 🙂

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